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Ab-Soul – Nothin’ (Video)

blame it on Shake March 21, 2011

Directed by Calmatic.

Ab-Soul’s LongTerm: Mentality drops April 5th!

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  • HindSight

    This is Dope

  • Steph

    Man, I love me some TDE music. These guys cannot be denied.

  • pico presi

    Man TDE is like automatic fire right now. been that way since OD and Setbacks. They always come with interesting shit, dope beats, thought provoking content, etc. I noticed that they always come with dope visuals too, like the album covers are always interesting along with the videos. They also got a line up thats interesting too like one part abstract underground, one part gangster, one part hipster (but not corny hipster), hence ‘HIPPY’. West coast kinda like the chicago bulls right now… a lot of young hungry up and coming talent that could challenge for the title over the next few years.

  • obviouslygood

    doooooope. Tde’s music never gets old. Their sound is so fresh and artistic. Love that soul has his own style amongst all these trend following, bubble gum ass rappers.

  • bucknasty

    LT3 is about to be fucking dope. but damn, Ab-Soul’s fucking ugly LOL

  • DayO

    jeezus this is COLD.
    can a nigga get a mp3?

  • LTM will be the shit

  • Jonesy Stark

    Ab’s the only member of TDE I don’t have a project from…time to stop sleaping.

  • facemask

    Top Dawg Ent can do no fucking wrong. Goddamn I haven’t seen a label put out this much consistent shit since Rhymesayers.

  • d.l. chandler

    Peace, really excited about the new Ab-Soul project. I loved his last 2 mixtapes. He’s probably my fave Black Hippy member but all of them are dope.

  • Bobby Ray Jr

    @bucknasty: dude we’re just listening to his music.. what do you want to do, fuck him? #pause
    Soul is super dope to me w/the music

  • risen357

    the top dawgs sharpening their teeth on the mixtapes. when that black hippy drops they gon tear em to shreds.

  • SOUL! 2 weeks till LTM!

  • kb24

    @bucknasty…….. Yo mama UGLY!!

    Good music Ab! Can’t wait til that #LTM drops!

  • asdfds

    fucking dope video. LTM is going to be the shit

  • @bucknasty Ewwwww Nigga You Gay

  • yugang

    Ab-Soul is the truth!

    The flow and the beat is just too dope!

  • JOnnie

    props to Soul for quoting Nas’s “No Ideas Original” at the end!

  • DayO

    still on repeat.
    ill be returning to state this frequently.

  • Mofo

    Verse 2 was pure
    At the same time no diamonds on my watch
    Can i still shine, will anybody watch
    If i can hold Your attention for at least a minute
    You’ll gain so much wisdom, you’ll need 2 see a dentist

  • GDiaz


  • pell

    hot fire

  • Dopesir