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XV – Foreign Exchange Student f. Miami Horror

blame it on Miss_Peas March 29, 2011

XV just let this loose on Twitter.

DOWNLOAD: XV – Foreign Exchange Student f. Miami Horror | Mediafire
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  • Thank you 2dopeboyz for showing me XV….but can you or ANYONE tell me what the beef is between 2dopeboyz vs. Lupe Fiasco???

  • yep

    XV is the man. Shake got beat up by Lupe tho^^^^

  • I reallymeanIt

    nt feeling this,
    prob wud sound good in a club tho..

  • ^ it’s all over the internet. shake was a stan, he tried to get backstage in his tight ass jeans wearing eye liner, lupe’s people weren’t feelin the faggot and turned him away. then shake started leakin “exclusive”(the word used to bring self worth to homosexual bloggers within the hiphop community) tracks and Lupe was like fuck you. shake got really sad, lupe replied again w/ fuck you. shake started putting cut marks in his wrist in an attempt to gain Lupe’s approval, when that didn’t work shake “banned” Lupe in an attempt to hurt album sales/fan base/promotion. then Lupe dropped a very high selling album, and shake couldn’t answer through the huge cock he himself placed down his throat. now Lupe is like haha, fuck that queer, no talent im kinda known cuz i used to post decent music lookin mother fucker. so shake is hurt, Lupe is rich, good music isn’t being posted, shake thinks he won, Lupe knows that he won, Meka rides shakes dick, and 2bz NEVER has “exclusives” or posts shit before RR or naright. it’s cool tho. haters never prosper.

  • Ivan

    how does shake and lupe’s beef have any relevance on an XV post. Or in 2011 at all.

    anyways, this is dope. i like to hear XV on ish like this

  • bob


  • yep

    lol @Pcola great summary

  • bawse’s bawse

    roflmaooo!!!!! cool story bro!

  • RuanHoll

    damnnn this hot
    beat and flow hot
    lyrics lil fruity

  • umadeverywhere?

    lol @ feat. Miami Horror when its Miami Horror’s song. This nigga XV wylin

  • @pcola …..HAHAHAHA Good looks homie, I’ve been hittin’ up 2dope for a couple years now and I recently just started realizing/wondering why I NEVER see a Lupe post or even mention. Madd funny tho my dude I get the gist.

    *I’m not a Lupe Stan at all btw*

  • 33233

    i love the beat
    i cant stop dancing

  • 33553

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  • Raptorsarefirends

    Like Miami Horror’s version better, but I’m glad for XV’s success. Saw him in at HOB in Orlando, he is dope live.

  • RuanHoll


  • hajiai8

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  • LOL


  • LupeFacoff

    baby dancing to classic kid cudi

  • GR

    Come on, ruining a perfectly good Miami Horror song. Don’t like when rappers rap over these types of beats

  • That1Guy

    @GR have a coke and a smile and shut the [email protected]&$ up and enjoy the song

  • @pcola hahahha nice

    The Heart Break Of Shake: Lupe’s Revenge. In theater 2012
    staring robert downey Jr and morgan freeman

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  • Ren

    yo this sh*t GOES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Markes

    Black Ops

  • Twi

    NICEEEEEEEEEEE. i fuck wit this


  • rukka


  • Elzhi
  • jojoba

    yup this goes in…. not mad at this


    Dear 2DB
    XV is Dope.
    Bring Back Lupe.