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Katy Perry – E.T. f. Kanye West (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 31, 2011

Directed by Floria Sigismondi.

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  • toldyou


  • T0KS

    Wack wack wack. I fucks with Kanye and katy perry but damn this wack as fuck. …. Seriously

  • bucknasty

    tits or gtfo

  • 1. not feeling this.
    2. when r people gonna stop rapping about being “aliens” “martians” “on mars” “in space” “flying high” “goblins” or “ghouls”?

    3. ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!! (well…thats the reaction they want at least)

  • outkast started all that im an alien stuff…all u new schoolers aint even probly know this website is named after an outkast song

  • Notikk

    Them titties though.

  • red

    I just want that All of the Lights Remix to be finished already. I’ve been avoiding that track since it leaked but I’m about to cave in.

    Oh and I liked the lyrics video better than this. This didn’t really make any sense and was pretty unimpressive.

  • tvr

    i need a link for this song

  • joe

    this song actually sounds pretty dope in a ride with subs just sayin’

  • RuanHoll

    get the link on google :
    Katy Perry – E.T. f. Kanye West mediafire
    good song feel like dancing crunk
    video over done , prob cost 300 000 for a gaga like vid
    Lupe Fiasco – Flying High
    Mary J Blige ft Diddy Lil Wayne – Someone To Love

  • Carlos

    Does no one care that this song is a complete rip-off of that TaTu song “All the Things You Said”? I’m all for lesbians and big tits, but let’s be serious here.

  • Tarikh Mizan

    Trans Humanist Agenda= Google then shoot your computer… Asap skynet is real.

  • LupeFaco

    this song is really good wtf wrong wit yall mainstream hating
    i can see dancing smoking a blunt to this
    not everything has to be about money and drugs
    hot song nice beat lyrics actually diff

  • I digg the dubstep remix more myself. the video is cool tho.

  • jojoba

    they spent a grip on this video though…. how long has it been since youve seen one of these big budget videos

  • looking 4 beats!


    is where it’s at!!!

  • Ryan

    kinda hot

  • Maga D

    This hipster than a bitch…. Won’t be played again.

  • “I fucks with Kanye and katy perry but damn this wack as fuck. …. Seriously”


    and this:

    “2. when r people gonna stop rapping about being “aliens” “martians” “on mars” “in space” “flying high” “goblins” or “ghouls”?”


  • yonnist abe

    I thought she shaveed.

  • sp00gy

    extremely horrible. im tired of the illuminati symbols and motifs, music is dead. smh

  • GT: DiabolicMC666

    stfu Billy Clint, no one thinks your cool or smart. NO ONE LIKES YOU!

  • cringe
    Katy Perry needs to not make music, she’s fine on pictures, let’s leave her there

  • dcrew03

    das nasty…

  • FEDS

    Yeezy really tryna Build his Legendary Status

  • Pauly Dee

    Really, she could have done this song without Kanye. His parts were crap.

  • gustus

    yep a complete tatu rip off … even ye cant save that, its f.ed up