• Ryuk

    If you guys want to post something you like, just post it. No need to label it as non rap. I mean, it is just good music , after all, right?

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    fuck yea

  • kanee


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    These dudes are dying for people to call them creative when in reality this is a bunch of weird random shit and if you say its random theyll probably say "you dont get it" . find a concept and stop trying so hard

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    @Realrap I love you for watching.. watch it again please =]

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    @RealRap thanks for watching, share the weird random shit that we tried so hard on . :D

    Im sure as you mightve known, that was a cool story bro.

  • Ganja

    was I supppose to listen to the guy in the background to get it the only thing I like about this was it seem very professional (pro) and the (con) a cheap version of kanye west runaway. WE WANT MORE


    Ice Cold !?!?!?!?