• chris blue


  • 1004

    i didn't know Jesus rapped. lol, dude needs a haircut and shave

  • U Cnt See Me!!!!

    If you never copped Rawth, turn to your loved one – no matter who it may be – and have them slap the freckles off your face.

    ^^^^^ Amen yo!

  • orangec+unty

    word up meka! hell yeah he's watching "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" this video is gonna be a trip!

  • williammurray

    nottz, my favorite producer, cant even make this clown sound good. he sounds like if EM were a rich jew kid with an 1/8 th of the flow...

  • That Dude Devin

    Hi, My Name Is...Asher Roth???

  • Whiterthanmost

    @ Williammurray

    Kinda hit the nail on the head. Even the crackers in the burbs don't wanna this SHIT. Kinda doomed himself from the start w/ that I love college MTV pandering garbage. Now he seems to wanna be some stoner/ motivational tip. He's marginally better but....ya know.

  • http://www.atillamakesmusic.com Atilla

    The e.p. is real dope. It looks like this video will be sick too.

  • Alex Cloud

    People who say Asher sounds like Eminem have never really listened to him and are just trying to fit in.

  • chaeham


  • marsuc

    ASHER IS THE SHIT!! Cant wait for his new album

  • Twi

    this nigga lol Asher is dope tho