Mac Lethal - Something I Can Heart (Video)

Directed by Mac Lethal.

Off Mac's upcoming mixtape, dropping right here on April 1st (/no fools).

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  • Peter

    No c boys yet trying to talk about how he jacked Mac Miller's style? Maybe the usual dumbasses are still at school

  • imhh1

    dope...i dont know there is so much thumbs down

  • imhh1


  • Dope! Love Mac's steady releases

  • jasonstuartevans

    Mac came long before Miller fuck that!! If u dislike this song kill yoself!!!!

  • james

    Mac Lethal > Mac Miller. Mac is old but in a good way. mac miller is nothing.

  • Grant

    If you honestly think Mac Lethal is jockin' Mac Miller's style you're completely mistaken.

    Mac miller was a child when Lethal was killin' the battle stage and putting out tapes fuckin' daily

  • Kyle

    Just because you heard Mac Miller first, doesn't mean he CAME first. I heard BB Kind before I heard Robert Johnson, does that mean BB King plays better blues? I think not. Lethal is older, wiser, and he was in this game for almost a decade before Mac Miller showed up.

  • this shit is the gayest shit i've ever heard make white people look lame as fuck

  • gose

    something i can heart? god damn. someone please edit the hook out of this song

  • macs dope.

  • Shy

    "No c boys yet trying to talk about how he jacked Mac Miller’s style? Maybe the usual dumbasses are still at school"
    you sir are a fucking moron

  • Bake

    This is not good. I thought id give it a chance, its just too corny. Dudes missing something.

  • Peter

    yall need to learn how to read....... typical


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