Big Sean - My Last f. Chris Brown (Video)

Big Sean's major-label debut video. Seems that Finally Famous: The Album will finally see the light of day after all.

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  • Lynx

    We making it #FFOE Boi!!

  • MR


  • Dino

    Whens the release date for the album?
    I wonder if its still gonna have Eminem on it.

  • FFOE

    ^^ may 3rd.

    im just doin better than everybody expected... I do that!

  • stullla

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI I DO IT! that nigga sean said ''She put her hands down my pants now she's rocking Sean John''
    THAT WORDPLAY AINT GET NO BETTER, NIGGaz Ain't on sean level yo.

  • jurrien

    Never really fucked with big sean, but i am kinda look foward to the album. FF 3 was aight, but his mixtapes before that no really impresssed me, although rollin (without jackie chan) >>

  • hater

    my man big sean rockin the SB white perf janoskis

  • that dude

    big sean is that guy

  • Lynx

    ^^ He is that nigga!

  • BiGGiEC

    The Finally Famous mixtapes did nothing but impress, so I'm expecting the final EP to do some work. Big Sean can spit, he's witty and he knows whats up. Props to mah nigga out D-town for reaalll, REPRESENT! I AM, SUPA DUPA, TROOPA, USED TO THA BOTTOM, SCUBA

  • red


  • Big Homie Oak


    FFOE Boi


    Whats up with those weird ass symbols on Sean's jacket in the beginning? On some Illuminati shit?

  • TE

    Chris brown is a cunt.

  • The Feds Files

    I swear that Big Sean, J. Cole, and Drake got the most awkward hand gestures in the game. LoL. Love the song and the video is good. And @yea Kid, The symbols is from Taz Arnold's clothing line TI$A

  • tkdk

    chris brown lookin like amber rose lol!!!

  • hunkE

    yes he does

  • Diamond

    hahaaha CuDi was chillin


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