• http://www.traebeta.com trae

    dope as hell -

  • Kareem

    Cross your fingers for that MMJB album!

  • Pell

    ^^^^^ fuck yo couch nigga

  • http://www.KrausPhade.com Kraus Phade

    I can answer one of the questions.... I uploaded the pics from the session but i forgot all about having this video... here's the link to the photos http://krausphade.com/?p=373

  • Musikfiend

    BANANAS!! Bink is the most underrated hip-hop producer of all time!! They probably saved this for their album if they have one in the works.

  • AKBR
  • LMK!


  • LordMort


  • AMV

    The Bink! tracks are obviously going to the album. You think Bink! would sign off on this shit being on a free mixtape!?...Naw. Some things are worth the wait and worth the price of admission.