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OJ Da Juiceman – Speed of Light f. B.o.B

blame it on Shake March 15, 2011

Posting for the Bobby Ray feature of course.

DOWNLOAD: OJ Da Juiceman – Speed of Light f. B.o.B | Mediafire

  • Quentin

    OJ > Fag B.O.B.

  • oj should jus stop. and b.o.b should have never agreed to this bullshit.

  • mystalkerisfat

    @Dre P.
    By “agree” do you mean cashed the check?

  • stillbishopb

    damn i didn’t think i’d ever see OJ da juiceman again but here he is, bobby ray saves the track but juice finally made a decent song

  • cynical

    lmaooooooo AYE!

  • B.O.B. is a dope artist, but damn OJ?

    “International O” March 18th via his official site

  • IllicitMC101

    Does anyone think O.J. is mad that Waka Flaka kind a took is spot? I mean, where did the Juiceman go for like the last 8 months?
    Seriously, let me know!

  • sj

    lmao agreed^

  • keepitreal

    man for real bob suck


    “My House Is Like A Building, Damn I did good coming from apartment livin”


    FAIL 2DB’s OWN SHAKE for posting garbage
    FAIL O.J. for EVERY THING he’s ever made or done since forever
    FAIL B.O.B. For dumbing down EVERY THING he touches

  • Blacka


  • red

    I think its funny how Bobby Ray has his own lane of music but he still gets down with music from the A.

    And yeah, OJ has got to be feeling bitter but its for the best that we haven’t been seeing or hearing from OJ.

  • B.o.B is so mainstream. He’s so pop. He sold out. B.o.B this, B.o.B that. He still isn’t afraid to come out and make street anthems? Haters.

  • mikeyTG

    b.o.b will forever owe OJ lol

  • mikeyTG

    and why b.o.b take this gay ass pic. b.o.b was actually from the hood but idk what to him.

  • rockman

    SHORT BUS SHAWTY flow!!!!!!!

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Smh this is meek mill’s track from way back in 08 n his version was WAY better. I listen to trap music like gucci n sum brick squad but oj is fucking terrible

  • illadelph

    @blacka it was a meek track from a while ago.. and it shoulda stayed that way. meeks version was dopeness.

  • DK

    smh I would’ve preferred Gucci Mane.

  • I.O.D

    Just because B.o.B is from the hood is supposed to act super hard and nigerish? STFU. And for those who say he sold out have you listened to No Genre? He hasn’t changed since day one.

  • dontevest

    real shit check the link if you anti skinny pants


  • one