• http://brutoleeonis.blogspot.com Bruto Lee Onis

    If anybody deserves rec for the hard work they've put into this shit, Its Saigon!

  • TrueHopTunes

    What's the beat playing at the beginning?

  • dum_fucs

    saigiddy on should've been huge ...bigger than 50 cent ...!!

  • ThaBroKing

    fuck off with that best album of the year bullshit.. what the fuck is wrong with you two........

    get off pusha t and saigons dick PLEASE

  • ThaBroKing

    it actually disgusts me the way you guys like an artist and then write shit about him like you want his dick

  • diggy

    That beat is off of Clouds by Apollo Brown

  • james

    ThaBroKing, shut your jealous bitch ass hater mouth . Saigons album is album of the year material. your just made your favorite rapper is not better then saigon . greatest story ever told is one of best hip hop albums of the year & that is fact hater