Captain America: The First Avenger (Trailer)

blame it on Meka March 24, 2011

Marvel’s next summer film drops July 22nd. Which one do you think will be the better film, Thor or this?

Still waiting on the new Batman, though…

  • Cali760

    Dark Knight Rises will be better

  • Im thinkin Thor but this looks dope!

  • Mr. West

    did that guy who’s playn capn america get feebly skinny then super buff or did they super impose his head on a feeble niggas body?

  • tothtapes

    Thor’s trailer looked the most badass

  • Braniak

    Captain looks way better, IMO

  • dome


  • Kyle

    haha that shit is funny to see Captain America’s head put on some other dude’s scrawny body

  • Jojoba

    Whats the story? Dude goes on roids to save America?

  • chuxonmyfeet

    it dont even mater which of them is better marvel inc winning either way spider man xmen thor and cap all have movies maybe not by the same studio but the money all trinkles down to the same place

  • Shy

    Shits kinda wack that they used that same corny dude for TWO marvel hero roles.
    that actor is too feminine to play captain ‘merica.

  • Jatlantis

    It’s not roids, its a super soldier serum. Then yeah, he fights nazi’s.

  • 2dope

    I don’t care. I’m watching both. I LOVE MARVEL. HOORAH!

  • Thor will smoke this, which is not to say it won’t be a kick-ass movie but still – Thor will smoke this.

    Of course, nothing else matters once “The Dark Knight Rises” comes out… Selina Kyle AND Bane? To quote homeboy from The Wire – “Shheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!”

  • Black Ryu

    Cap America and Thor are looking niiiice. Everybody keep talking about Batman, I know I know Chris Nolan’s Batman movies are on another level and I love them…but really if yall keep comparing every comic movie to Batman you will not be able to enjoy any comic movie ever. So chill, Cap America is gonna be good, Thor is gonna be good and X-Men : First Class is gonna be good too…now Green Lantern hmmmm

  • kush skywalker

    thor & cap america = bi-winning


  • untold truth


  • YoungCosby

    Thor should be the better of the two being that it has a better director and better writers. But I’ve seen crazier things happen.

  • “If yall keep comparing every comic movie to Batman you will not be able to enjoy any comic movie ever.”

    Nah but Nolan raised the standard for comic movies so you can’t be coming with something whack and subpar after that. You’ve either got meet the same level or raise the bar, man. Personally I ain’t none of these Marvel movies, they look shit imo lol. I might watch the Deadpool movie if they can pull it off right though (whenever that’s coming out).