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Big K.R.I.T. – ReturnOf4Eva (Album)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 28, 2011

“It’s the returnof4eva hoe!” I’ve been looking forward to this one. Everything Big K.R.I.T dropped has been solid so far and the album is no exception. Tracklist and link down bottom.

I am proud to present “Return Of 4eva” to all my supporters, I took the past year to work on this project. I reached out to some of my favorite artists that I felt represented what this album was about. Ludacris, Bun B, David Banner, Chamillionaire, Big Sant, Joi & Raheem Devaughn all helped me to make my vision of this album complete. I hope you all love it. Download it for free at stay blessed – K.R.I.T.

1. Dreamin (clean version)
2. Dreamin (dirty version)
3. American Rapstar (clean version)
4. American Rapstar (dirty version)
5. R4 Intro
6. Rise and Shine
7. R4 Theme Song
8. Dreamin’
9. Rotation
10. My Sub
11. Sookie Now (feat. David Banner)
12. American Rapstar
13. Highs & Lows
14. Shake It (feat. Joi)
15. Made Alot (feat. BIg Sant)
16. Lions and Lambs
17. King’s Blues
18. Time Machine (feat. Chamillionaire)
19. Get Right
20. Amtrak
21. Players Ballad (feat. Raheem Devaughn)
22. Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Ecouraging Racism
23. Free My Soul
24. The Vent

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – ReturnOf4Eva (Mixtape)
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  • Spicoli

    Excited to finally hear this

  • iaintshit


  • Y U NO

    very nice

  • Where is “Live From the Underground”?

  • orangec+unty

    fire!!!! top 5 for sure. word to 4EVA!
    thats all you need to know.

  • OneBluntWonder

    Finally, been waiitin for this. Yo krit and yelawolf needa drop that mixtape they doin together like soon.

  • Oak





  • Iby

    thanks miss_peas! cant wait to hear this!

  • Maga D

    Can’t wait for this. Why are there two clean versions though? I didn’t listen to Pusha’s tape till today, so now with this, musically Monday was hot.

  • grtyut

    don’t even need to listen to say its better than anything put out by the rest of “freshman class”

    Krit is that consistent

  • BigDtown

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Been waitin on this

  • wat

    Mixtape? Aren’t these all original beats? That would be an album.

  • Yesdrik

    I Hope the Mississippi King stays true to himself, I can honestly say I was the first one out of everyone i know to fucks with his music. Hope lames dont ruin his music!

  • Mischief

    Too good to be free.

  • Mtrx

    Shit is soo nice. Production is unreal.

  • Dez

    this is album. thats wat he was sayin.

  • dirtysixchambers

    that tracklist is missing

    country shit remix ft. ludacris & bun b

  • yugang


    had to type in all caps for this lol

  • Somebody send on another link(MediaFire or something) I fuck with KRIT but I don’t need the spam in my inbox

  • Cool

    This ain’t no mixtape its a motherfucking ALBUM!

    ORIGINAL Production!

  • IZM

    Come on, u guys post shit as FreEP’s all the time, and this is a Free LP. And its a damn good album at that.

  • Moses

    It was a very very very long wait.

  • ko

    It’s a mixtape because he probably didn’t get the samples cleared. At least that is my guess

  • Cuervo

    wtf some lil b fans showed voting this shit down!!

  • milly

    best thing to drop this year.. hands down.

  • <3 KRIT. Destined to be one of the greats.

  • I wish he featured Kendrick on Free My Soul, he would’ve murdered that beat and yeah, like everyone else said KRIT said this was an album.

  • foreals?

    why the fuck is there 2 thumbs down?

  • @Cuervo I like Lil B and I like KRIT. Stop being closed-minded.

  • jAyP

    im pissed for the fact that this became a Mixtape I heard it was suppose to be a official album & I already know this probably will be album worthy

    still gonna download it & bang it just like “KRIT wuz here” Mixtape MUCH LOVE TO YOU KRIT BUT IM READY TO PUT IN MY HARD EARNED MONEY FOR YOUR HARDWORK BRO YOU DESERVE IT!

  • AJ

    @grtyut Kendrick Lamar – OD (overly dedicated) > Returnof4Eva

    and Yeah this is an “Album” not a Mixtape you guys should fix that.



    wow this is great. KRIT is a talented brother, respect to him for making this RAW hip hop shit with his bare hands.

  • Roe

    Who would dislike this are you serious is they hearing the same thing im hearing wow smh Krit thank you

  • ty

    them niggaz had to click thumbs down on accident

  • HELL YEAH! ReturnOf4Eva HO!

  • alt link please? its telling me my actual email is invalid. the same one I’m using to comment this.


  • D. $cience

    I didn’t download his first tape (his tracks didn’t really excite me) but I want to see if this is good. His cover looks like something OutKast or Goodie Mob might dude. Nice to see a Southern rapper who isn’t Waka Flocka or Gucci Mane get some proper shine.

  • Big K.R.I.T. has already said multiple times that this is a FREE LP, not a mixtape. Do you need links to him saying this, 2DopeBoyz? LOL. Why do you insist on calling it a mixtape???

  • GR


  • D. $cience


    Damn iPad.

  • D. $cience

    *might do

    Damn iPad.

  • Braniak

    shit goes HAM


    Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Ecouraging Racism


    good to see everyone showin’ love for this 3rd coast representer. Big K.R.I.T. is doing his damn thing for mississippi and the south in general. can’t wait to burn and listen to this shit


    smh, this shit is ridiculous, I’m so glad we still have artists like KRIT..this shit is damn ear perfect, just off the first skim

  • SmokinAces

    This shit is crazy and I’m on track 4. KRIT is the truth. Like everyone else said, this ain’t no mixtape. I would’ve dropped cash on this.

  • Braniak

    Mixtape or LP is a bangger.

    Best things in life are free.

  • besrbv;rbrb

    So how good is this, worthy of the hype? Krit Wuz Here is for sure, how does this compare?

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Earl puts the ‘ass’ in assassin/
    ..puts the pieces of decomposing bodies in plastic.

    That being said, this tape is dope as fuck. Jets fool.

  • 9thWonderbread

    *drops tears of joy*

  • Chan V

    Freaking sweet. GO DOOOOO

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    KRIT is here to stay, dude is amazing. 10/10 so far.

  • trbo

    Remember this day people, ReturnOf4Eva will be a classic talked about for years!

  • recreationaladidas

    i didnt think it was possible for ths one to beat his last mixtape buttttttttttt it does

  • cpb

    great mixtape! should have been an album, i woulda been more than glad to have paid for it..reminds me of that old school outkast who is still my favorite group till this day

  • bandido-09

    Shit waaayyy better than wac miller wackness and if you dont like it
    I don’t give a F.F. but REAL music speaks for it self…..often imitated but never duplicated.

  • yeeeeee

    krit making history!!!!!!! damn “THE KING REMEMBERED IN TIME”

  • Evan292

    Am I the only one that is having difficulty with his website? It keeps crashing on me…can someone upload a hulkshare, mediafire, etc link? Anything so that I can hear this tape.

  • POOP

    Apparently you gave enough of a F.F. to bring up Mac Miller’s unrelated name into this.
    Mad that a white boy is gaining a following?

  • U Cnt See Me!!!!

    Track 22 sounds Epic AF lmfaooo

  • 4 wack ass yamps gave this a thumbs down. You lames must be musically/lyrically dead. 10 out of 10!!

  • emam

    is da link safe ?

  • $lim_H*TOWN

    Yall know you can actually buy a copy of this an KRIT wuz here autographed on his site Im ordering both….btw this tape is dope down here in Houston KRIT is on fire

  • PhillyKid

    can someone plz upload a torrent of this the connection here is wack at the moment

  • DP

    Like this really makes me want to shed a tear. This dude represents for my state so well. Makes me proud to be from mississippi. We are only 4 tracks in and this is the best rap shit I’ve heard all year.

  • SonictheHogans

    GOT DAMN!!!! I’m just on track 7 and this shit is already a fuckin classic…..Hands down the best shit to drop this year…hands down…This nigga’s production skills are unreal and his ability to deliver with the lyrics with it…This nigga is talented man…I don’t think he has dropped one thing I don’t fuck with…I will be a fan of dude for a while..

  • Johnny Blaze


    im completely floored. ive been fucking wit KRIT since KRIT Wuz Here and I cant believe hes giving these ALBUMS for free. 20 amazing songs.. and look at that guest list! some of the illest from the south.. i can’t imagine what his LP will sound like..


  • Shy

    fucking dope CANNOT wait to dwnload.
    KRIT >>>

  • Tiger Blood

    This is really good quality music, but it doesn’t even touch the music on KRIT Wuz Here. KRIT Wuz Here was really amazing and Illmatic-like. Yes I said it, Illmatic-like. KRIT is gonna be a star, the South’s Nas.

  • scheeen


  • Evan292

    another link anyone? His websites not working for me. Must be a lot of traffic

  • Ben Piffy Jr


  • MJ

    Yo! This shit right here! Man, I feel guilty for getting this for free. I’m only 9 tracks in…

  • bigswoosh

    This IS the best Mixtape I’ve heard so far this year. Fuck that…top 3 ALBUMS I heard this year. Real talk.

  • 20iLL11

    “I never see stars on the red rug, If I wanna see stars I look above.. To the heavens”
    KRIT is Quality dood puts in mad work, Tape is iLL

  • Made in Bosnia

    been waiting all day for this too drop,just got put on krit and i can say he’s moved into my no.1 spot in just couple of weeks, this dude speaks the truth,his truly amazing and inspirational and his beats are so soulful ,as a producer i think he will go beyond the im gonna go download this tape and i know it will be the album of the year for sure.God bless

  • triso

    Yo! This shit right here! Man,

  • GR


    I wanna pay him for this masterpiece.

  • Peace Your Highness



  • CAKE

    Anyone questioning whether this is worth the hype is crazyyyy..I was looking forward to this for months and it STILL blew me away, every single track is good so far

  • It’s a good day

  • Mtrx

    @GR you can buy a autographed hardcopy on his site for $20 returnof4eva dot com

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Just finished the album, fucking ridiculous 10/10.

  • J. YTee

    Yo KRIT is officially THAT nigga right now! Been following since Krit Wuz Here last summer & it was amazing, but R4 is gon put dude over the TOP. Production (crazy), content (crazy). Mississippi STAND UP!!!!

  • This is just some good fuckin music man. K.R.I.T. stay droppin quality shit. I’m definitely feelin this project, halfway through, and not ONE weak track. All of them good in my opinion…real talk I can’t wait to hear what that ANother Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Racism sounding like…I know K.R.I.T. finna spit some real ass shit on that. Once again K.R.I.T. will have one of the best projects of the year.

  • damn right

  • Made in Bosnia

    since you all like it if you go to you can donate for the work put in this album like i did ,because nobody works for free especially today, and this man deserves every cent for being a voice of the new young generation.

  • vlado


  • 2nPac

    Damn not even through 3 songs yet and it’s already the hottest sh1t I’ve heard in the past year. J. Cole and KRIT all day. And them mf’ers that Thumbed Down this should hang themselves

  • Rio$

    hell yea hopefully it dont dissapoint tho…………

  • basick

    ima see what the big hype is about…

  • Aremac


  • KRIT cannot disappoint…he produces his OWN music and tells his OWN story; how could you ever fault an artist doing that?

  • I’ve yet to hear a lame K.R.I.T joint. He can do no wrong in my eyes…

  • wobble

    I guess this is the type of hip hop us white boys from the north just cannot connect with on any level. Of course he’s good, but I’m gonna have to pass.

  • Big K.R.I.T. – Return Of 4 Eva (Album)

    this shit rriigghhhtt here is classic yall!

  • Maya

    yes! leaks have been onpoint i’m excited for this

  • Hawk

    I woulda payed $10 on ma itunes fer this one!

  • 2nPac

    @Wobble…I guess you right. This realness must be too much for you.



  • dirtysixchambers

    where is live from the underground?!?!?!?!!??!!??!?!?!!??

  • Johnny Blaze

    Country Shit Remix = Monster

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    @wobble Just listen again. Maybe with an unbiased ear this time.

  • dopesir

    percect hiphop right here.

  • D39

    10/10. Yeah I was also wondering where that “Live from the underground track” was at?

  • wobble

    I’m not biased. I listen to a lot of hip hop, old and new. I can appreciate stuff like Group Home or Ini and stuff like Blu and Kendrick Lamar (I’m only listing these b/c they’re good music) and I can still relate to them.
    Big K.R.I.T. lays down way too many Mississippi/southern references and speaks on things I haven’t experienced on any level.
    Like I said, he’s good but not for me. It sucks that I gotta delete this, I wish I could get into it

  • orangec+unty

    ^^ respect.

  • SmokinAces

    ^you can’t relate to good music? I’m not understanding the issue. You wouldn’t knock a guy from NY for claiming NY. So what’s the difference. I mean, you gonna like what you like, it just doesn’t sound like a good reason to not like something.

  • AGoNY

    10% of it references down south shit, the remainder of the album is just regular real life shit… If you cant relate to this then you not REALLY listening… Graba q-tip clean the wax out ya ears and try again…

    Im from NY and i can relate to both of KRIT’s albums, because for the most part this is just some real life shit…

  • God’sPenis

    Best album cover since Stalley

  • wobble

    Fine, here goes listen #2. Just for you guys…right after the Knick game though.

  • WhiteKidFromChicago

    cosign @AGoNY

    If u cant feel something listening to Dreamin’ or The Vent, just stop listening to music altogether.


    A White Kid From Chicago

  • dashboard


  • sensistar

    wobble: You got to remember. The south is like 20 years behind us.

    I understand how they feel. To them it’s like how you felt when you heard Nas for the first time.

    Most of the rappers that came from the south were basically ignorant and I wondered if they could actually read.

    To me he just sounds like a bama. It’s kind of hard to get into rappers that have that country accent no matter what they spitting.

    Production is tight if you a country boy.

    He’s spitting some nice rhymes if this was 1991.

    Coming from the rewind that tape back era these slow tongue simple rhymes just don’t do it for me.

    For the south if it’s not right in their face it’s over their head.

    He’s spitting some positive messages but I see the next word he’s going to rhyme with coming like a mack truck. It’s real basic.

    I won’t give it a thumbs down but I’m with you. I’m not a bama so I really can’t get into it.

    I said this years ago about this country.

    The problem with this country is 90% of it is country.

    So now the rap game has been over run by those who are 20 years behind us. The blacks in the south have dragged rap music 20 years back and the whites are trying to turn this country into 1950.

  • AGoNY

    Even if you cant relate, you gotta respect the fact he produced this whole project himself… to follow up the production on “Wuz Here” with another 21 dope ass beats is just… idk

  • Braniak

    southern rap<<<<<<<suburbs rappers

  • birdmanjayarra

    where is Live from the Underground????????

  • wobble

    Yeah Agony I gave him respect. I can tell it’s a good project but I’m not the target market.
    But the Knicks won, I’m happy, and I just found a gram that I’m gonna throw in the bong.
    I’m gonna get to giving this a second chance.

  • InfamousP

    To everybody saying “I’d pay money for this”, put your $ where your mouth is. You can donate via the Paypal button ANY amount OR get an autographed copy of this album for $20 in the store section. I donated $5 & ordered a CD copy. @YaBoyRampz couldn’t agree more about that Kendrick feature suggestion.

  • tomtom

    I need live from the underground!!!!!

  • RoshaneStephenson

    Great music coming out this year. My favorite “underground” rappers are working hard. Keep going! Loving all this hip-hop music.

  • dappz

    to everyone saying they would’ve dropped some cash in his hand for this, YOU STILL CAN ON THE RETURN4EVA SITE, SUPPORT THE #Return4eva movement AND DONATE!!! Link
    don’t do what a lame would do, you know well you can donate to this do so!!!support the real!!!

  • RoshaneRonan

    Great music coming out this year. My favorite “underground” rappers are working hard. Keep going! Loving all this hip-hop music.


    There are some motherfucking lames on this site. Folks wanna act like there ain’t a prejudice towards the South or southern rappers but there are some ignorant ass ‘enlightened’ motherfuckers from the North here showing their ass. I think I speak for all of us down here… go fuck yourself

  • T$

    Big KRIT for Fuccing President!!!

  • cloud9

    I understand how they feel. To them it’s like how you felt when you heard Nas for the first time.

    Most of the rappers that came from the south were basically ignorant and I wondered if they could actually read.

    To me he just sounds like a bama. It’s kind of hard to get into rappers that have that country accent no matter what they spitting.

    Production is tight if you a country boy.

    He’s spitting some nice rhymes if this was 1991.

    Coming from the rewind that tape back era these slow tongue simple rhymes just don’t do it for me.

    For the south if it’s not right in their face it’s over their head.

    He’s spitting some positive messages but I see the next word he’s going to rhyme with coming like a mack truck. It’s real basic.

    I won’t give it a thumbs down but I’m with you. I’m not a bama so I really can’t get into it.

    I said this years ago about this country.

    The problem with this country is 90% of it is country.

    So now the rap game has been over run by those who are 20 years behind us. The blacks in the south have dragged rap music 20 years back and the whites are trying to turn this country into 1950.

    sensistar said this on March 28th, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    You gotta understand though, It’s not always about how lyrical how somebody is, i’m not saying he the best, but he spits real shit that you can just listen when compared to the bullshit that comes out today, and honestly i don’t think it has anything to do with north and south, midwest and west, if its good music its good music

  • Bryan

    march really has been the best month for hip-hop

  • SmokinAces

    sensistar, you are an incredibly ignorant individual. You make people from the north like myself look real stupid and close minded with the type of comments you made. Outkast, Krit, TIP, Luda, Bun B, Scarface, Eightball, MJG, Goodie Mob, and WAY TOO MANY southern rappers to name here fuck with the best of the best on ANY COAST. Stop thinking like a child and open your mind and ears to other MC’s and their experiences. Get off your block for a minute and expand playa.

    And if you don’t understand that you don’t understand English.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Another great album by K.R.I.T. he’s really setting the standards high for his official Def Jam debut, but I have no doubt that he’ll deliver the quality he’s done so far with it. This right here is classic country rap tunes, folk.

  • tmtkchris

    This shit is BEAUTIFUL

  • SmokinAces

    BTW, you must’ve forgot that the East Coast also has guys like Biz Markie, Kid N Play, Webstar, MIMS, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, etc who are not known for being the most advanced lyricists. There are PLENTY of wack ass rappers up north, out west, midwest, AND down south. And there are GREAT rappers all over as well.

  • mtrx

    Honestly, This is one of the best tapes I’ve ever heard. I can’t find really any flaws. The Production, delivery, diverse subject matter, it’s lyrical everything is on point. Krit just set the bar really high.

  • This is the first time since (O)verly (D)edicated that I’ve felt almost required to pay for a free album. I can listen to this 1-20 without skipping any tracks. Best mixtape of the year hands down.

  • wobble

    Nope, just made it to Track 7 and I’m done. Can’t say I didn’t try.
    Keep doing your thing though KRIT.

  • what??

    @sensistar wow ur comment is really ignorant and bias as hell! ur saying because krit is not necesscarily super duper multi-syllable lyrical or something and because he has a thick accent u cant get into him? wow! smh whatever its ur opinion. Also say what u want about his ability to rhyme, krit has one thing most artists likem one thing that even some of the most illest lyrical rappers dont have…..SOUL!! even u cant deny krit of that brother.


  • SmokinAces

    wobble, maybe you and senistar can go listen to Kool G Rap’s first album Immortal Technique or something then. Lol, just fucking with you. At least you gave it a shot. Track 7 though? You still ain’t even get into the meat of the album yet.

  • CoolGuy365



    Don’t say ‘whatever it’s your opinion’ to that stupid motherfucker. Don’t condone that shit. He is ignorant and deserved to get slapped in the face with a dick. Big KRIT drops a fucking album for FREE full of his own production (which is fire) and puts his heart and soul into this shit. You can feel that. & I appreciate that shit. He is picking up the torch where Outkast left off (another group I’m sure this fucking fool doesn’t listen to b/c “they sound like Bamas”)

  • THEdopeboy

    People should just respect the dudes opinion and move on. I mean I know people that say they don;t like certain classics and I scratch my head, but it is what it is. Who know he may go back to it someday and like it.

    Now… my take on the album? the album is fuckin awesome. K.R.I.T is one of the best rapper/producer to come out in a long time.

  • @SmokinAces i’ve noticed that the kats up north can diss all they want…but we got KRIT, we got Banner, we got Skipp coon, we got Jay Elec, we got Curren$y, we got Yelawolf, Outkast, Luda, shit, Goodie Mob was outrhyming Public Enemy…like PyInfamous says, We Talk Slow, but Think quick so don’t try to pull a fast one!

  • AnT

    damn.. this is gonna be a dope DL

  • yugang

    Wow i love this album the first listen, wow. So much good lyrics and as some of ya mention hear, SOUL! who cares if krit aint a technical lyrical rhymer like elzhi, he aint trying to impress u w/ endless rhyme schemes like that, he is trying to provide u with good music w/ a good & non-ignorant message. Damn ppl learn how to feel some shit, let it hit ur soul and stop expecting lyrical micracles all the fucking time.

  • Honest

    You gotta be joking, You act like Nas is representative of the entire east coast/north, nah, Nas is the exception, a ton east coast niggas are trash, rapping aint got shit to do with geography, I can name just as many wack rappers up north as I can down South, I think your opinion is just due to a lack of knowledge about hip hop.

  • orangec+unty

    RETURNOF4EVA > LASERS & FEAR OF GOD. yeah i said it.

  • nathanjones

    Outkast needs to get krit for whatever next album they plan and get a verse & some beats from him.

    Also where is Live from the underground?? that is a good fucking question

  • SmokinAces

    @THEdopeboy, I can respect an opinion on music like wobble’s. But senistar is plain ignorant, so I can’t and will not respect that. It’s one thing to say it’s not your cup of tea. It’s another to claim a whole region as slow, ignorant, and uneducated. Maybe he’s joking to get a rise outta folks like a lot of people do these days, but either way it’s pretty stupid.

    @ZeeDub I almost feel bad for forgetting Yela, Jay Elec, and Spitta.

  • mdpgc

    Best mixtape>street album> album of the YEAR…Period! (at least so far…)

  • killamic

    @smokinAces there’s also k-rino (whos been a crazy lyrical monstah since the late 80s) and kam moye aka supastition. Bet u senistar eat that “they all sound like bamas” talk if he heard those two niggas spit haha.

    Anyhow dope dope shit from krit. I swear he should be part of the dungeon family

  • marty mcfly

    This mixtape is just ok , it does have some dope beats and I like Krit for the most part but his accent is kinda hard to play for the whole tape. The live from the underground song should have been on here but O well. As a rapper hes dope at times but hes more like T Mo from Goodie Mob then Big Boi from Outkast.

  • WOW that’s all I can say. Reppin mississippi, the south, and hip hop like he should.

    soo sooo dope….gone off tha dank (waited to before until I could sit down and listen too it.)

    not since Kast…
    not since that kast…not since kast

  • Kev

    Damn he consistently puts out good music. Just hate that music like this, Jay Elec, Spitta, cARTer, Killa Kyleon, The Niceguys, etc. doesn’t get the attention it deserves, smh instead we got niggas like soulja boy and wakka flakka representing the south on a mainstream level. That’s why dudes say ignorant comments like dude up there did earlier smh. Just stfu if you don’t like it, dont make smart ass comments about the south, I bet you my SAT scores was higher then your ignorant ass.

  • Good artists get three-hundred likes on 2dopeboyz. Legendary artists get thirteen-hundred. Thank you, KRIT. You give us that music to live to.

  • Iby


  • red

    Just got home and I saw this dropped. Holy shit I can’t wait.

  • asada

    As much as I like Mac Miller facebook and twitter goes nuts when he puts out a subpar mixtape but when Big K.R.I.T puts out some high quality shit nobody says anything

  • Sylver21

    wen people say like @marty mcfly say his accent is a deal breaker, while i may not agree or really understand it I can respect it cuz I kno dudes who have a similar ear(from NJ/Philly area). its kinda a shame cuz u can miss out on great music that way, but at least its not an ignorant viewpoint to come from. some of these same dudes had a similar viewpoint as @sensistar about the south bein decades behind. and honestly if look at history, due to slavery that can seem like a valid point….but the Andre 3000’s and Bun B’s of the world shit on that opinion to me. I jus look at is as different lifestyle and mentality. and to look down on other’s cuz u dnt understand is simply idiocy.

    all that said, this album is the best shit since OD and may even be better. but i feel like its unfair to compare becuz of the extreme differences in styles. either way, 9/10 on the first listen.

  • Sylver21

    honestly if YOU look at history

  • I never really payed any attention to this dude, but he is sick. Those Outkast style beats he makes are ridiculous. And I just checkout out that video of him spitting that Live From The Underground song. I can not believe that song isn’t on here. I bet he’s saving that for an actual album release, he has to, it’s way too sick to not be used.

  • Dopesir

    Krits accent is what makes the music unique. anybody that says different is a faggot.

  • marty mcfly

    @Sylver , for me theres I just some artist that I dont connect with but im not saying they aint dope but I just dont connect with it at the time. When I first heard big Krit his accent didnt bother me at all but when I hear it for back to back songs I just cant feel it. Im from Cali , what you want me to do. Its not a shot at the south its just a musical thing. Theres alot of artist on this site that people just love that I just dont hear what they hear as being dope. Its all good cause when I tell my friends that Evidence , Blu and Murs are dope. They look at me like im crazy but everybody hears music different.

  • Damn man I can’t stop listening to this shit, it’s amazing. I just found out from up top that he’s selling copies of it here autographed if you want to get a CD. I’m buying this shit and if you like it might as well, it’s worth adding to the collection for his hard work and abilities. I’ll listen to this shit for years.

  • SmokinAces

    Accent has nothing to do with the quality of music. I mean the same talking about KRIT must not like Outkast, Goodie Mob, T.I., David Banner or UGK. They are all artists with very distinct southern accents when they rhyme. It seems like cats are asking for good lyrics, good beats, content, a good message, and a good flow. But I guess it doesn’t matter if the artist has a southern accent. Somehow a southern accent lessens a persons music in the eyes of some here.

    I remember when I was younger and close minded like that. I missed out on a lot of music. I remember saying the same thing when my father used to play ATLiens. When I got older and stepped outside of my little bubble, I found out these dudes were as dope, if not doper, than artist I was listening to. Now ATLiens is one of my fav albums.

  • fuck what you say wobble im father north then ne of you and this shit go hard

  • Finally…the “real” south is back…this shyt bangs

  • killa krit

    This album is a 10/10 in my eyes. Would been a 11/10 if live from the underground was on here tho.

  • marty mcfly

    @SmokinAces , No diss at Krit cause I can hear where he gets his influence from but he does not sound like Outkast or Goodie Mob except for his beats. BTW those two groups were my favorite down south artists growing up. Krits accent mite be close but lyrically I dont think many artist can touch the poetry on Goodie Mobs first two albums or on ATiens and Aquemini.

  • marty mcfly

    I said earlier Krit reminded me of T -MO from Goodie Mob but he dont sound like the other members. Old Cee lo verses = Incredible.

  • TEAM 7

    if yall like krit check out my mixtape Brian c. NOW OR NEVA

  • SmokinAces

    I wasn’t saying KRIT is on the level of those legends YET. What I’m saying is they are all artists with very thick, distinct, southern accents. That seems to be the only thing anyone who has spoken against this incredible album album is bringing up why they don’t feel or connect with it. It has nothing to do with content, production, lyrics, hooks, etc. To each his own. I just choose not to let a person’s accent deter me from enjoying great music.

    And T-Mo went in on them Goodie Mob joints. You make it seem as if dude was wack. I guess I’ll agree to disagree on this. It’d be one thing if he was undecipherable because of the accent, but dude has a very clear concise voice. Oh well *shrugs and continues bumping Return Of 4eva.”

  • kwame


  • marty mcfly

    Some of the rhymes and beats on here is dope cause it does take me back to the ATiens era though. Ill give him that , Andre 3k should holla at him for some beats forreal.


    check out my song get it back

  • Steph


  • @FromAnothaBreed


  • eman4444

    why didnt i get the first 4 songs ?

  • SouthStandUp

    K.R.I.T we fuckin witchu in Texas keep up the work

  • orangec+unty

    big ghostface do you have any thoughts on RETURNOF4EVA???

  • D39

    Thank you K.R.I.T. for this amazing album. I couldn’t skip any track either of my seven times listening through it at all. My brother walked in and was like: “Again? Is it that good?! Shit, send me a copy!” I’ll definitely purchase my brother’s copy. I wanted to ask if he is reading this though, which I’m sure he will. Where’s “Live from the underground?” That clip of you spittin’ sounded too dope. #ReturnOf4Eva

  • dddddd

    The show’s format was a combination of commentary and character sketches. The commentary usually addressed news headlines, political and social perspectives, and Phil’s personal life, while the character sketches consisted of personalities performed by Phil. Typically, three consecutive hour-long blocks were devoted to commentary and variety, with the next three hour-long blocks consisting of character sketches. These character sketches were usually closed with several minutes of commentary and variety.
    a few seconds ago · Like
    Newty Antony The show is syndicated throughout North America on Talk Radio Network. It is known for outrageous guests, the majority of whom are fictional and voiced live by the host, Phil Hendrie.

    Though Hendrie often explains that he is doing the voices, listeners unfamiliar with the show’s format are duped into believing that the guests on the show are real and are invited to call in to engage in conversation with the “guests”.-

    More on piratebay org

  • D

    big krit is one of the dopest out, can’t wait to hear that shit

  • CarlAir


  • fiddy

    hell yeah, finally, was abt damn time

  • anunikke

    WIll there be physical copies?

  • ablacktv

    Check out the Big Krit Interview on

  • Bout Damn Time, and this ho is fire!!!! Jammed it on the way to work this morning…..
    And who gives a fuk if it’s called mixtape or album, he jam, so download it and shut the fuk up. It’s free, so why the fuk are yall complaining? NIGGA SHIT at it’s finest.
    Anyway Jam that Krit, I’m gon miss the show here in Houston, cuz imma be in Atlanta.

  • youngkno-ledge

    Best Projects of 2011 till now:
    1= Lupe Fiasco – Lasers
    2= Pharoahe Monch – W.A.R.
    3= Big K.R.I.T.= Returnof4eva
    4= Max B – Vigilante Season
    5= Pusha T- Fear Of God

    Krit that nigga, he got a real positive message + his production is on top. Also gotta say I really can’t wait till Ab Soul drops Long Term Mentality and Big Sean drops Finally Famous. That new Ab/Kendrick leak is (2)DOPE. LA Stand up. Africa Unite, peace.

  • mark Geez

    ^^^^ Saigon num 1 bro, then Pharoahe Monach, Then Big Krit. lol Lasers was terrible.

    But this is good as hell. And free???????? Big Krit you killin the game right now.

  • BIG Krit representing that real South shit…….

  • DG

    Half way through the tape and I gotta say he should have sold this as an album on Itunes or something he deserves to get paid for this music. And how could you say you can’t relate to his music? He does reference his state but he’s also talking about things everybody going through maybe you need to listen to King’s Blues then think about what the hell you just said.

  • LB

    one of the realest in the game repping the south…hands down. now he need a properly marketed and distributed LP.

  • 10
  • nickdean14

    not heard any of this guys stuff. heard great things. anyone got any recommendations to make me a fan?

  • Aj

    his accent gives him more character, and why is hip hop the only genre where people “need” to relate to the music to feel it, I’m so far from the American south as you can be, on the other side of the world and it’s 10/10 for me

  • outkaz

    Welcome back Hip Hop!

    K.R.I.T. represents the real Dirty Dirty.. K.R.I.T. brings back that Outkast, Goodie Mob vibe. ***** mics

  • TizzlyBear

    That is so hard, I went on ahead and bought my autographed copy from the return of 4 eva store. I suggest anyone who appreciates good music grab a copy or at least send a donation. This man has put a lot of hard effort into this ALBUM that he’s giving out as a free mixtape. Help this man out with his movement, here’s the link:

  • Ryan.T.

    I just purchased as well…

  • wordtobigbird

    okay im only on track 11 but i need to comment, i love krit on introspective shit. when he turns off the pimp c and just spits some real shit (my interpretation, if i should die, 98% of krit wuz here like voices, and on this album (so far) dreamin) but when he on his pimp c shit i cant fuck with it and the first half of this album is him saying a whole lot not of nothin about nothin.

    he went from talking about rotating his tires, to not having room in his trunk for bags cus of his sub, to sookie sookie now to shake it like a typical generic south rapper and im from atlanta. and i just dont fuck with this side of krit so its disappointing to me. i love krit was here cus it didnt have these kind of tracks. the closest was return of 4 eva and country shit.

    but immma finish the listen and hopefully he speak on some other shit on the rest of the album.

  • T.Ojigbo

    I wish the radio stations would be smart enough to gave the real niggas that put their heart and soul into there music.. come on now ppl like waka, Gucci, soulja, have zero talent and u can tell by how much the put out .. I think Gucci put out like 3 mistakes in one day like come ppl u kno he didn’t put no time and effort into that shit.. niggas like K.R.I.T , KENDRICK lamar, j.Cole, Currensy all have made classic groundbreaking music.. and its ashame that the radio are so far behind on real talent… come on flex , big tigger!!! Start giving this niggas some well deserve shine

  • Im Here

    one of my fav joint slready “Time Machine” KRIT and Koopa killed that.

  • B-rown

    My issue is this, I get worried whenever an artist comes out and has more stans than fans, and will praise them like they’re the second coming of Jesus. For example Kanye and Lupe, two artists who are definitely talented, but just don’t make music that appeals to me, no matter how many chances I’ve given them. I like some of their songs, but an album’s worth of material feels like a waste of my time.

    I’ve stayed away from Big K.R.I.T. because so many people in the c-section have hopped on his dick with both feet and expect everyone else who listens to hip hop to do the same without question. Anyone who isn’t all on his nuts gets hated on.

    Don’t misconstrue what @senistar said about the south being 20 years behind. I think what he meant is that there haven’t been that many albums (that aren’t crunk or trap music) from the south that stand out from the rest and that fans can get excited about. I like some music out of the south, but for the most part the beats are very similar and generic (and all too often boring), so it’s hard for southern artists to separate themselves from the pack.

  • B-rown

    I like good music, regardless of where the artist is from or who they’re affiliated with. All regions have talented MCs, and they also all have extremely wack rappers. I think Bun B is a great MC and probably the best in the south, but when he makes an album with generic southern beats, I just can’t vibe to it.

    I just listened to a few Big K.R.I.T. songs (Dreamin’, American Rapstar and Time Machine). I can hear the talent and understand why he has fans. The first is incredible, second very good, third was horrible.

    Just because you like an artist doesn’t mean you have to praise everything they do. Even the greatest artists make shitty music sometimes, and that’s perfectly ok. When my favorite MCs make sub-par tracks, I’m the first to say it sucked.

    K.R.I.T. makes the type of music I want to hear from the south and I’m just glad a southern artist is making real music and not bullshit (Jeezy, Wayne, Gucci, Waka, T.I., Ross).

    I know I won’t like everything from K.R.I.T. because I can’t stand generic southern beats, but after one listen of Dreamin’, I’ll give him a chance.

  • Alright. I fucks wit K.R.I.T. now.

  • wobble


    I think that’s what turned me away. The first few tracks were okay, but Rotation, My Sub, and Sookie Now literally went in 1 ear and out the other. That’s 7 tracks deep and almost 30 minutes in and he lost my interest.

  • scrapshithead

    ^^ I see your point. get to the end of the tape tho. tracks 18, 19 and 20 are really nice

  • TE

    Dude is amazing.

  • lantic

    I dont understand all these “connection” comments.. i’m a white boy from outside NYC doesn’t mean Big K.R.I.T. isnt dope and i dont like listening to his music just because im not from the south..

    good music is good music and this shit is dope

  • all you people complaining about songs like 5 – 10….. he’s not gonna make an entire album full super deep emotional music cause lets face it most normal people dont want to hear 20 songs about pain and struggling… you have to balance out the fun get hyped songs. KRIT did such an amazing job putting together a full and complete project that shows everyside of the man… some people just want such a SPECIFIC type of rap all the time, but hip hops about saying what you feel and some days your just gonna feel different than others, go youtube his somedayz video and he’ll explain it better haha

  • KoopstaMC

    Thought food my knicca! Big K.R.I.T. should be paid 4 this work of art!

  • JDiRT da PiMP

    idk but I am so excited to see this Album/Mixtape get the amount of buzz it has gotten. I don’t wanna sound like everybody else but i can truthfully say I’ve been routing for this guy since I 1st heard him. So lowkey I’m silently just cheesing real hard :-)

  • maRii

    Yay :D

  • brianbrown

    10/10. Easily. Only thing missing is Live From The Underground. Other than that?? My favorite CD of the year so far, along with Stalley’s “Lincoln Way Heights” & Saigon’s CD

  • Dorian

    Man what does the K.R.I.T. stand for

  • brianbrown


    King Remembered In Time

  • McKinleyDixon

    Between this, and Cunninglynguist album, I don’t know how other music is going to stand up to it this year. Gonna be a great year for music, I tell ya.

  • wordtobigbird

    @hack – “all you people complaining about songs like 5 – 10….. he’s not gonna make an entire album full super deep emotional music”

    did you not listen to krit was here.. or what? most of those songs have some depth to it with plenty of braggadocios shit thrown in. even the songs like no wheaties are dope but sookie sookie now? that song is ass any way you look at it. and i dont expect him to make one specific type of song every time, he can do whatever the fuck he wants BUT my opinion is that i dont like those songs and i love his songs with some sort of depth. you can hear the difference in the voice, one is krit and one is krit as pimp c.

    i understand that you make music on what you feel and sometimes all i feel like doing is gettin high as possibe, seeing how loud my speakers are or thinkin about a bad bitch. but his songs on those types or subjects just arnt as good.

  • mdpgc

    those are just the filler tracks my dude….if they were placed at different points of the album you would have any complaints…Album is FIYAH as is…personally!

  • mdpgc

    those are just the filler tracks my dude….if they were placed at different points of the album you wouldnt have any complaints…Album is FIYAH as is…personally!

  • marty mcfly

    Rise and shine
    R4 theme song
    My sub
    American Rapstar
    Highs and Lows
    made alot
    Another Naive…
    Free my soul

    Now thats a dope tape cause those other songs played a big role in me really not feeling the project as a whole. Krit still did his thing though for the most part but I think artists put to many songs on they project sometimes.

  • del

    i would have bought this

  • CAKE


    Chamillionaire even killed his verse, I thought he’d come soft.

  • tabosko

    1st let me say thanks krit! i have no idea why you dropped this free but it damn sure makes me wonder what tracks you sittin on!

    you gotta love krit….i dont understand some of the people here expecting to have a 100% deep album lol. are you a outkast fan? then you know outkast made this style hot. dre givin you the funky words of wisdom and big boi following up with that good out trunk music and organized noise provided the production that made that shit work. KRIT IS ALL 3 IN ONE + PIMP C + DEVIN + AND HIMSELF IN HIS OWN RIGHT! when you feed off what you grew up on this is the way you pay homage.

    and for those that say you cant relate..??? please head butt a knife! how the fuck can you not relate to whats in this album? like someone mentioned before, this aint southern shit, this is life on wax.

    congrats krit…you stayed humble, you took ya time, you played the side line, you sat in those xxl freshman class convos silent for the most part and when you spoke you had something real to say. and in the end you managed to hit the sky…take us to the moon on the next one. (sn: kendrick, and cole!!!!! you aint by yourself. niggas is fucking with the bar yall set last year…lets get it!)



  • Shzntt

    “I been a king million man march in my trunk, you hear the dream” @BIGKRIT #ReturnOf4Eva

  • “Age”
  • @wordtobigbird Umm no, Sookie Now is actually pretty dope especially with Banner coming in at the end with his verse. TO YOU Sookie Now is wack anyway that YOU look at it bruh. In my opinion there was not one weak song on this album.

  • And niggas is sleepin on that Amtrak song…smh now that shit go hard foreal.

  • That Mothafucker

    Gotta love it!
    like every fuckin song on this mixtape/album is dope

  • dswag

    this proves k.r.i.t. is one the best rappers doing it. he has star written all over him and this mixtape only furthers his cause. big k.r.i.t. is going to be one of the next great rappers and he somehow stays so humble and right-headed throughout.

  • kamu

    thanks K.R.I.T. these here is a classic…. 94 source 5 mics



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    this is garbage how the hell you do guys like this