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Kane Mayfield – Wreck ’11

blame it on Meka March 25, 2011

While at SXSW (I know) you end meeting folks from all over the country you otherwise would not meet. I met Kane Mayfield there and – in the midst of calling me a “psychopath” and Shake “crazy” (he meant that in the best way possible) – he randomly dragged me to the side after a showcase and spat a few bars. What do you know, the shit was dope, and here we are today.

DOWNLOAD: Kane Mayfield – Wreck ’11 | BandCamp

  • clint chudyk

    this guy sounds exactly like B.I.G…. it’s eerie

  • NEVA heard of him before…but this is grimy!!!

  • catskills

    dope mitch green cover! young niggaz google dat, tyson fuck dat boi up bear hands no gloves.

  • babashao

    Sounds more like Akinyele to me.

  • this is actually really dope

  • Fish

    I don’t even like Kane as a person in real life only his 2D animated version but this is crack cocaine pcp dope song

  • “heeeeeey ooooooolllllddddd niggguh……”

    Kane rips this. Don’t sleep.

  • jscrilla

    kane will outrap u all. been bangin this for months. the remix is gonna be stupid by the way. @dj_jscrilla

  • pnuttz

    i here a early biggie… delivery tone… he is dope. got lines.

  • Kane Mayfield is one of the illest anywhere…trust. get familiar early. i also dislike that nigga as a person, though. he’s detestable.


  • @KaneMayfield is the fucking truth in the booth…

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