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Machine Gun Kelly – Get Laced (Video)

blame it on Meka March 31, 2011

You do realize he’s signed, right. But I’ve been sworn to secrecy as to where.

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  • Sir

    this guy is dope.

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    I Would Think So ‘Cause Diddy Tweeted Him Randomly. I Remember In A Video He Was Talking On The Phone & He Said His Manager Wouldn’t Let Him Leak What The Call Was About.

  • H808

    His delivery is top notch.

  • Sean

    Dude tries too hard.

  • red

    This was originally a Jeezy beat right?

    Also what’s he trying hard at?

  • the oracle

    He’s signed to Bad Boy

  • DV

    … It’s Interscope. He’s signed to Interscope Records. #InTMGWeTrust

  • y silv

    everybody knows where he’s signed u aint special

  • brianbrown

    Where is he signed to?? He’s dope as hell. 100 Miles & Running & Lace Up are some sick tapes.

  • elements

    nah the beat is bun b-get throwed

  • Meka


  • bzo

    Machine gun Kelly is whack.

  • y silv

    and hes been on that label for a while just on the hush

  • jerm

    its gotta be with Diddy. Theres a video of Diddy giving MGK a bottle of champagne after his SxSw show. Like Diddy does that for everybody or somethin..

  • red

    O thanks elements. I knew it was so familiar that Get Throwed track is awesome.
    Those lines
    Cause a bitch know that I might just explode
    And slap her in the face with a pie a la mode
    Cause a nigga gettin throwed

  • Blaise

    This guy couldn’t sound any more annoying.

  • Blaise

    AGREE WITH SEAN 10X FOLD. trying way too hard and not sounding good in the process, NEXT.

  • yet another rapper out of cleveland doin the damn thing
    much props for MGK, dudes dont realize this dude came from nada man aint shit in this city, now homies on n ppl hav a problem smh

  • Roe

    I think its Bad Boy just a hunch tho

  • KillerGrod

    Who cares where he’s signed to. He’s talented, but its still like listening to a generic Yelawolf.. Mac Miller has a fresher style as well

  • Nigger With Knowledge

    Someone needs to tell all these down-syndrome, white-trash motherfuckers to put the mic down. MGK is almost as wack as Mac Miller, which is saying something.

  • U Cnt See Me!!!!

    MGK & Asher Roth > Miller & Yela

    Im sorry dnt see the hype for yelawolf jus cuz he spits fast dnt make him dope, iKno MGK do but he’s actually sayin sumthin in half his songs.

  • This guy is the truth

  • if he signed to Bad Boy, i feel SUPER BAD for him: he’ll drop an album (if he’s lucky) & then just sit on the label collecting dust like so many other past & current artists…lol


    216 represent!!! Fuck LeBron!!!

  • invincible317

    Its def diddy.. heard him say it in the studio a month ago.. talmbout i told diddy to stop that hard G shit and take it back to the dancing.. LMAO!

  • jetv


  • l.rey

    The Original Beat is Get Throwed By Bun B

  • MoeBrad

    @KillerGrod nah him n yeller got ttly different styles n rap over ttly different beats
    yela’s all about reppin bein southern to the fullest n MGK is about doin w/e he wants and hav all this at 21
    yelawolfs got a solid decade on MGK dog, and as for mac miller,,,i fuck with him heavy, but MGK x Mac Miller r even further apart u kno, tlly different styles rite thr,,,Knock Knock(Mac) – Alice In Wonderland(MGK)

  • MoeBrad

    haha and @NiggerWithKnowledge for a nigga with knowledge u should kno the east side of cleveland aint white trash at all,,,wait hold up
    it is,,,but my nigga MGK aint haha

  • Unxpekted

    YEAAAHH Give Bone Thugs and Copywrite there flow back. WACK

  • Lars

    even though he dissed lebron this nigga hella dope
    im bout to DL his tapes this only, site i be on yall dudes post dude tapes so he new 2me

  • jwiii


    As far as Ohio hip-hop

    Stalley >> Kid Cudi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> losers

  • rt101

    yall dumb haters lol. this dude can spit. if u still aint sure listen to this track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKdJicpVxoY&feature=related come 2CLE

  • jwiii

    This kid is a fucking faggot. Some one needs to put his dumb ass in his place.

  • MoeBrad

    @rt101 r u from cleveland? if u is then dont even sweat these acts bruh, niggas wont understand cleveland cuz they aint out here

    but nvr the less, MGK is dope, n i guess hes like bone cuz he raps fast,,,so,,,twista?,,,tech n9ne?,,,spittin fast is rlly just some m dub shit for real

    feel me

  • Twellvs

    Y SILV yo dude maybe some ppl know but ive been a fan for fuckin 2 years now and all i fuck wit is kells, wana help a bro out n lemme in on where hes signed at? is it bad boy, pdiddy, or interscope?? thass wat i been hearin but he still seems independent

  • So Sincere

    I hope the hate towards this freestyle is part of an April fools joke…because you have to be kidding me!!!

    This kid Machine Gun Kelly is problem…I’m going to see if he has any mix CDs for download!

  • Jake

    As a lyricist this dude is the DEFINITION OF AVERAGE AT BEST…If you want to put a SUPER DUPER ILL White Emcee on 2dopeboyz make it DIABOLIC who is VERY VERY NICE. Or Copywrite, Apathy, Rhyme Asylum, Brother Ali (pretty sure he’s TECHNICALLY even though some ppl say “naw dude he’s just albinbo”…dude is white haha), Slug, Thee Tom Hardy…Those are all very good to ILL white emcees

  • Ello_76

    If you go to PMP worldwide…. their accepting beats for Machine Gun Kelly and it says Label:Interscope. These labels are all using this new method to market artists. They sign an act, but they don’t release the info for months…they start funding their project, and using their connections to get them madd media attention. Magazines,Interviews,Features…maddd exposure. Then, 6 months down the line, when they announce..dum dum dummm MGK (or whoever else) has been “signed”…it makes the general public (fans) think that it was organic. That the artist got signed because of their support, along with the artists grind. “THEY DID IT ALL ON THEIR OWN”…. lol… that’s exactly what Atlantic did with Wiz Khalifa…it’s been proved to work. So imagine how many ‘blogosphere’ rappers are already close to a deal, and nobody knows it. One more quick thing before I get off this site…do you reall think Drake’s ‘so far gone’ tracks hit the radio on their own???? ….think about it

  • rt101

    yea im from the LAND @ moebrad. n yea i met kells b4 at my store he’s a dope mc. n 4real @ jake he’s i actually agree he’s not like supra lyrical but he do got bars. n delivery is on point. i think he’s bout to blow up in 2011-2012. his mixtape Lace Up is on point. dl it 4sures



  • OneBluntWonder

    Honestly if you’re still judging rappers by the colour of their skin in 2011 you’re just stupid. Hip hop is global now which is a good thing, as long as people support the true culture. If you don’t like it get off your ass and make something better. Hater.