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Curren$y – Covert Coup (Artwork)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 30, 2011

His upcoming Covert Coup LP is entirely produced by The Alchemist. The upcoming album is due out 4/20 for free. The Alchemist >>> / Curren$y > Wiz Khalifa.

DON’T SLEEP: Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Curren$y – Jet Life To the Next Life (Mixtape)

  • Doc Rovers

    sorry miss peas, i fux with spitta but hes mad overated. and wiz can actually be more lyrical when he wants to (see earlier mixtapes). ppl sayin roling papers was a sellout album, dumbass fans if you listen it sounds just like deal or no deal only better. cabin fever was the sellout project.

  • Paul Shirley

    This shit looks sick

  • cloud9

    i gotta disagree with you, curren$y IS better than wiz khalifa, no doubt about it

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Whoa whoa whoa…somebody’s gettin a little crazy with the >s. IMO Curren$y>>Wiz>Alchemist(as far as rapping goes haha). I’ve never heard a Curren$y or Wiz production tho so I can’t really speak on that. Jets fool.

  • pat


  • really

    Miss_peas would you just go away? The lyrics you quoted have been shit and every time you comment you make all women look bad. Go get your GED and learn how to cook, thanks.

  • SwishasNKush

    CURREN$Y > Wiz Khalifa. @DoRovers you are a moron, go back and read what you said, and then go back and listen to each artists discography. You’re a real piece of work!

  • ghettoblaster

    This bitch Miss_Peas needa pump her brakes

  • Doc Rovers

    am i the only person here whos a curren$y fan without actually being on the man’s dick? smh

  • colby

    how is it you compare alc, spitta & wiz? haha lets keep it at the subject in hand

  • BillyOcean

    @ Doc Rovers


    Also, that is dope artwork but doubt it will be out on 4/20, spitta’s shit always gets pushed back. Excited its free though!

  • Oak

    am i the only person here whos a curren$y fan without actually being on the man’s dick? smh

    You are not alone my friend. I have felt the same way. The “Jet Life” kids are exactly like the Taylor Gang

    Artwork is sick though.

  • c.lofton

    Do yall dumb asses see the \? she is saying that Alchemist as a producer is better than other producers. And then she says Curren$y is better than Wiz, which is pure common sense. JETS FOOL JetsGo

  • hater

    Rather erroneous claims made by miss peas. keep your silly opinions to yourself

  • Jonesy Stark

    First Spitta>>>Wiz…and I’ve heard both from jump street to now. Neither are lyrical juggernauts or technically impressive, but Spitta’s stream of consciousness flow adds an aspects to his verse that Wiz’ just lack. And Curren$y’s less apt to make throwaway pop cuts and his ear for beats is nigh unfuckwithable, folk. I flush with both dudes though.

    Secondly ALc’s beats have been very hit or miss with me lately. Hopefully his produc’s at the level I know it can be. If it is, this project will be as crazy as it should be.

    Last lookin’ forward to this project. J.E.T.S. over everything, Taylor Gang or kiss your bitch after Based God brrrang danged yo dame!!!

  • Decapitatah

    Do yall dumb asses see the \? she is saying that Alchemist as a producer is better than other producers. And then she says Curren$y is better than Wiz, which is pure common sense. JETS FOOL JetsGo
    c.lofton said this on March 30th, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Exactly, now all you dudes make us Men look bad smh lol

  • solger



    I been on em both for years ! paper rolls wasnt hott either cabin fever was colder ! Spitta is better then Wiz but who really cares

  • Wordz

    Oak and Dov Rovers act like they too dope or something. Who cares if you don’t ride their dick. Let fans be fans.

    J.ust E.njoy T.his S.hit

  • CudJetlife

    Jet life > taylor gang

  • dammit! shut the fuck up and enjoy good music…Alchemist and Curren$y..production and lyrics will be on point. what more do you fuckas need?
    and fact is, curren$y would do more justice to an Alchemist project than Wiz would…

  • Ryuk

    Where are Ms.Peas handlers? Artwork is dope btw.

  • Goodie

    The 3 people who disliked this must all be smokin reggie

  • TEAM 7

    if yall like curren$y yall should check out my mixtape Brian c. NOW OR NEVA http://www.mediafire.com/?e4jur13565z5qlu

  • Hammer Fist

    How about instead of comparing rappers and trying to find out who is gonna be the next “insert rapper here” we just enjoy the music

  • cloud9

    I didn’t say anything about Jetlife, I just said curren$y was better than Wiz, how is that dickriding??


  • @DocRivers hahaha your full of shit. You know Rolling Papers sucked ass and you know that Deal or No Deal is way better than Rolling Papers. Curren$y >>> Wiz

    Curren$y has been way more consistent than Wiz and who cares what Wiz did in his earlier mixtapes it’s about what he does now and right now he’s terrible. Wiz bit his style off of Curren$y anyway. Haha who do you think got Wiz to start smoking papers? Yeah you guessed it Curren$y then who started rapping about Weed after he met Curren$y? Yeah you guessed it correct again, Wiz Khalifa himself.

  • natedizzle

    Anyone actually excited for this like me? Currensy may not be the greatest rapper ever, but he’s definitely not bad. And it’s not everyday that producers do whole albums (or in this case mixtapes) like they used to back in the day

  • Cabin Fever was way better than Rolling Papers and I def fug wit Wiz and the gang, I kno a couple of em but its still Currensy > Wiz and wiz wouldn’t have gotten a lot of his original fans and his movement if it wasn’t for Spitta.

  • Twi
  • piper

    CURREN$Y is my favorite rapper in this era Trademark and Roddy are hella DOPE 2

  • Talented

    Niggas really b gettin in they feelins about they hip hop lmao. Why she gotta pump her breaks? Cause she has an opinion? fuckouttahere

  • JETS

    Curren$y is a fucking dope down to earth dude. Hella good ear beats and actually does them justice unlike other rappers. Also associated with dope artists in Roddy and Trademark unlike other rappers who bring friends who can’t rap for shit.

  • dro

    Why we gotta keep comparing Wiz and Curren$y, each is on their own shit. Just cuz cats collaborate and are on that weed rappin doesn’t mean they gotta be commentary rivals and shit. Thats like comparing Evidence vs Alchemist, get off that bullshit.

  • marty mcfly

    Spitta is dope but this cover is weak. Wiz album cover >>>>>>>>>>> This artwork.

  • Truth

    Marty Mcfly Clearly doesn’t understand how clever this cover is

  • marty mcfly

    I see the cleverness and ? What Currensy pulling down the statue of Saddam Hussein… Thats ok but put his album covers and other mixtape covers up against this and see it aint as dope in comparison.

  • Dorian

    ehh not feeling the cover, I would’ve much preferred some muscle car chronicles news

  • “am i the only person here whos a curren$y fan without actually being on the man’s dick? smh”

    “You are not alone my friend. I have felt the same way. The “Jet Life” kids are exactly like the Taylor Gang”



    anyways, crazy ill cover…

    n word, fuck the wiz vs currensy comparisons

  • marty mcfly

    Musically its gonna be dope as fuck though cause ALC changes his formula per project. Like his music with Mobb Deep , Evidence and Gangrene all sound different but still dope in their own way. So I know he gave Currensy some smokin music thats crazy !!!!!

  • young lance

    @hardy – you’re a fucking dumbass because i’ve fucked with wiz since show and prove and he didn’t fuck with curren$y till around flight school.. every fucking mixtape had skits with a fictional W.E.E.D radio station on them..

  • Shy

    “The Alchemist >>> / Curren$y > Wiz Khalifa.”
    i agree with peas on this one. Shes comparing them on how good they do what they do.
    and The Alchemist is way better at production than Spitta is at rapping.

  • D

    can’t wait for this album…

    fuck with miss peas with her stupid opinions…

  • illmatic27

    The Alchemist >>> / Curren$y = Wiz Khalifa / <<< Big KRIT

  • sahlay

    I’m a Spitta fan myself but I hope he tries to expand his range a bit. I think he can flow and got some bars but might be painting himself into a corner with the weed rap.

  • seanearlfoo

    the dumb fuck up top just said wiz can be more lyrical than spitta? do u even know what that means… mind provoking thats being lyrical, you kno actually make you think… go back to school…

  • sirdoobieroller09

    this man curren$y stay on point with the music

  • Aubrey

    FUCK YOU TAYLOR GANG FREAKS…. anybody with an ear 4 hip hop know Spitta > Wiz… they are both dope but since blk n yellow all I have herd is a bunch of bullshit from wiz

  • thatswhathappens

    why does everyone always have to compare these two?

  • randomaxe

    sup with the illuminati cover??

  • R4

    co sign randomaxe ^^^^^

    spitta dat nigga tho!

    can’t wait til it drops

    seriously tho, wat happen to Muscle car chronicles??????????

  • 187OnASalay

    @salay You fuckin stupid? Hes a human not a robot. He raps what he knows about. Weed, women, cars, New Orleans, and the JETS. You want him to start rappin bout some fake shit!? Get the hell out of here with that garbage you scrub.

  • Alchemist is three times greater than divided by Curren$y greater than Wiz?

    What kind of equation is that?

  • Laneabovelames

    Simple minded ass people wouldn’t get this type of MUSIC stick to RADIO RAP.

    $pitta has like 4 projects dropping in matter of months all different sounds of music smh #Jetlife

  • EnoughSuckaS#it

    Just. Eliminating. The. Suits. JETS ain’t shit Illuminati you n*ggas is bored get a dayjob

  • N.O east Chief

    i respect all of ya’ll points of view J.ust E.njoy T.his S.hit. Me n Curren$y come from the same neighborhood so I got to hold it down for my dawg and say Curren$y > Wiz. but spitta’s music is consistenet as fuck, the only track i think was too much ever for him was ski’s audio dope 2 other than that. ol Game good. fuck wit that jetlife tour ya’ll feel the (COup) first hand then comment. ya’ll stop fuckin wit ol girl miss_peas too man she can have an opinion

  • nigga please

    niggas know the planes got it…

    jets nigga now where haven’t we been yet?

  • Dope album cover ! Waiting for spitta and Alchemist to drop this project