• marty mcfly

    I love hip hop just as much as the next person but people be so caught up in the rap life and the shit the comes on TV and internet that they dont know whats going on in the real world. Sometimes I look at this world and being that I know the truth about how the people in power in america hide their evil intent and greedy agenda behind a fake noble motive , I just dont wanna be apart of this world anymore. How come people are worried about what goes on in other countries but dont care about when children are slaughtered in america ? Do you know that anti immigrant militia and other terrorists are in and from this country and they are far more dangerous then the gangs that the hip hop community represent. Do you know there are people in this country who have bombs and other weapons , whos agenda is to start a race war and to make things worse they have the support of the american C.I.A and other factions in the U.S ? How many more children have to be killed before people stand up demand world peace ? How many times are people in america going to point fingers at other countries and call them terrorists but ignore the terrorists groups from Ohio , Wisconsin , Alabama and Texas ? Arent police trained how to shoot ? Then why do they kill so many unarmed kids and then get off the hook. For real every time I think I can put away my Dead Prez Cds I hear some more shit that makes me gotta burn some more of their songs for the young cats that kick it in my hood. People gotta start connecting the dots between people from the past in government and people still in politics. Things in this country didnt just get like this overnite and if you follow the money trail youll see why innocent people get killed and then get the blame placed on them for living in the 1st place. ONE

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