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Ab-Soul – Gone Insane

blame it on Shake March 25, 2011

Another joint off the Black Hippy’s LongTerm: Mentality, dropping April 5th!

DOWNLOAD: Ab-Soul – Gone Insane (prod. Ayiro) | Mediafire

  • aj

    holy fuck

  • nmw173

    TDE is so ahead of the curve, this tape is gonna be incredible.

  • swedishhater

    wow, he seriously used that wack ass freestyle in a song

  • Pico Presi

    Name me a group of ‘new’ emcees thats better than Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Solo, I dare u. These cats is like 19 for 20 from the Field.

  • This is fucking magic. This tape is gonna be so ill.

  • keen

    who birthed this guy?

  • YoungShanks

    This shit is hard soul. keep it movin my nigga

  • Hamilton Steez

    Cosign Pico Presi but don’t forget about Schoolboy Q. Setbacks is fire. I’m not a huge fan of Jay Rock, but the rest of Black Hippy is too ill. Ab Soul has a gift mos def.

  • Germ

    @swedishhater the version on the bus was an acoustic version of this song, same guy playing guitar and same melody.

  • Pico Presi

    @Hamilton Steez.. Oh yea Schoolboy Q shit is fire, i played setbacks all day yesterday and it never got tired. He not as much as a lyricist as them but for some reason Q shit go just as hard. He make the best ridin smokin music but still will drop a message over some gangster production. these guys never fail on production. They got a hellavu team behind the boards at TDE

  • red

    So ill but I don’t want to listen to all the leaks before I hear the full thing because the Black Hippy CD is going to be insanity.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    I can’t decide whether Ab-Soul or K-Dot is my favorite artist right now.

  • pico presi

    Does anyone have a LINK for Ab-Soul “nothin new” mp3. cant find it anywhere…

  • Dopesir

    ^ just use a youtube-to-mp3 converter nigga. its easy

  • Real Talk

    @picopresi yeah just do the youtube thing or wait for Longterm Mentality to drop


    ab-soul is an absolute beast

  • obviouslygood

    Ab-soul can’t be denied. I can’t decide who is better between him and Kendrick…….. Doesn’t really matter both are incredible. Soul and schoolboy q should’ve both been in the freshman class right along with kdot.

  • This is appropriately titled since it’s another insane joint from Ab-Soul! Can’t wait for the new mixtape & I agree him & Schoolboy should have also been on the freshmen list with Kendrick!