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Ab-Soul – LongTerm: Mentality (Trailer)

blame it on Shake March 30, 2011

Available on iTunes April 5th!

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  • obviouslygood

    Highly anticipating this, soul is comming up big in 11

  • a

    Schoolboy Q did better than Kendrick? surprisin… definitely lookin forward to this one tho, gonna support on itunes fo sho. hilarious endin to the vid. SWAG

  • JackDiesel

    Im sure they got a lot of the same following and after what Kendrick did wit OD… He brought a lot more attention to the movement and showed people the kinda quality they was gonna git for 5.99, so im guessing thats probably why Q outsold Kendrick. If my theory holds, they shit is just gonna snowball into them releasing some even more high profile full releases. Thats smart as shit how they pushed beyond releasing free mixtapes like EVERY other rapper on the internet does. As a marketing strategy, a potential fan might say “damn, if they can actually get people to pay for they shit, maybe i need to check these niggaz out too”

  • ^ that theory is correct, feeding off the momentum is the best way to go, especially if they all releasing great music. absoul project is with out a doubt going to do good an be crazy im sure 4/5/11 NEW WORLD ORDER. TDE is them niggaz

  • oddz

    can’t wait to see him make it big

  • YADIG??

    Long term means we might actually be able to see homie grow a real ‘stache… not that peach fuzz pedophile shyt

  • RoshaneRonan

    Automatic purchase.

  • 11111

    TDE stuck gold this year
    all of em the next big hit