*DEAD* at that still shot

GWHH was on hand to catch the Dips' reunion tour live in Chicago, and caught up with them after the show. You can check out still shots from their experience at their site.


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  • 9thWonderbread

    hahahahahaha that dude had me laughing in tears starting @ 0:31! funny stuff man!

  • http://www.thisisthedream.com thisisthedream.com

    the ultimate insult starts at 5:45 when the sound goes out.

  • TheNMC

    Does anyone know what song is playin at 2:03>??? i NEED to know! lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/T_VIZZY T_VIZZY

    lollll......Freekey Zeekey a crazyyyy mothafucka.....madd funny

  • http://www.twitter.com/T_VIZZY T_VIZZY

    @TheNMC R you serious? Thats "Salute"... The Dip's first reunion single.... I hope you were jokin.