A.Dd+ - When Pigs Fly (Album)

The first freelease from the South today is from Dallas' own up-comers, featuring production from Picnic Tyme. Spend some money, however, and you get a buncha free shit as well. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. The Rapper & The Poet
2. Brain Sex
3. Likeamug (feat. Sore Losers)
4. The Everyday
5. Greedy (feat. Mz. Fortune)
6. Mary Go (feat. Picnic Tyme)
7. Picnic Interlude
8. Erica & Jamie
9. Slow Tempo
10. Under (feat. Dustin Cavazos)
11. I'm So Dallas (DJ Sober Mix)
12. Goodwill
13. Satellites
14. Smell My Cologne (feat. Money Waters & Picnic Tyme)
15. Southbound

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  • ChrisJustice

    first, there dope, don't sleep.


  • Boo

    Boooooooooooooooo..... they suk assssss an booty

  • PRalines

    This is nice.

  • Huh

    Very bad

  • Boo

    Jk just playing they straight..i'm bumbing this shit in the ride with curren$y

    JET LIFE!!!

  • TheIncredible

    hahahahahaha ..... I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!

  • http://www.durkinmusic.com Durkin

    Dig this. #addhoe

  • NawfDallasSwag

    These boys bout to blow.... pay attention... Dallas is clearly on the rise...

  • http://Www.twitter.com/rosaliiinda Rosalinda


  • Mz.fortune


  • http://www.divehiflylo.com PARIS PERSHUN

    A.Dd+ Hoe!!!!!

  • http://www.divehiflylo.com Slim Gravy

    A.Dd+ Hoe!!!!!!!

  • JaySpaceE

    Hmm might give this a download based on the pretty cover-I don't like to be disappointed

  • h
  • Sober

    YUHHH! "Dallas is bound to rise" #ADDHOE

  • http://www.internationalo.biz Music Maniac

    Cool I'll check it out, but meantime where the fuk is
    "Return Of 4Eva"!!!!

  • ablacktv

    this is hot!
    follow me on twitter @ablacktv


  • http://www.twitter.com/Dro214 Alejandro “Dro” Mayorga

    A.Dd+ Hoe! Congratulations gentlemen, I'm proud of you all and this is an instant CLASSIC!

  • http://emptysodacans.com/ Curbside Jones

    I had this 2 weeks ago...and a physical copy! texas #ftw!
    Don't forget the "+" is silent...
    Congrats homies

  • Cracka

    They kinda remind me of Outkast for some reason. I like this album.

  • unknown

    check out some real hip hop http://www.mediafire.com/?sha1yyp8ve7wfuj from a group called project from cali

  • http://jrhodes@bandcamp.com J.Rhodes

    Dallas all day... ADd hoe. Congrats to them... These boys done ran to the FRONT of the pack in Dallas... Dallas will be the next Atlanta. Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas... oh yea, Dallas. ADd hoe.

  • http://jrhodes.bandcamp.com Rhodes

    excuse me... Correct spelling (A.Dd+) lol

  • http://www.ill-ego.com Cmacivelli

    A.Dd+ hoe

  • CaliNigga

    I get so crunk off "Likeamug" and "Southbound" cuhh!!!

  • CabbagePatchJack

    I gotta admit i was skeptical when i saw they were from Dallas but DAMN!!! deez boys is nice. Well worth the download

  • http://www.bodegabrovas.com Travii The 7th

    dope ass hell,these cats deserve it.they been grinding hard and perfecting there skills!

  • CalvinMoorehead

    This is by far the first thing out of Dallas that i can say is a CLASSIC... of course besides anything Ms Badu creates.... these boys bound to blow


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