Big Boi & Kyle Lucas - Follow Us Live (Video)

Kyle joined his Purple Ribbon headmaster to perform their Sir Luciosu Leftfoot single in Texas. Aaaaaaaaaand the SXSW footage bludgeoning begins... now.

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  • Big Boi came with it on that "Ready Set Go" remix.

    "Road To SXSW" drops March 18th on International O's new site that launches Friday, March 18th

  • bring back Lord Infamous


  • That Dude Devin

    They shoulda pushed this song to a more crossover audience. which leads me to wondering if Vonnegutt will ever establish themselves cause Big isnt the best with marketing others, esp when those artists don't market themselves well to begin with.

  • Banging 7 gram Rocks…GO

    Vonnegutt has been doing hell work dude...they constantly touring and playing shows around the country. mostly on the east coast tho. i hope they blow up tho...cuz i enjoy they music. and vonnegutt shows are TOO FUN!

  • i dunno big boi did pretty good with janelle money..and obviously outkast themselves were one of a kind...but hey anything he puts a stamp on ill check out.