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  • troll

    brb adding all u phagots on facebook ^^^^^

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    Can I win even though I know both Dope boyz rather well? One reeeeeellllleeee well? While the other may now know me a little too well also? Lol
    And can I stay over at that last dopeboyz place for the wknd? haha
    Last name is up for debate ;)

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    Brett Polsky. im about to graduate so this can be my gift from u guys after reading your blog for the past couple years. Holla at ya boy ya dig?

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  • Brooklyn —–>

    Fuck that! All of ya above me can eat a dick. I'm wiing this shit. lol j/p

    I don't wont to win anyways. But I wonder did anyone ever won any contest on 2dbz? They seem to post contests but never post a winner. Hmmmmm idk

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    Nicole Gonzalez

    Check out my coverage when you had the competition in Miami http://vimeo.com/21141066

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    peep the bringitbacktour.com for Detroit & San Fransisco events as well http://bringitbacktour.com/

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    Give it a try, you will find someone you like there... ;)
    @@@@firework or born this way

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  • monday david

    im intrested,i need it

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