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Audra The Rapper – Money Got My Mind Right

blame it on Meka March 29, 2011

Can I be honest for a second*? Audra can spit, as evidenced by her participation in various freestyle cyphers, and rather well at that. What I really want to see, however, is that same energy and fire transitioned into a song-writing format that’s as memorable as those freestyles. I’m not saying that this particular cut is awful at all (it’s not to me at least); I just would like to hear, well, something that I’d play in my iPod as well as spin at a party. But what do I know, I’m just a member of the evil empire.

No Such Thing Does Exist, Audra’s latest project, drops soon.

DOWNLOAD: Audra The Rapper – Money Got My Mind Right | Mediafire

* – yes, I’m well aware of my previous history with being “honest.”

  • doo-doo juice.

  • zookeeper

    pay for exposure? chick is ass.

  • Tiniak

    Chick is ass indeed.

  • Phil

    Wow, another song about money.

  • casper wordsmith

    Money, money, money … what is that again?

  • I digg it. VA stand up.

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss/Teddy/D. $cience” Stan fka Answer Me!

    If this type of (overabused) sound she is going for… no interest at all!


  • Only reason why Ross signed this bitch is because they both got the same cup size. Her n’ Ross can go bra shopping.

  • Only why Ross signed this bitch is because she got the same cup size as Ross. Ross n’ her can go bra shopping.

  • Only reason why Ross signed this bitch is because they both have the same breast cup size.

  • ablacktv

    yayyyyyy more songs about MONEY O_o ….smh gotsta come harder ma…aint nobody trying to hear that money mess all the time … @ablacktv on twitter http://www.ablacktv.com

  • YahRight

    Can she just get a regular 9-5 already?!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! This is the wackest Femcee everrrrrr.

  • hueyfreeman757

    more haters mean more attention. just ignore her and she’ll go away. cliches galore, its 2011 no more songs about MONEY.

  • I.O.D

    I’d be happy if you’d quit posting her.

  • CK

    The problems with most female emcees is that they try to show they can hang with the dudes..

    If she can really spit, why doesn’t she just make a real ass track from a woman’s perspective, unlike with male rappers, there’s still thousands of concepts out there that haven’t been used in songs yet..

    Honestly, that song that 10 year old girl did questioning the way Lil Wayne treats women is one of the realest songs by a female emcee that I’ve heard in years.. which is kinda sad IMO but true..

  • Arsoo

    Wanted to like this girl…

  • realniggathatshootgunz
  • jutssnots

    im sorry but this song is GARBAGE. Niggas need to stop gassing this bullshit in her inner circle. She is going NO WHERE fast…. she might be on MMG… but I dont see no tweets or songs with her and WALE,RICKY,MEEK or the newly signed TEEDRA! saying they in the studio with AUDRA the Rapper….. why is that???? . she anit apart of the powerhouse…right now…prolly cuz she still in training…which indeed it sounds like.
    She needs to figure out what type of rapper she wants to be… RICK ROSS can make a song like this…but this chick is still in SCHOOL!… so the money really dont got her mind right… this GAME IS NOTHING BUT SMOKE AND MIRRORS… im not hating…im just typing the truth… she need to step her song game up QUICK! if LAURYN HILL is your big idol… then show it.. LAURYN w be shakin her head with the rest of us…if they hear this trash of a song..

  • If You Tired Of This Bullshit, Check Out Some Real Different Hip-Hop Shit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwTMjl4QJJA

  • Big Bambou

    Rick Ross must see something in this chick, i dunno, just sounds like everything else out. Nothing spectacular.

  • Jason

    Can’t be serious….. i’ll agree she can spit but her song direction is terrible. Meka ..Shake yall never post good music out of VA…. no Black Cobain……… No Locke Kaushal……… No YU….. whats good?