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Swollen Members – Do Or Die

blame it on Meka March 29, 2011

Dagger Mouth, dropping April 12th.

DOWNLOAD: Swollen Members – Do Or Die | Mediafire
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  • John Zee

    Vancouver’s own….thanks for staying up on these guys Shake & Meka. One love..Battleaxe.

  • crackadon

    no one outside their country likes these tattoed bros. get that canadian bullshit rap the fuck outta here. how many comments does this post have? they have as much buzz around here as Heltah Skeltah or whatever that shit is no one is looking out for.

    get these wannabe tough-guy fags out this bitch.

    (and i only commented cuz i felt bad for them. i used to like them in 2000 or 2001 tbh. i also used to like Pokemon cards and Gameboy back them too though.)

  • JRide

    What happened to Madchild’s face?!?!?! Dude had some crazy plastic surgery, unrecognizable. Be yourself dude, no wonder they denied you access to the US. Swollen’s early 00 records were decent but this new material is questionable to say the least.

  • TheLastEmperor

    What’s with the hate ratings wise? Good joint, they need to stop fucking with Tre Nyce though

  • meh…………

  • Speed

    you used to like pokemon. that pretty much explains the hate.

  • B-rown

    These dudes suck and always have. They have ZERO talent and should quit making music.

  • Prabjot

    Battle axe warriors! People need to stop with the hate

  • JT Kem

    cool Beat! … “Whats hate?” -i know… -“hatred comes from jealousy and greed” ..

    Don’t HATE

    Cant’ wait for April 12th!

    DaggerMouth ftw!

  • saulbass

    thanks for taking me back back to 2002-2003 when this shit was fresh.


    SWOLLEN MEMBERS ALL DAY… IMO. Trash talkers, overly-negative commenting all uneeded…. the actions of the crew is enough; they spit heat and rob drops proper beats. Its a different style, sure you can say that. I as a fan hope they stick to the dark side of rap. PEACE