Sway Speaks On Saigon (Video)

I'm sure most of youse have heard Sai's The Greatest Story Never Told at least once so far (if only once, given today's vending machine dispensary rap lifestyle). That said, we can all agree that those that haven't should definitely head to iTunes and support one of the best albums (not just only rap) this year.

Anyways, Sway speaks to the Al Lindstrom crew about the rapper. Check it out.

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  • http://brutoleeonis.blogspot.com Bruto Lee Onis

    If anybody deserves rec for the hard work they've put into this shit, Its Saigon!

  • TrueHopTunes

    What's the beat playing at the beginning?

  • dum_fucs

    saigiddy on should've been huge ...bigger than 50 cent ...!!

  • ThaBroKing

    fuck off with that best album of the year bullshit.. what the fuck is wrong with you two........

    get off pusha t and saigons dick PLEASE

  • ThaBroKing

    it actually disgusts me the way you guys like an artist and then write shit about him like you want his dick

  • diggy

    That beat is off of Clouds by Apollo Brown

  • james

    ThaBroKing, shut your jealous bitch ass hater mouth . Saigons album is album of the year material. your just made your favorite rapper is not better then saigon . greatest story ever told is one of best hip hop albums of the year & that is fact hater


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