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Muscle Car Chronicles: The Caveman Files (Video)

blame it on Shake March 15, 2011

With Muscle Car Chronicles being pushed back, Spitta and McKenzie Eddy roll around debating what they should listen to. The end decision? Da$h’s Caveman Files, which can be downloaded after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Da$h – Caveman Files

  • dirtysixchambers

    why the hell did it get pushed back? and to when?

  • JetsetTaylor2

    nobody knows when it comes out, its jus been pushed back.

  • T$

    so whut else is new… I been saw this coming.. 0 promos and he ainnt on the label anymore. Spitta need to speak on that… Umma check on Da$h tho

  • D.

    damn i literally was out the door to cop this ish but decided to get on the web for a min. saved me some gas.

  • bzo

    Shake clearly didnt download/listen to it or he would have been all over that hidden track. Da$h been on his grind, third dope tape. Shouts.

  • Troll

    Man what the hell spitta? i was looking forward to this. shoulda known. Fuck

  • Very Tuff mixtape indeed. First time hearin dude and i am definitely a fan now.

  • my name is Keith Chandler. Im part of this so called team of H’s and trust me they dont write shit. sit there listen to spitta and bend off that . things are way different now. ds$h is just a ghost writing loser like the rest of us…plus look how we need spittas name to get out shit out… dick ridingggggg

  • Wolverine

    From what i heard which leaked “Soundbombin” and from the promo videos. I don’t think it will be that good of an album anyways. So i can sit here and wait. It prolly won’t drop til after “Covert Coupe” now hahaha

  • zleard

    ^^ dude fly out pt tres is an awesome song. MCC should be dope

  • man no one can be mad at spitta for pushing back his album plus its only pushed back until later this month and hes dropping covert coup with alchemist next month and after that he dropping pilot talk 3 in may so thats soft take your time spitta hes never dissappointed us with his music before so i dont think he will now

  • Knowledge God

    Yo This Man Juss Put Out Two Albums And A Mixtape Over The Course Of Like 8 Months, And Yall Trippin Over Him Dealing With The Legalities Of His New Situation?


  • Twi
  • SwagSwag.

    all you niggas need to shut the fuck up and have some patience. you know spitta andretti delivers every fucking time. maybe not ON time but its still quality music. if you think the next album wont be good off “soundbombin” there’s somethin wrong with your stupid ass.

    oh, and keep doin your thing, Da$h. this tape’s mad decent.

  • airbourneaquarium

    damn i checked best buy, kmart and target before gettin home from class. came home to findout its been pshed back haha. but i cant hate on spitta, man is releasing so much music. i mean he got MCC, PT3 AND Covert Coup comin out, respect to the man. #JETS > #taylor

  • dame

    did they really just put out a mixtape on vimeo with an animated windows media player lookin background? they must have broken up with creative control cuz this shit never would never be on cctv and cc aint been posting muscle car shit. shouts to dash hes nice productions kinda whack tho

  • brah brahh

    never listened to Da$h before but damn im likin this shit.

  • why do you think spitta, stalley and any one who walked threw those doors at dd172.never walk out happy or with what they were promised.. thus why they signed and went different ways/deals..

  • Prof. Oak

    Okay so they pushed Curren$y’s fucking album back for this guy? I was gonna cop MCC but now fuck it. I don’t wanna support Dame Dash.

  • sayWORD

    ^ Bro, most of it goes toward supporting Curren$y.

  • Aye

    Dame Dash’s Nephew is Da$h

  • and think about if you wanted your kids to get a job at your place… you would talk to the boss.. since dame runs blurock.. why not save money and sign out own fucking family hahahahhaha using currensy as a mask to show your tallent.. sheesh we suck



  • Don’t really know why they pushed this back when Spitta said this ALBUM/MOVIE has been done before Pilot Talk I

  • Jetssssgoooo

    Lol at you guys freaking out that it was pushed back. It was announced last week that it was being pushed back. But to when? who the fuck knows

  • SB

    Nigguhs Is Crying Because Muscle Car Chronicles Got Pushd Back Buhh Are Sleeping On Thee Fact That They Can Download Da$h New Mixtape? Yall Nigguhs Is Losing ! Shoutout To Heir Gang Fast Money! If Yall Didnt Know Da$h Is A Liddo Homie Of Spitta n Thee Kid Is Nice On Thee Mic!

  • If Yall Didnt Know Da$h Is A Liddo Homie of Spitta n Thee Nephew Of Dame Dash n Thee Kid Is Nice On Thee Mic!

  • red

    Hop off and listen to all the good music that just dropped. Spitta will give the album soon enough.
    Does suck that we didn’t get it though.

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Everybody download da mixtape cuz dude is nice n theres a hidden track at da end. Its a new Curren$y song most likely off of Muscle Car Chronicles which is hot

  • JordansOrgans

    Damn, I haven’t listened to soundbombin’ or Fly Out part tres cause I was waiting for this to drop. I think I might have to go listen now……

  • Juan PAblo

    YOU GUYS….! Curren$y is at the end of the videooo check it out. Even though it;s not MCC, and Da$h is no comparison to Curren$y

  • marty mcfly

    I gotta keep it real I have heard nothing DOPE except for Currensy come from this camp. Everybody else that was introduced by Creative Control just aint that nice with they music. Being friends with Spitta does not really make niggas dope.

  • jwiii

    Yo, who can update more info on DD172 and possibly shady business?

  • Dorian

    Fuck this dude Da$h dude yo mcc is more important

  • Feb

    Curren$y don’t do shit but hit homeruns so i’m not mad that he pushed the album back. i can keep bumpin’ pilot talk II, I know MCC will be dope as shit!

  • Dorian

    This shit better be hot or i’m gonna be upset

  • baby-B

    after pilot talk 1 and 2 plus the mixtapes and spitta brought out the niqqa trademark stop bitchin’ about him pushing the album back. What about this niqqa Da$h it’s his tape the comments should be about him and on the Real this shit is 2Dope i’m not disappointed. I’m throw this in the whip and let the shit bang might even record over the instrumental that beat cold

  • 626 Jetlife

    this nigga Da$h made a hell of a mixtape, its the young underground dudes that are gunna come in and change the hiphop culture.

  • jayfab

    keith chandler ur a fucking faggot..ur a little spoiled little faggot. spoiled enough to “try” rapping. don’t thank your “hard” work, thank uncle dame and spitta. FAGGOT. But i fucks with DASH though.

  • Jamesz

    All they(heirs) do is rob/steal in the dojo. .dd172. I herd they setup and beat people up there… What kind of music/work environment is that? not one I want to associate my self with.

  • HermesThiefGod

    Mary mother of god… Da$h’s mixtape is the SHIT. beats are ill as fuck too…

  • wobble

    You should drop acid and listen to Da$h’s tape if you’re into that.
    All I can say is WOW.

  • UrbanPoison

    did yall see that “hidden track” on here? its strictly spitta.. sounds dope.

  • soniksound

    can someone explain who Da$h is???