• http://swag.com SwagmanScoop

    Fuck you mean once formidable nigga?

  • http://thebackpacklife.com backpackmatt

    I was at that show. Definitely rocked the stage. Good shit.

  • http://g3kbeats.com g3kbeats

    need beats!

    go visit


    We got your back!!!

  • bucknasty

    uhhh, where they at in the tournament? exactly

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Cocaine Blunts

    @SwagmanScoop how they do in the tournament this year nigga? yup, you got it right. they did terrible. so yeah once formidable.

  • dave

    this is dope.good crowd.

    yo Shake do you got the cdq for that "beautiful" song?
    anyone know what mixtape thats from?becuz it deff wusnt on OGDK

  • YO

    dave...... "it was beautiful" is on futurestreet/drugsounds mixtape you can download at laxpaperboys.com

  • http://www.twitter.com/lastate0fmind westcoastaggie

    They were rappin along with Big Homie Dom word 4 word. We got a rising star folks.

  • http://itstheINcrowd.com Shay

    The showcase was brought to you by http://itstheINcrowd.com, we had to show West Coast love in Georgetown. So we made it happen. Thanks for rocking with us.

  • Nathaniel

    props to my man kardi

  • http://Reignsupremebape.blogspot.com Dre

    Who was the other artist opening up for Dom Kennedy?