Pusha T – Fear Of God (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka March 21, 2011

I know Pea$ has been waiting on this one. Hell, so have I since she let me read her copy of Malice's book. Perhaps the most anticipated mixtape of the first quarter is finally here. Listen to it in its entirety now; the inevitable download link is coming soon. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Pusha T – Fear Of God | Mediafire | Grooveshark

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  • damnit 2nd

  • IIAI

    Finally, been waiting for thiiiiis!!

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  • second

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  • jmoney

    anywhere to get it for free??

  • facemask

    MY GOD

  • Jeru

    Now how do I download it from grooveshark?

  • yikes

    yes, someone toss me a hulkshare link ASAP. I pay for nothing nowadays, including food and pussy. Hence, I shall not pay for this.

  • George Clooney

    Fuck you Meka. But thanks for this shit rite here.

  • orangec+unty

    worth the hype? let's see.

  • PUSHA!!!!

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  • Ryan.T.

    Yes!! Right way to start off the week

  • The Zissou

    Solid stuff, just waiting for the dl now

  • RosewoodWarrior

    PUSHA-T is on his SHIIIIIITTTTT! LEGGO G.O.O.D. MUSIC IN THIS BITCH.....Lets get that download ASAP

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  • Ying

    i swear this is the only website hyping it like its the greatest shit ever haha, hopefully this meets expectations...

  • adi Pre

    Open your eyes is DOPE.

  • huh?

    how the fuck do I dl this shit?

  • HermesArtificerGod

    "Reup-gang rollers.... yeah you know us... Push Ton Key is back with the baking soda.." -T

  • The U.N. is nasty

    Should have boughten the book faggot.

  • sv

    This pretty good, ima forget about it wen Return of Forever drops, KRIT is musically better than Pusha JET LIFE

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    This link finna b Mo Lasses!

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    Links not working! I swear every fuckin link Meka post never ever works! smh...



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    30th Bitches!!!

  • @Links not working! I swear every fuckin link Meka post never ever works! smh…
    Snagz said this on March 21st, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    The whole internet has been linking that first link, so its perfect sense that the server is massively overloaded welcome to internet basics 101.. there are multiple other links available i dont know may have to - make a effort ?

  • Snagz

    50 mb? This dude didn't even mix/master this tape? Isn't he signed to G.O.O.D music?? That's just ridiculous....

  • ziplock p #leggo

  • yikes

    good looking RafeG!!

  • UN

    MY GODD !!

  • D. $cience

    This better be good music...No pun intended.

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    Va baby! You Can't Stop Us!!!!!!

  • Yeah co-sign on the file size/bit rate .. please anyone post in here if they find or know of better quality versions being released.. Im looking and will post if i find something

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  • SmokinAces

    @sv, gotta cosign that. I mean Pusha T lyrically is crazy and this mixtape is pretty hot, but KRIT is gonna definitely get more play in the ipod when it comes out tomorrow.

  • Van City

    Yay, baking soda facade raps.


    This will hold me off until Krit drops tomorrow.... I'm in Meridian, MS right now and we fiending for that shit....


    @Snagz NIgga Pusha just gave us a compilation of some dope ass songs for free and you're complaining about the quality? get the fuck out.

  • Rezo

    The quality of this tape is ASS! It's 2011 and you're signed to a major label there is no reason why this tape should have Charles Hamilton bedroom recording quality.

  • tone

    ^^ i second that. more crack rap (how original). pusha is definitely talented but rapping about coke is played out. so much for inspiring the youth. i'm not self-righteous, i don't knock the hustle, but we could be doing so much more. divide and conquer: they've got us killing each other with our own music.

  • I fux with Pusha new shit, tomorrow: Big Krit: "Return Of 4 Eva"
    Fuk is up with Fabolous, and this S.O.U.L. Tape that was supposed to drop in Feb.
    International O new mixtape "Road To SXSW" is out now, and getting mad downloads!!!

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    HALELUJAH!!! THE WAIT IS OVER! LIVE NIGGA RAP IS BACK! Maybe now niggas can stop complainin about free shit.

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    What the fuck is up with the flex bombs and tags on my god?

  • hoodrichwhities

    this shit is fire

  • Bliz

    I have a feeling these all might be rips from Grooveshark. Nothing on Pusha's twitter about it dropping except that it would at 2. Nothing since.

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    G.O.O.D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expected better quaility tho

    Quility: 3/10

    PUSHA T: 9.7/10

  • 32424

    Digital crack vol 27

  • Agree these look to be rips from a stream, this quality is pretty suspect..

    @ Tone

    "pusha is definitely talented but rapping about coke is played out. so much for inspiring the youth."

    Fam not being disrespectful but seriously when was the last time someone listened to a rap song, ANY song in general to serve as a inspirational guide ? I mean Nas's I know i can record didnt spur a increase in literacy...

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  • Kid Icarus

    i dont know what bootleg link you people are downloading but this mixtape wasnt mixed in a bedroom... find a better link... and these are no facade raps... come to VA and find out

  • ok but less than i expected.


    The quality of this tape is ASS! It’s 2011 and you’re signed to a major label there is no reason why this tape should have Charles Hamilton bedroom recording quality.


    pusha is definitely talented but rapping about coke is played out.

  • Rezo

    You know it would be nice if Pusha actually posted a link on his Twitter so we would know if this is officially how this tape is suppose to sound or not. If this is the way he put it out then he deserves to be criticized because he took the cheap route not to have it mixed properly.

  • Well, it's out. FINALLY!

  • IIAI

    If you look at his twitter, it looks like he only's going to put it out on Grooveshark.

  • yikes

    Oh so Pusha can't rap about coke but Raekwon gets a free pass for the last 15 years talking about getting gully/moving weight/shooting niggas? Love the double standard by hip-hop fans.

  • Tiniak

    @Mikefresh Same, I expected it to be amazing. I thought it would be better than Friday Night Lights .. Guess not. Its still a good mixtape tho.

  • Rezo

    Just checked his Twitter and yeah this is the way it's suppose to sound. The Grooveshark link is the same quality....

  • obviouslygood

    Pusha is nice lyrically but coke raps forever? Hmmm can't knock the hustle.

    "Fam not being disrespectful but seriously when was the last time someone listened to a rap song, ANY song in general to serve as a inspirational guide ? I mean Nas’s I know i can record didnt spur a increase in literacy…" ?????? Lol. Music for millions, billions of people inspire. I know many people who look to music for inspiration and/or gains inspiration as they listen.

  • each link that is up there now is the official version straight from grooveshark.

  • umm

    is there gonna be a physical release? anyone?

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  • DetroitIsMajor

    shake where can I get that cover you made?

  • @Obviouslygood - I understand what you mean and agree wholeheartedly - my point was more to those that just like the "Athletes are role models guide" crowd that think that a artist who by now and for the past decade has been known for the content of their music and how they use it as a metaphor to express other things isnt in the business of making uplifting music for kids and that kids dont need to be looking for rap music for insipiration - if they are they are retarded..

  • obviouslygood

    @yikes I feep the same way about any rapper. I understand artists write rhymes based off experience and expectations from fans, but at some point it becomes repetitive. I listen to pusha t because of his word play not for his content. Rappers like pusha t, raekwon have their lane and I respect them feeding their core fans, they just arnt as compelling as other artist imo. To each his own.

  • J.HernandezBeats

    a mixtape that definately sounds like an album!!!!!

  • MoodMuzik

    You can add this tape to the loooong list of overhyped yet to be released tapes/albums. People need to stop making stuff "classic" until they actually hear it *deletes this tape and empties trash*

  • DBR

  • tone

    @Txhustla15, there's plenty of hip hop that's inspirational. the problem is, most people don't think it's cool right now.

  • @Tone - there’s plenty of hip hop that’s inspirational. the problem is, most people don’t think it’s cool right now.

    Yeah I can feel that fam, thats the sad thing no matter what genre is/subject with corporate control over music some stuff never gets its proper exposure. I swear the movie idiocracy becoming more true each day...

  • Regy

    The quality aint even that bad. 192 kb/s is decent.

  • DQ

    Link For Download

    If link gives you trouble just go to

  • dirtysixchambers

    yeah what link you guys got but the hulkshare link posted here is 192kbps... not 320 but still not terrible at all.

  • nobueno


  • young lance

    @ Tone - pusha t is no different from a scriptwriter unless he actually did everything he spoke of.. high level metaphors, vocabulary, flows, lyrical intricacy, and some beats from the neptunes give you the room to rap about whatever the fuck you want.. pusha re-invented the crack rap genre for the better..

  • Txhustla15< and thats wats wrong with music ...i agree with u tho ppl shudnt LOOK to rappers for inspiration but rather find their own thru education of the world, science, maths, and arts n aspirations of their "carrer" be it baking, being a doctor or being an artist is there to make art..which shud be beneficial to us as a culture tho..well i guess i hope so.but it is nice wen a bob marley or a marvin gay or donny hathaway comes along and gives u FUN and inspiration at the same time.

  • franco

    "Oh so Pusha can’t rap about coke but Raekwon gets a free pass for the last 15 years talking about getting gully/moving weight/shooting niggas? Love the double standard by hip-hop fans."

    I recognize Rae as one of the best (lyrically) but I never related to his content. I don't sell coke and I don't shoot people. I realize it's entertainment for some but it's actually more than entertainment on a deeper level. music is powerful. It's subliminal qualities have been proven by science.

    Kweli's "Get By" pretty much sums up my thoughts on this subject:

    "we get high on all types of drugs when all you really need is love"

  • listening the quality aint that bad...

  • marty mcfly

    @REALDEAL , The reason why he chooses to talk about coke is cause he is prolly telling the truth. There are only a few who are really from that era and put work in , so the real ones get tired of hearing about that lifestyle from people who didnt really live it. I hear kids talking about the drug game all the time and that shit is annoying cause if I tell my stories of growing up on the block in the early 90s , they act like they can relate and im telling the truth. Just like the lyrics in these type of songs , I dont have to use my imagination like these wannabees who make up rhymes about coke. I know thats how pusha feels so him talking about coke is just him venting. One time this young nigga told me I didnt understand his gangsta lifestyle and I just said whatever but inside I was boiling cause really I understand that life more then he could ever understand it. Pusha is in his 30s so now its new teenage hustlas out there who look at The Clipse like they not real hustlas cause he aint in the streets like that no more and that shit prolly pisses him off.

  • Johnny BLaze

    Best coke/dope rappers of all time



    who am i missing? and dont say jeezy

  • G

    that touch it song has been out forever just i dont think pusha was on it, and they beat may have been a bit different.

  • obviouslygood

    @young lance I completely agree that artist are entertainers like the movie industry and can record whatever they want too. I would just argue that why glorify something that has been running/ ruining many black neighborhoods around the country. It is ultimately the parents responsibility to moniter what their kids get their hands on but artist know they are influential and that their product ends up In the hands of people it want intended for. Its for the individual to decide how much responsibility they hold. I don't think anyone here is arguing whether he should be able to record such content, just simply questionong why he does.

  • Mase

    Crack (literally).

  • @ Johnny Blaze - Need to throw some Kool G Rap on there, I still spin "On the Run" among couple other his joints. Dont know if he would necess qualify for that class of artist though he was so much more.

  • yikes

    Yeah I feel what you guys are saying. I guess I just personally have moods when I'm looking for entertainment, and other moods when I need some uplifting inspirational shit. Hence, I love Pusha for weaving stories about pedaling coke and moving thru the streets. I don't want the movie "Scarface" to be inspired, I watch it be entertained. If I need inspiration I'll put in Remember the Titans or Crash or some shit, you know what I'm saying?

  • yikes

    And "Open Your Eyes" is fucking colllllddd!!! MY GOD!!

  • tone


    "Yeah I can feel that fam, thats the sad thing no matter what genre is/subject with corporate control over music some stuff never gets its proper exposure. I swear the movie idiocracy becoming more true each day…"

    corporate america is a part of the problem but the people are also to blame. we decide our own heroes. apparently, most people don't give a fuck anymore and don't pay attention to the message. that's our society today: white and black have both lowered themselves to a level of ignorance and indifference. intentional or not, this plays right into the hands of our "rulers". the masses are easily controlled when they're consumed by drugs, sex and violence. it's more difficult to control people if they read and spend time with their family. but damn, that shit ain't cool. fuck it!




  • jason the mixtape is free anyway

    franco< i feel like rae is DEEP on his first album but has the problem now of repeating himself..
    the first cuban linx had tracks like
    striving for perfection
    can it all be so simple
    wisdom body
    heaven and hell
    north star (jewels)
    a heavy does of "conscious" rap if u wanna call it that

    pusha has that and tracks like alone in vegas showcase that im about to listen to the tape n hope more stuff like that is on there.

  • marty mcfly

    If a person is telling you about the crimes they use to do , its not just about them wanting to glorify the crime all the time. What their trying to express is how far they came from where they started. Its not about the DRUGS people , its about the EMOTIONS around that lifestyle. Its about the desperation , the danger , the fear and paranoia , the moments of success and the downfalls. You gotta look deeper then just the hustle and look at the story around that topic.

  • obviouslygood

    @realdeal I agree and disagree. Race doesn't matter the majority of pop culture from charlie sheen to rick ross and others we put the spotlight on send the wrong message often. I do agree though, comercial/hyped rappers more so then other genres and forms of entertainment indulge much more and in the process herd sheep who hinge on their every word. Mainstream music from 2000-present xlcant compare to the depth and artistry of before that time, of course there are always exceptions but overall its night and day.

  • tone< co sign.

  • obviouslygood

    @martymcfly not always true on thia tape alone. "I still want to sell kilos..."

  • yikes

    yeah marty you are absolutely reaching with your last comments. He is glorifying the fuck outta the drug game and always has been.

  • The only good track is alone and vegas. And its only the beat. Pusha is trash. You fans must be young. Idiot movement music is in full effect. Cant respect it. "Feelin like Pac"...yeah right. Pac was a revolutionary, not a pond for a white man.

  • Barack Obama



    REALDEAL said this on March 21st, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    ok,then, pusha is moren than a regular guy,pusha got the energy, i'm not drug dealer boy,not i'm not

    but i love pusha t energy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok¿¿

  • Daniel

    The only good track is alone and vegas. And its only the beat. Pusha is trash. You fans must be young. Idiot movement music is in full effect. Cant respect it. “Feelin like Pac”…yeah right. Pac was a revolutionary, not a pond for a white man.

    truthteller said this on March 21st, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    must be young???
    what the fuck are u??? i'm 24,and i keepin listen to clipse since 2003-4

  • MoodMuzik

    Always talking about the same topic in your music (9 years strong) just shows a lack of creativeness and a lack of vocabulary. Anyone can write 2 minute long freestyles about the same thing over and over. The REAL talented music artist are able to constantly reinvent themselves and grow with their fans. Pusha has had NO growth in 9 years and his fans from back then are now married with kids. They don't want to hear that generic street bullshit anymore. Dude is like 33 he needs to open up a few books, read them, and then finally grow the fuck up!

  • Chambers

    @truthteller You a dumbass for sayin "pond" instead of "pawn" smfh

  • yikes

    Hey "truthteller", maybe you should get an education before trying to educate this c-section with your elitist bullshit. A "pond for a white man"? I believe the term is "pawn".

  • Judging by your response, Daniel, Im sure you are a 24 year old idiot. lol. Its the Clipse. They arent worth shit. So youve been being brainwashed by meaningless rap from the Clipse since 2003, congratulations.

  • HermesArtificerGod

    I'm thoroughly impressed with this project... lyrics are definately on point. For fools saying "this nigga is always rappin about coke"... You must understand that Pusha is a bonafide 1st class rapper, his imagery is fuckin insane. And he has the ability to translate limited subject matter to aesthetic brilliance. The ability to reinvent themselves (referring to re-up gang in general) using dope flows/lyrics/imagery is what should be noted. Limited subject content as your premise for criticism is lame.. Shits fuckin art. period....

  • marty mcfly< agree but the thing is people view hip hop as money cars and hoes for a reason..becasue what is projected is not the double sided story of drug dealing or street life..i mean look at bk in the 70s u had donny hathaway he had some ghettto ass albums or syl johnson, even talkin about drug dealing pimping gangs all that..but they did it in a non glorified way if u got time check out little ghetto boy by donny hathaway.

  • so i misspelled pawn. Thanks for correcting me, it wont happen again. Can I continue my elitist bullshit now? Ok. Good.

    All jokes aside, Pushat T really is not close to being a substantial artist in the game. He does exactly what everyone else does. Its nothing new. The beats, yeah, the content, no. I dont get the hype and seriosuly dont think you will be listening to this mixtape in two weeks.

  • obviouslygood

    @moodmuzik I completely agree as much as people get mad that's the truth. Very little artistic growth. He's nothing more than a decent niche rapper. Sucks to he has the lyrical skill to be really good.

  • marty mcfly

    Let me try to explain where Pusha is coming from a little more. I was a teenager in the early 90s and I knew a guy who sold drugs and he was successful at it. He was the first to get a house , drive nice cars and give back to the community. Many of his friends were killed and went to prison. As time went on he left the drugs alone and got a honest job like everybody else but now when he sees his younger cousins selling drugs and he tells them to plan for something better one day. They tell him that he aint a real hustler and that he dont know about the game but little do they know that he was far more the better dealer then they ever were. Thats why people like Pusha say the things they say is cause its very upsetting when people act like they invented hustling when they dont even know the history of their own neighborhood. Plus the corporate world is just like the drug game if your playing at a high level and dealing with alot of money and sometimes it can be so frustrating it makes a person who really came from that life want to go back to selling drugs sometimes. These are the kinds of points hes trying to get across.

  • fuckouttaherebitch

    this shit is encoded with itunes... *delete*

  • obviouslygood

    @ martymcfly Lol seriously that's the argument? Even if thats the sentiment its not responsible and to many not entertaining i think thats what those with my opinion are saying. you said above he isnt glorifying but he is, whether its intentional or not.

  • LupeFaco

    Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers 2011-H3X

    Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers 2011-H3X

  • obviouslygood

    @truthteller your telling the truth(no pun) doesn't make you an elitist, makes you a realist.

  • fuckouttaherebitch

    good look but wiz fell off. still gonna have a listen tho

  • GR

    Fuck, I really wanted that Kanye track to bang. Disappointing......

  • Damn this tape is a big disappointment. Not that I ever thought it would be that great, but 'My God' got my anticipation up. By far the best track on here. 'Raid' is cool. I really thought we'd get moer original songs. Whats the hype for an industry beats mixtape? Overall, 4/10

  • marty mcfly

    I dont expect people who never REALLY hustled to fully understand that life and yes a Mc should touch on many different subjects but it seems like the hustler lifestyle always comes up. Sometimes it makes real hustlas just want to say , Look you guys want to hear about some hustling from a real hustla then I got some shit to tell you.

  • EPIC. I really like this

  • Besides that song with Ye sounding real annoying on the hook, I have to say this will be one of the best Mixtapes I will listen to in 2011.

  • D. $cience

    This mixtape was a disappointment.

    No hate, but Pusha haven't shown me that his material evolved. I think he really could be a top-tier emcee, but it's going to take more than dope one-liners to get you far. His flow is the same, his content is no different...I can just put on Lord Willin' or Hell Hath No Fury if I want to here this sh** again. Maybe he just like being a one-trick punchline rapper...or maybe he's just feeding the streets with this sh**, and gearing up for his major label debut to be "artistically" better. If he can show some growth on his GOOD music debut, then we can talk top emcee status.

  • Rio$

    that wiz album was fuckin wack, now to listen to this and im not overhyping it like yall fucks

  • yikes

    So truthteller, who do you listen to?

  • Rio$

    I dont expect people who never REALLY hustled to fully understand that life and yes a Mc should touch on many different subjects but it seems like the hustler lifestyle always comes up. Sometimes it makes real hustlas just want to say , Look you guys want to hear about some hustling from a real hustla then I got some shit to tell you.
    marty mcfly said this on March 21st, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    but every "rapper" says they hustle and act like no one else in the world has ever dont some sort of hustle. it's annoying when you got all these rappers even drake talking bout hustlin, switch ya style up, he gots a dope flow but these topics are fuckin boring, it's 2011 and your 30 yrs old grow up rappers

  • lol

    You notice the haters are mostly the ones commenting? Look at the thumbs up/down ratio. Fall back haters, numbers don't lie. You alwaaaayyys need something to bitch about. Go do some yoga and find some positive shit to write about.

  • facemask

    >192 kbps
    That's just a damn lie.

    Good fucking god, music is hot but the audio quality is pure fucking shit. Sounds like he took the "tape" part of mixtape too damn seriously.

  • Stat Quo

    Okay, here goes. In 2007 a tracklist for Stat Quo’s Statlanta album was published on, it was confirmed by Stat himself and featured 12 tracks with an additional un-named 5. With Eminem, Dr. Dre, Scarface, Devin the Dude and more to be on the album, it’s a must hear for any Hip-Hop fan. Now, the Statlanta we got in 2010 was great, but not the Statlanta we were craving for so many years. After Stat left Aftermath, he stated he was going to leak 400+ songs but never did, which means he still has them. I’m hoping to get the original Statlanta released with this justification: no one will benefit from it not being released. You can follow @og_statlanta on twitter to help the cause, and I apologize for posting this in irrelevant places, but it needs to be seen. DON’T LET THE MAJOR LABELS WASTE GOOD MUSIC, HELP US GET THIS ALBUM.

    26 dislikes

    but alot of hate

    lol< co sign.

  • truthteller


    right now im listening to AZ doe or die, and the new raekwon shaolin v wu tang. thats what im juggling between right now.

  • AMV

    cosign @marty mcfly...but i do see @obviouslygoods point. However if you listen to Pusha T he was always the flash when Malice was the substance. He is only playing his role. Malice tells you the cautionary while Pusha gives you the motivation. This time Pusha is just giving you that feelin when they(the ex-hustla) get frustrated with the corporate McFly mentioned. I too was and still around them type of dudes who were mentors. They are all corporate white color "hustlas" now, but were the best when they did it back then. The difference is they gave me the instructions and information to let me make a wise decision about my life. So they showed us both sides.

  • truthteller

    as far as who do i listen to, ill listen to it all but who do i cop, play on the normal? deep cats not much new rap. styles p 2pac, ghost, scarface, rae, az, see where this is going. basically the true legends, anybody who has jewels to drop. ok, i dont do this comment thing, i was just bored.


  • yikes

    hahaha, so you bitch about Pusha's subject matter and shit and then tell us you're listening to Raekwon, who hasn't shown a hint of growth in 15 years. Hypocrite much?

  • Jetlife

    " producer unknown but i am looking for you " lmao

  • orangec+unty

    for me it's good. but no classic.
    and really over-hyped too..
    march 22 almost here!!

  • Stay Thirsty

    "You know what fame is, sitting with the women of your dreams and what her name is." I know that line isn't very impressive, but it just is sick to me. Pusha T came through with Fear Of God, but I wish he would have had more original songs and less freestyles. But at the end of the year, this should be included on most "best of 2011" lists. My God, I Still Wanna, Open Your Eyes, Raid, and Alone In Vegas are all bangers. The only thing I was disappointed about was Touch It with Kanye. I expected that song to be my favorite, but it was definitely underwhelming.

  • K

    "That's what happens when you Michael and they try to treat you like you Tito!"

  • thereal

    way over hyped. lyrics are mostly dope, but his blow is boring as fuck

  • dirtysixchambers


    Preparing fo sxsw and droppin #returnof4eva proved to be more difficult then I thought.I chose 2 push it back 2 tha 28th...bear with me

  • Ayo whattup P-Tone is in the buildin namsayin. Ayo whoever clicked that thumbs down shit is a straight homo g. However many of yalls there was nahmean. Yall takin homo shit so far into the future that that yalls niggas is robohomos. Yalls is on some futuristic homo shit that aint even been invented yet. Yalls is some sci-fi special effects homo muthafuckas namsayin. Yalls is CGI homos. Yall deserve multiple slaps. Yall need to get thrown off a mountain for that shit. Ayo its one thing if you genuinely aint like the shit n you listened to the muthafucka n you came back n clicked that thumbs down. Thats whatever g. You jus a delicate nigga n I aint gon front on you like that. But if you clicked that shit without listenin to the shit you probably a nigga wit fallopian tubes n shit. You probably be havin menstrual cycles n alla that. I hope you get hit by a boulder while you pickin flowers in a meadow n shit you soft ass niggas. Yalls more than likely the types of niggas that cry along to Aubrey ballads n shit. If I see a nigga disrespect this mixtape in public Imma slap that nigga into 2053 n shit. He gon wake up in a space suit wit cars flyin around him n shit. Thats real talk. This soft nigga epidemic gon continue to thrive cos of niggas like yalls. Yalls want that spa rap then go listen to that shit. But if you hatin on a official nigga like Push then you deserve to get grenades thrown at ya ass son. Fuck the bitch that birthed you nigga.
    Aight peace.

  • facemask

    >returnof4eva pushed back


  • Malik

    'Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it' will forever be the realist line in the history of hip hop. Fans don't pay attention. They wait for a couple punchlines and either applaud it or say it's shit. If the only thing you got from Fear of God was that he was slinging coke, then I honestly suggest you stop listening to hip hop. Because even superficially that isn't true.

    I swear you guys are missing all the cynicism, the sardonic humor, bitterness, arrogance, and defeatism in Pusha's bars. Maybe one day the fans will catch up. Most likely not though. Hip Hop fans are steadily killing the culture.

  • ellis_bmore

    the fact that the quality is garbage... makes me want to delete this off my HD. what a joke.

    LOL.. dont wanna spend a stack to mix it properly. #iLaughAtYouRappers

  • dKm

    word to Big Ghostface

  • Coolie

    To all those complaining/hating on Pusha's content: Don't listen then.
    The Clipse's entire team got taken down in 09. That's years after Grindin came out. That's years after HHNF came out. So if Pusha's manager gets sentenced to 40 years or whatever for running a $20 million drug ring, it certainly seems as if Pusha should be able to rap about it.
    Just because other rappers suck at the coke rap and make it seem phony, doesn't mean that you should hate on Pusha. He is authentic, real, passionate, and energetic. No one is better at rapping about this kind of contet than he is. And if you hate coke rap, its probably because phonies like Juelz, Plies, and Ross ruined it for you. As long as rappers come from the hood, coke rap will be in raps. If you don't like it, don't listen.

  • just sayinggg

    @BIGGHOSTFACE IS BACK! Yessir but wait where were you during the whole Wiz drama? you fuckin' pussy.

  • hahah

    The comments don't reflect the reality of the situation. WAAYYYYY more people 830 to 30, like this tape. Haters must be mad that, apparently.

  • Coolie

    Co-sign Malik.

    Some of the lines are simply over people's heads. And since they can't understand it, they diss it. Its much deeper than just coke rap.
    And I'm pretty sure Push addressed those folks on the Freedom reoord on TTCD.

  • J-35

    @just sayinggg he responded to wiz on his blog about 20 times you idiot

  • Nathan Dawg

    Some of this is hard as shit....and some of this is complete horseshit

  • L∆
  • BRu973

    Just got down listening to it 2 times all the way thru...solid! Not great though... The tracks with Nottz, Ye, 50, and of course My God are pure CRACK...but the rest of the tape is decent.

  • obviouslygood

    Nope no lines over my head. Hip hop fans act like everyone has to feel everything their favorite artists put out. the c-section isnt JUST for commentors to praise the song/project/artist posted. i listen to the project with open ears and wasnt impressed, made observations about his content and commented accordingly. If its deep and profound for you so be, its not for me and several others on this thread. We all have different lives, experiences and levels of education so naturally everyone wont agree. Its ok if when you scroll through the comments everyone doesnt agree with you. youll live. pusha t is a good lyricist just doesnt have an impressive flow and damn sure doesnt have content that moves me. to each his own though. i was hoping there would be more songs like "freedom" from the clipse last album thats why i listened, ill never just click links knowing i dont like artist to hate, thats pointless and a waste of time.

  • Sv

    How many types of money is there push a? Lol haha

  • me


  • DoubleClutch95

    I love how people get into battles and arguments over if Pusha is good or not.....

    The fact of the matter is the man been on everyone "most watched rappers" list for some time now and him and malice get more love for blog sites/magazines/websites than most rappers not named drake, wayne, kanye or jay-z.

    They rap about what they know so why is everybody surprised about the content?

    It never gonna change and if you really listen to them it much more deeper than just coke...

    But to each it own i guess...


  • tone

    laughing at all the fans calling the others "haters" - simply because we don't like the music and offered thoughtful reasons. you're the real haters. since when are fans not allowed to criticize and comment on the music? i don't hate pusha, doubt anyone else does. we're commenting on the music - not the man. stop crying.

  • Dopesir

    Why niggas arguing?

    ANYBODY that argues about anything in the c-section is a faggot fuck niga.

    None of you nigas can say anything bout shit cause you in the c-section.

    all yo negative opinions r worthless.

    jus show support. I fucks wit pusha, glad he doin somethin different than all the faggots out here.

  • DetroitBears

    Insanely good! Touch It was sampled from the song with the same title by MJ Baby and Kanye West

  • rofl

    ^^^ Yeah doing something different, rapping about drugs and money over other people's beats(HEAVY SARCASM). At least he's good at rapping or I'd be heated. "Open Your Eyes" is by far the dopest track on this shit.

  • Maga D

    I been listenin to Clipse all weekend just to get hyped for this, Know what though, I'mma wait till tomorrow mornin to play it, traffic hour always gets me, so good time to bump this. Yeugh

  • AscendHigher

    i think you all just some dumb mothafuckas, and Pusha's content just goes straight over your empty ass heads. Yeah he raps with that coke flow, but hes got that shit mastered, and if y'all would pay attention you would realize how genius this mans lyrical content is.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    I started selling drugs cuz I heard it in a rap song.

  • Dopesir


    id put 100 down u couldn't name a rapper that makes music exactly like pusha t.

    if you think all there is to rap is subject matter, you're past a faggot.

  • Joe

    I was smoking purps and then I remembered this tape came out. I tried to get as sober as I could to listen to it.

  • anonymous

    For those who don't like coke rap, it probably wouldn't be wise to download any project from one named "Pusha" also for those who feel coke rap is played out I offer this thought, as long as coke is still being moved niggas still need music to move it to. Fear of God is for us not you



  • CP757

    pusha back on his shyytt rite heree. Real dboy music, all u haterz fuck off. 757 ALL DAY BOIIIII

  • uNcanny

    Big K.R.I.T.

  • CP757

    most of u fuck faggots dont know shit about the Game. Pusha is reppin that real VA shyt, and all u bitches too scared to move weight back the FUCK off. Bangin this while Im movin brickz, and if u cant feel this , well then suckadick

  • gasoline

    solid album , no weak jams, i like it....pusha T will be big when he drops his full length official album, plus he has the machine behind him, with kanyes' help...

  • non employee

    the quality is kinda disappointing. what happened to just paying to make sure you sound good? what happened to the standards that Kanye set at GOOD Music?

  • GOOD

    @ Johnny BLaze you forgot lil b .. nah haha jk but forreal you forgot the biggest one Biggie no pun intended

  • dom


  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Thanks for this. The tracklisting looks real solid. Keep up the great work. PEace and GOD BLESS

  • Sickle Sell

    Wow I never post but felt the need to say Touch It & Speakers Going Hammer are absolutely terrible. Aside from those 2 tracks it's a solid mixtape...but I'd say Schoolboy Q's Setbacks is better overall as far as 2011 mixtapes.

  • BlaqThoughtGodSon

    malice has a mixtape coming out i think in aug....and he is using the beats from madlib beat konducta series

  • yikes

    On Vacation from Vacation -

  • I Still Wanna & Feeling Myself = Crack!
    Rest = Crap!
    Don't really like any of those freestyles.

  • craze189

    I put this mixtape, as well as Clipse’s and Pusha T’s career in the same box with alot of other rappers… LYRICS are on point, but the beat selection, flow and overall feel of the project is just boring. He needs Kanye, Pharrell or somebody to executive produce (pick beats, help with hooks, etc.) to be any more successful than he was with his brother.

    I am not impressed by this mixtape at all. All but three songs have been deleted and only one (Alone In Vegas) made it to the iPod.

    Just my opinion. Plenty of rappers have lyrics… That’s not enough anymore. Where is the substance (beyond Coke Raps)? Where is the personality? Where is the head-nod production? SMH at stans who can’t keep it real enough with themselves to admit that this does not live up to the expectations and only goes to prove that Pusha T does not have what it takes to be a “Star” on his own. Lyrics were on point though, as usual. Just wish it was more that 13 songs worth of new metaphors for saying “I've been through a lot, made alot of money and f*cked model-type women because I’m a successful cocaine salesman.

  • craze189

    And as far as Raekwon... he doesn't get a pass. His lyrics would not be able to stand alone either. He's dope, but if he (or his executive producers) did not have the ear and ability to back his lyrics up with GOOD MUSIC, he would fail too. Lyrics are not enough, just as dope beats with wack lyrics are not enough. YOU NEED BOTH to really be a problem. This tape is severely lacking in the beats, hooks and ironically enough, GOOD MUSIC categories.

    Just my $0.02

  • Pusha T - Fear Of God 320Kbps: Click my name.

    From what I can hear the quality is much much better, check it!!!

  • Johnny BLaze

    Look people, this shit is a MIXTAPE. You've got to be kidding me if you think Kanye or Neptunes would executive produce this. This is fire and leagues above what other rappers can put together on a mixtape.

    Now, once his solo ALBUM drops from GOOD music, that's when we will really see if he can stand on his own without his brother. That, I can definitely see Kanye executive producing.

  • 32424

    Classified-Unusual (Feat. Joe Budden)-HIF
    Dr. Dre-Mr. Prescription (Feat. Nikki Grier & Sly)-HIF
    Eminem-50 Ways-HIF
    Lupe f – stereo sun

  • craze189

    I understand its a mixtape. Rapper make them everyday. Everything I said still stands. Shit is average. No More, No Less. Had he picked better beats and had better hooks & song structures, it would be what was largely expected.

    As far as mixtapes go... I'd say Cabin Fever >>> Fear of God & I think Wiz is The most overrated rapper out right now. Reason being, decent lyrical skill + good beats and songs will always trump dope lyrics alone.

    Simple Mathematics.

  • Lucky Lefty

    "decent lyrical skill + good beats and songs will always trump dope lyrics alone.
    Simple Mathematics."

    Perfect example is Rick Ross. I co-sign everything you said brah.

  • Lucky Lefty

    Oh yeah

    This joint is average at best. Sick lyrics but mad repetitive and low quality. I was expecting more musically. I'll still cop the album, but I'm let down by Fear of God.

  • Lil Rail up in the midwest
    keep grinding pusha t
    real reconize real

  • Kolonel Kush

    Why I let yall soup me up like this shit was gonna be hot? I heard plenty of unsigned rappers with hotter mixtapes than this. If you gonna rap on other dudes beats why choose these? Speakers Going Hammer? Really? I just hope Kanye has alotta input for the album cuz this right here just shows me that Pusha T is just a rapper/spitter, not a artist/songwriter.

    I honestly don't see how anyone could say this is among the best of this month, much less the best of 2011 (so far). Shit is mediocre to me. I doubt I'll ever even listen to it again after today.

    BTW, real dope boys don't blog, so please miss me with all that "real hustlers understand Pusha" and "it's just over your head if you're not in the streets pushin' them keys" talk. You sound stupid and you need more people.

  • Got it 4 cheaper

    I think dope boys have enough time to blog especially when they dont have to punch in the clock at a 9-5. Pusha is making music for the hustlas and alot of them aint really concerned with lavish beats and metaphorical punchlines.

  • Twi

    YUCK!!!!!!! the fear of God in u mthuafuckas. my nigga Push killed

  • B Nice

    why dont yall get the mixtape off datpiff (no tags)

  • Did this nigga AB.LIVA really change his name to LIVA DON?! Come on man...

    Tape is the highest of thee rappers that is putting shit out. Like that cat ...something...da based god, or whoever else was on the cover of XXL (not including KRIT and Cyhi)

  • Did this nigga AB.LIVA really change his name to LIVA DON?! Come on man...

    Tape is a lot better than these niggas getting pub now! Like that loser ...something...da based god, or whoever else was on the cover of XXL (not including KRIT and Cyhi)! Since Pusha was in a group his whole life and is now solo, does he qualify as a freshman?

  • LMK!

    Alone In Vegas' beat is FUCKIN AWESOME!

  • AnT

    more free music.. fuck itunes

  • Thworldisyours

    "They prayin I never go solo.........."