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  • D

    shad is dope

  • http://www.2dopeoboyz.com Billy Clint

    nice very underrated.

  • Free Murf

    Not a hater, but Kno used a beat VERY similar to that on "The White Album", his take on the Black Album. Same sample for sure. I'm pretty sure the track was "December 4th". Shad is dope though.

  • 1004

    (( BEAT )) IS S!CK. (( SONG )) IS S!CK. (( SHAD )) IS S!CK.

  • Ryuk

    New Shad!!
    " Call me ShADD the way I spazz out!"

  • ShadK

    Third Studio Album *TSOL* (2010) Cop it, extremely dope.

    Best Track: Rose Garden (Music Video)

    Canada is on 2DopeBoyz!

  • Stef

    Skratch Bastid >

  • Mixtape Monkey

    @Free Murf that would deal more with the producer & not shad... right? Haha, on a separate note, SHAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDD! Dope x700.

  • 2Cents

    Biggest thing outta Canada since Pamela's double Ds

  • Twi
  • http://www.online-betting-guide.co.uk/?tx11653 Epic

    Why isn't Shad on the radio? Silly, silly world we live in.

  • http://berpwillie.bandcamp.com Berp Willie


  • http://www.thecomeupfoundation.com/ doublex


  • Washcloth: the son of Towelie

    Who said Canadian hip-hop's dead?

  • dowski

    Congrats to Shad on winning and beating out Drake in the Rap Recording category at the Junos!

  • CSO

    I saw this dude perform @ SXSW. Dope shit.

  • Jake

    SHAD is definitely a LEGIT dope lyricist who i just discovered recently...From I've heard he's a VERY nice emcee...Needs to link up w/ ELZHI, ONE BE LO, DIABOLIC, BLU, BLACK THOUGHT, PHAROAHE MONCH, SLAUGHTERHOUSE, PERCEE-P, JUICE, TONEDEFF, CUNNIN LYNGUISTS, MASTA ACE, LOUIS LOGIC, COPYWRITE to name A FEW slept on emcees

  • SneakySteve

    Anybody know the Sample!?!