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Jim Jones – Getting To The Money f. Cam’ron & Lady H

blame it on Meka March 31, 2011

Unrelated note: I’m currently listening to Hot 97’s Throwback At Noon mix show right now, and while I’m not entirely mad that I’m hearing the Boot Camp Clik getting radio play, it would be nice if they played some West Coast music that wasn’t 2Pac, Snoop or Dr. Dre. I mean, shit, if they can play Ras Kass’ “Ghetto Fabulous” of all random-ass songs they can put on Tha Dogg Pound’s “New York, New York” every now and then. I mean, it’s not like they were actually kicking over the Empire State Building in the video.

Anyways, Pigpen, Harlem’s Jack Tripper and the latest female to make it past the Dipset brothel’s revolving door are together on this cut off Jomo’s Capo which drops next Tuesday (April 5th).

DOWNLOAD: Jim Jones – Getting To The Money f. Cam’ron & Lady H | Mediafire
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  • whineyblogger

    u sound like a bitch on her period

  • illicitly ill

    jim jones is WHACK

  • Ryuk

    Damn, new york caught feelings like hat?

  • marty mcfly

    Be at your moms house , slow jams , no pants… Be with Paris in paris , you dont know france , just french toast and french fries , hoe tramp… LMOA. Cam is the most hilarious rapper in the game !!!

  • marty mcfly

    I mean LMAO and that nigga said Dj Khaled they the best yes and we the worst. KILLA

  • i hate to be one of these guys hating on the creators of this site.. but it seems like Meka wants to provoke negative reactions.. i ben in LA when they had west coast weekends on the radio u want hot 97 to play a song dissing their city?? and u mad cuz they aint playing west coast on a short old school mix? thats like being in LA and actually expecting the radio to play Mobb Deep “LA, LA” u really can’t be this oblivious in what you post here.. i’m convinced u post this way on purpose…i love the site but this is about 5 posts in a row that irked me so i had to speak

  • geoffrey

    Haha Last Night was amazing! I dare you to watch this http://t.co/wJUOw1C

  • Tyree

    East Coast >>>>> West Coast. Shut the fuck up Meka. Bitch ass.

  • Meka you a straight up lil bitch..

    Only liked this song cuz Killa was on it.

  • flip

    any one got the jim jones capo link

  • dammson

    any one got the jim jones capo link


    get ur google on and search for it wit yo lazy ass… smh

  • Whatever
  • Flip

    Damn you b!tches, gotta make me search and shit

  • Like they really play NY shit in LA.


  • LupeFaco

    this album on front page of rlslog net rite now music section

  • rey

    dam mek, you didnt throw anyone under the bus…

  • ricardo

    if he was smart he release this as a mixtape….

  • B-rown

    LOL @ calling Jim Jones Pigpen.


    fuck the haters, jim jones is on his grind and no1 gives him the credit he deserves, his voice on a track is fire nuff said! DIPSET DIPSET DIPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!