• http://www.internationalo.biz Music Maniac

    Impatiently waits on "Return Of 4Eva"

  • http://facebook/pfcuttin PF CUTTIN

    This is LABBA formerly of FLIPMODE, the spanish Dj is PF CUTTIN producer of BLAHZAY, SEAN PRICE, MASTA KILLA,ACTION BRONSON, MEYHEM LAUREN, THIRSTIN HOWL & LABBA the rapper Outloud(of the group BLAHZAY) is not in this video, and we dont need Primo beats..we got our own.

  • http://damanpro.biz giambi33

    whos that special ed?

  • y’awll losuhs

    ^oh u kinda got schooled there meka

    plus u know damn well u werent listening to this in '90..

  • http://www.life-or-death.com Lord Puzzle

    Shout out 2 Labba & Special Ed #HipHopLives

  • kika11

    Blahzay Blahzay was Outloud and PF CUttin...
    Wonder if that was really PF dropping that comment above ? :=) Anyways, do the knowledge...

  • psylosix

    Exactly how it should be done! Good to hear the youngest in charge still doin it

  • http://facebook/pfcuttin PF CUTTIN

    @kika11 Yes it is FACEBOOK/PFCUTTIN

  • http://twitter/pfcuttin PF CUTTIN

    @MEKA ...Thank u, from the bottom of my hiphop heart for showing me , Labba, & Special Ed love on this...what eva u need , i'm here..

  • http://nyc.com zany blunts

    WTF, so how do i download this!?!?!?