Onyx - Classic Terror (Video)

#latepass. It takes a certain blood phenotype pumping in your veins to fuck with this shit. Dopeness.

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  • live

    where is sonsee!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • gose


  • Bragga Spenz

    This is the kind of shit i listen to when i eat breakfast.

  • dope

  • illu

    This was fucking incredible. Missed these kind of jams yo.

  • KapK

    sick! weas the download link?

  • The Bio Major

    blood phenotype? is this really what you wanted to say?

  • oh what up bird

  • Threepeat

    Played out nigga need to go back to making shitty TV shows nobody watched about songs nobody ever heard about an east coast vs. west coast beef that his has-been group never had any part of.


    "I seen Tupac in the crowd!!!" Stupid ass nigga. Keep Pac's name out of your mouth.

  • JAyP

    I like that old school type vibe coming from the beat!

  • LakeShow

    Is this a preem production?

  • wille bobo

    only nigga thats dope is sticky..fuck fredro he always been whack..were is sonsee..sticky need to come with a solo album or follow up to that movie he made..onyx was never really that hot to me i fucked with Mobb Deep

  • Onyx working on a new album called Cuzo (Cousins) and there will be only tracks from Sticky and Fredro into it, thats why Sonsee isnt on this track. Sonsee will be at the Black Rock album, he is still an onyxmember!

  • Scientist

    U MEAN genotype

  • deeznuuutz

    funny they drop this just now, they were sitting couple rows in front of me yesterday flying from philly to LA. cool dudes.


    most underrated hiphop group of all time.


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