• JD

    OK, new rule...you can't throw a BUNCH of D list rappers on a beat and expect anyone to give a fuck....this song blows. Kay Slay catches more L's...

  • d easy

    Jon Connor with another stellar verse

  • HeathenHavoc


    This beat bangs & over all decent track. (Unless you need your artists to be popular (billboard rappers) with a huge marketing budget behind them or have someone else tell you they are good 1st.

    I think it's is more disgusting that an idiot would say 'kay slay is gone the Kalhed route' !? (Khaled was most recent & successful, but no where near architect status or highest quality of cuts either!)

    Kay been putting massive 'STREET' possie cuts together for years *rollin25deep*, Just because his artists arnt selling ring tones and mtv videos docent mean he didn't do it way before (& way better) than Kahled ever could.

    That comment alone shows how much of a corporate/XXL/ Sheep you have become, rather than authentically & accurately criticizing hip hop.

    I guess with this logic, you would say 'Dr. Dre went the Lex luger route, by crafting a familiar sound.. smfh @ you fucking idiot...

    Check your shit, you got your 'What came first' all ass-backwards..

    • http://2dopeboyz.com/ Meka

      @HeathenHavoc, but you can't spell for shit. so i win.

  • http://www.youtube.com/shience ら全した裸連鎖

    slay is a bama.. who does this fools graphix?? fail



  • RuanHoll

    Jim Jones-God Bless The Child (Feat. Wyclef)

  • greg

    the Jacka's album cover Tear Gas used in the background

  • jon conner
  • http://twitter.com/papooseonline Papoose

    Ayo can someone tell Slay Pap said to stop snorting away his 1.5 milli from Jive, I got kids and Remy to feed when she gets home in 4 years.. It's been 7 years and I never got anywhere fuckin with Slay, bum ass nigga....

  • Popaase

    Can someone prevent this old fart from putting out bad music?

  • broman5thfloor

    connors verse but he can spit on shit n turn it gold

  • E_Mac415

    Damn, these dudes are getting lazy with their covers.... the part with the cats with the gas masks is from The Jacka's album cover for Tear Gas. They just put a hockey mask on the Jacka. SMH

  • http://www.twitter.com/T_VIZZY T_VIZZY

    how the fuck this track gonna have more dislikes than likes?? FIREEEEEE

  • SupaDupa

    Meka U a lame Kay Slay been doing it long before Khaled
    @JD You need to check out more Jon Connor songs before you label him as D-List. He got crazy heat

  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    "So Kay Slay has gone the Khaled route and wrangled up a bunch of rapsters to create an attempt at some high-energy posse cut." -meka
    Just pull the trigger already. No one will remember you. I don't have to explain what was wrong with that comment, niggas already know.

  • http://soundclick.com/arsenicproductions Rodney

    im mad i jus sampled this same song like 2 weeks ago!!!!!! i made a way better version of the same beat!!!!!!
    check it out and u be the judge
    the song is called wrong remix

  • Jake

    Jon Connor mos def has potential...don't care about any of the others AT ALL