• whineyblogger

    u sound like a bitch on her period

  • illicitly ill

    jim jones is WHACK

  • Ryuk

    Damn, new york caught feelings like hat?

  • marty mcfly

    Be at your moms house , slow jams , no pants... Be with Paris in paris , you dont know france , just french toast and french fries , hoe tramp... LMOA. Cam is the most hilarious rapper in the game !!!

  • marty mcfly

    I mean LMAO and that nigga said Dj Khaled they the best yes and we the worst. KILLA

  • http://www.youtube.com/shience ら全した裸連鎖

    i hate to be one of these guys hating on the creators of this site.. but it seems like Meka wants to provoke negative reactions.. i ben in LA when they had west coast weekends on the radio u want hot 97 to play a song dissing their city?? and u mad cuz they aint playing west coast on a short old school mix? thats like being in LA and actually expecting the radio to play Mobb Deep "LA, LA" u really can't be this oblivious in what you post here.. i'm convinced u post this way on purpose...i love the site but this is about 5 posts in a row that irked me so i had to speak

  • geoffrey

    Haha Last Night was amazing! I dare you to watch this http://t.co/wJUOw1C

  • Tyree

    East Coast >>>>> West Coast. Shut the fuck up Meka. Bitch ass.

  • http://www.twitter.com/T_VIZZY T_VIZZY

    Meka you a straight up lil bitch..

    Only liked this song cuz Killa was on it.

  • flip

    any one got the jim jones capo link

  • dammson

    any one got the jim jones capo link


    get ur google on and search for it wit yo lazy ass... smh

  • Whatever
  • Flip

    Damn you b!tches, gotta make me search and shit

  • http://amplifiedgrammar.blogspot.com/ AmpGeez a.k.a Let Dat Blogger Cook

    Like they really play NY shit in LA.


  • LupeFaco

    this album on front page of rlslog net rite now music section

  • rey

    dam mek, you didnt throw anyone under the bus...

  • ricardo

    if he was smart he release this as a mixtape....

  • B-rown

    LOL @ calling Jim Jones Pigpen.


    fuck the haters, jim jones is on his grind and no1 gives him the credit he deserves, his voice on a track is fire nuff said! DIPSET DIPSET DIPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!