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(2)Deep: DJ Soul – Competition Is None (Full Tape)

blame it on JES7 March 27, 2011

Mixtape by DJ Soul…Soul….Soul…Soul! from around Spring ’99. Waiting on a new copy of that DJ Premier x Haze – New York Reality Check 101 tape to arrive in the mail, cause I let my tape rock til that tape popped. Soon as I get that, I’ll be ripping and uploading for the dopeboyz and girls; the CD, vinyl and tape versions all feature slight differences in tracklisting, nonetheless it is the epitome of underground NYC rap from the mid-to-late 90s that any rap fan / purist should hear. Yeah, I know, way off topic.

DOWNLOAD: Side A | Side B

Side A
01. DJ Soul Intro
02. Big L & Fat Joe – See Us (Cuts By DJ Soul)
03. Gang Starr – Full Clip
04. Nature – Shines
05. Shabaam Sahdeeq – Are You Ready?
06. O.C. – Champagne Thoughts
07. Tash (Tha Alkaholiks) – Rico
08. Beatnuts – Watch Out Now
09. Freddie Foxxx – Part of My Life
10. Inspectah Deck – Word on the Street
11. Royce Da 5′ 9″ – I’m the King
12. Natural Elements – 2 Tons
13. Mos Def – The Next Universe
14. RZA x Tragedy x Cam’Ron – World Wide Thugs

Side B
01. Mad Skillz Intro
02. Shabaam Sahdeeq – Freestyle
03. Xzibit x Shabaam Sahdeeq – Concrete
04. Slick Rick x Outkast – Street Talkin’
05. GZA – Publicity
06. Beanie Sigel – Who Wanna Test This?
07. NaS – NY State of Mind Pt. 2
08. Afu-Ra x Masta Killa – Mortal Kombat
09. Lootpack – Questions
10. Big L x Diamond x O.C. – Get Yours
11. Tash (Tha Alkaholiks) – Splash Dat
12. Mobb Deep – NYC
13. Shabaam Sahdeeq x Cocoa Brovas – Damaging Emcees (Cuts by DJ Soul)
14. Dilated Peoples – Guaranteed
15. Mos Def – Very Well

  • lonestar playa

    A real mixtape! I’m coppin dat shit!

  • *two thumbs up* Thank you for this post, keep schooling em’ with hip-hop history.

  • red

    I wish I could just stream this. It looks like I have 95% of these cuts but thats a nice list. Just not willing to take up the space on my computer with doubles.

    Good post though, (2)Deep posts are always appreciated.

  • bon is back

    know x one >>>>>>> shake/meka

  • conRAtron


  • red

    Only god knows why my post was deleted =S

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE TAPE. Sidenote , I wish Inspectah Deck had a classic under his belt like Meth , Ghost and Rae cause his flow is crazy. Rebel INS flow = Best timing on any beat.

  • ^^^ Uncontrolled Substance!

  • “I wish I could just stream this. It looks like I have 95% of these cuts but thats a nice list. Just not willing to take up the space on my computer with doubles.”

    of course in 2011 you can find pretty much everyone of these cuts in CDQ (except for the shabaam freestyle, the o.g. version of “pimpin’ ain’t easy” [which is listed as “rico” on here and doesn’t feature the wack hook from the lp version), and “very well”, which still sounds like shit on every mp3 online 12 years later), but that ain’t the point.

    when this tape dropped back in ’99, i’d say it was the illest mixtape out at the time. clue and tony touch had dope tapes out as always but dj soul killed this shit. i already posted about this in that other post where KnowxOne posted a pic with this tape lying on a stack of other cassettes, but it deserves to be said that this is one of the nicest mixtapes to ever drop and got played until the tape literally broke in my boy’s car deck a year and half later.

    props for the post and for putting kids on to real mixtapes from the past.

  • marty mcfly

    You mite be right Justice , that album was DOPE. Im gonna have to go threw my old tapes now til I find that album. That Power of Gods in you song was crazy.

  • Music to my ears

  • gcash79

    What up Justice? Can People Without Shoes get some love in a (2)Deep post in the future? That was some ill music that totally went under the radar!

  • I still spin my NY Reality check vinyl, doggie!!! Keep that shit in mint muthafuckin’ condition!!

  • rlhiphophearer

    ohh yeeesss

  • I don’t mean to be super picky or anything, but how come they’re just 1 mp3 & not tracked?…but as always, thanks for the lesson KNOWxONE!

  • This is so incredibly dope!

  • DJ soul was always one of my favourites, thanks a lot & more posts like this please.

  • really dope i don’t have some of these cuts either, amazing!

  • John Zee

    man I love it when you dudes post mixtapes like this! This is one of the reasons I visit 2dopeboyz over any other websites on a regular basis. They are original, hands down! They know their history…I used to check out OnSnash, but havent been on that site in over a year I’d say.

  • unkown

    check out some real hip hop from a group called project from cali

  • A.I.

    Good looking out Know One… Now if someone could split it into tracks instead of one long mp3, then I’ll be happy…

  • fcAt15

    wow. this is pretty amazing. made the day a lot better

  • kika117

    Nice! I still got that cassette type in my stash!!! DJ Soul dropped 2 mixtapes that were straight fiyyyyahhhh…

  • red


    Wow I haven’t given People Without Shoes a listen in years. I’ve got Thoughts of an Optimist on repeat now.

  • This is what a real mixtape is!

  • bushytop

    not trying to be that dude, but i appreciate when isht like this is left side a/side b and not split into separate tracks. when i copped a tape from tony toca, soul, rectangle or whoever back in the day, you let the tape rock til the tape drop. not trying to speak for know x one, but the (2)deep posts are almost on some time capsule shit (rare samplers, b-sides, tapes, etc); no better way to keep it real than to recreate the experience of listening to the tape (two 45min sides).

    speaking of tony touch, anybody got tapes #55-60? #57 in particular. some mark ass trick got me for em when my 88 civic got jacked back in the day.


    REAL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! THis post alone is better than 99% of the bullshit them BATTYBOYZ be trying to serve us…fucking faggots.



  • yall missing the point.
    there single mp3s because thats how it was played back then.
    how it should be played.
    press start and enjoy that shit!