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Kendrick Lamar Talks About Growing Up In Compton (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 31, 2011

Kendrick Lamar’s debut is at the top of my list of most anticipated albums.

Lamar tells me he began singing about his city, his struggles, and his survival at the age of 13. Now years later, he has nearly 300 songs, and must narrow it down to 12 for an album release. When asked which are his favorites, song titles like “The Hard Part 2,” “Cut You Off,” “Average Joe,” and “Faith” roll off his tongue. According to Lamar, all the songs have a message. Whether it’s about the ills of negativity, or the senseless loss of his uncle to prison, Lamar sings with a raw, honest, and sometimes angered voice. Many of his lyrics come from what he’s seen and experienced growing up in Compton. – Lu Parker.

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  • cali

    where’s that believe in HOPE wright?

  • Tyson
  • “The Hard Part 2” aka “The Heart Part 2”

  • CJ

    We need more artist and stories like this; shoutouts to Kendrick

  • Noodle Slurp

    The Hard Pt. 2? Eh…Okay.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to the album. It will be a classic.

  • JAyP

    I know EXACTLY that feeling walking with Moms to the county building getting that money getting groceries & anything else that would keep us happy as a family!

  • a

    that was cool as shit, gotta respect it, wuteva news channel that decided to do a segment on him. bet u ol girl only felt safe cuz she was rollin wit kendrick tho.. lol

  • gerbil

    I wanna see Kendrick win so fuckin bad.

  • pico presi

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ @gerbil.. u sounds a lil too eager bro. sounds a lil quasi homo keep it real. im jus sayin…

  • red

    Same Gerbil I want to see Kendrick blow up.
    Anything coming out of TDE will be amazing.
    I’m still not convinced about Jay Rock but shit with Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul TDE is basically unfuckwitable.

  • Braniak

    Nice interview.
    No doubt Kendrick will bring back the WEST>

  • dopeboyswag

    Man jay rock be messin up the chemistry of the songs he on with black hippy cus he just too generic, sayin lines that people already used. Whats the point of jay rock when you got Q who is gangsta but got better lyrics and charima??

  • cloud9

    ^dopeboyswag, shit i thought i was the only person who thought that lol

  • Kevin

    Miss_Peas you have a lot of most anticipated shit I feel like.

  • Get Sheened

    I really want to like Kendrick, but when I listen to him for a while his voice starts to sound like Lil Wayne’s. The guy has awesome lyrics, but his voice gets annoying. The only song that I really enjoy by Kendrick is P&P.

  • Nas used to be my favorite rapper until this guy came along.

  • marty mcfly

    People need to stop comparing Kendrick to Jay Rock and other artists because different artists speak to different types of people. Some people relate to Jay Rocks perspective more then Kendricks and thats not a diss. You have artists who were watchers in they community like Nas , then you have artists who were the participants in alot of street shit like Jay z , then you have artists who were on the other side of an aggressive act in the streets like 50 cent. Then you have stoners like Wiz and then you have smarter MCs like Lupe , then you have spiritual rappers like Common and Jay Elec. Then you got funny rappers like Em and Camron. Each perspective talks to a different kind of person. There aint know one style or out look on life that is greater then all the others.

  • Maga D

    No bullshit. Kendrick’s my favorite out the West. >Blu & Dom, favorite in rap in general too & that’s saying alot. Yuh. Believe when he drops the debut, I’m buying.

  • Chris Martinez

    I was the one that produce this segment. Its also on huffington post. What do you all think of my story? Hit me up peeps. Need more feedback of what you all think. This will be airing on KTLA and ABC on the weekend. Email me your coments. [email protected]

  • Oak

    @Chris Martinez
    You get a lot of respect for doing a segment on a dude like Kendrick. I honestly don’t watch news channels, but if this will be on the news I’ll look out for it.

  • marty mcfly

    @YaboyRampz , Nas song Come get me prod. Dj Premier = Greatness.

  • Dezzy

    change the description and learn ur k-dot. its not “the hard pt2”, its “the Heart pt2. fuckin poser

  • RoshaneRonan

    KL! It’s a rainy night, I’m about to throw on some OD and cruise. Much respect.

  • Shy

    My fave LA emcee next to Blu and Dom.
    Kendrick has the West on his back. i wish nothing but success for this dude.

  • red

    Pac Div, TDE, Blu, Fashawn & The Cool Kids.

    Now HOPE? The West has won this East Coaster to their side.


  • I really think Detox should be 3 CD Album so Dre can make up for all those years we had to wait. I know you got mad classics Dre and I know you’ve made a bunch of songs with Kendrick and I heard Eminem worked with Ab-Soul. So C’mon on Son whatchu waitin on? LET US HEAR THOSE TRACKS!

  • figgy

    i swear if Kendrick or XV doesn’t make it in the game…i give up on rap music and the industry. Hopefully in the next 2-3 years we can see him on the billboard charts and selling out shows with 20,000+. Go Kendrick Lamar Go.

  • JAyP

    @ Ed Lover I told my homeboy the same thing today the EXACT same thing he needs to come with a 3cd album its happened before he can do it LOL

    & Cosign figgy

  • kendrick is the illest new nigga hands down.
    and thats coming all the way from philly.