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E-A Ski – On the Low f. Locksmith

blame it on Shake March 25, 2011

DOWNLOAD: E-A Ski – On the Low f. Locksmith | Mediafire

  • GhostfaceRwk

    crazy beat
    hot flow
    lyrics on point

  • Shy


  • Skylar

    EA just does beats now? aint heard from him in years.

  • mane

    that nigga e a ski is dope as fuck

  • G. Lane

    Love the flow and the beats. Can’t stop listening to this track.

  • 206

    EA Ski > Dr. Dre

    Locksmith > Your favorite rapper

    That is all.

  • nkt120680

    Loving this track! Been jamming to it all week long and I can see it’s one of those hits that will never get old!!! Bring on the whole record ASAP is all I’m screaming!!!!!

  • Raiders

    haha I run into these dudes at the gym…sh*ts clean though

  • dr.dre? where’d his yoga shirt go?
    and his gawnzz???

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  • ThatNigga

    fake ass dr. dre

  • daveg

    Why is it that Westcoast tryin to sound like the south. That shit is not real…Get back to that LA sunshine cali music.

  • james

    daveg, west coast is not trying to sound like the south . ea-ski is from bay area . the south stole & copied there style from bay area . so south has been trying to sound like bay area for over 15 years. the bay area make music with bass & never truley made LA sunshine cali music. so daveg know what you talking about nbefore you speak , dumb ass youngster

  • @James
    South actually been makin music wif heavy bass since the early 80’s (Miami-Bass) not BayArea-bass smh

    The Ssouth started the fast high hats in the 80’s too and most of the music has had the same productions style since then but we’ve just added sythnes and all that.

    I think since the south been makin music like that for over 20 years it qualifies as the south’s style lol

    dont talk if u don’t know what u talkin bout

    – Johnny Ciphe


  • mane
  • T.Dot

    miami had miami-bass, but we had Too $hort in the 80’s, who pretty much influenced everybody with that Oakland funk…… but best way to squash the question on influence is for somebody to ask EA-Ski and em where he got his sound from… EA been on the scene for a LONG time… i’m pretty sure his influence includes mostly old funk artists and NY rap… and i bet he has a phat collection of old records—>like any major producer that came out BEFORE the year 2000 has……. =T