RockTheDub Presents FIF (Mixtape)

In honor of his site's fifth anniversary, the homie khal unleashed this monster compilation of beats, rhymes and life for he masses. Congrats, dog. Tracklist and link down bottom.

01-Heist ft. Zilla Rocca - I Need Killers (and Thieves Like You Wouldn't Believe)
02-Che Grand ft. Elucid vs. Artificial Intelligence - Deaf Ray Dub (Disc Jockey Nappy Refix)
03-P.L.O. ft. Ralph Rip Shit - Hold That
04-AWKWORD ft. Y-Love - Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song) (prod. by The White Shadow)
05-Cyclops - You Don't Understand (prod. by Razorsharpe)
06-Brown Bag AllStars - In His Shoes (DJBrace Remix)
07-J NiCS - Slumber (Numonics rockthedub Remix)
08-Pugs Atomz & DJ Vadim ft. Stahhr Tha F.E.M.C.E.E. & Jabee - Shoot'em Down
09-Rickie Jacobs ft. Artic - Malcolm X (prod. by Clay Hilman)
10-Jefferson Price - Hip Flask (prod. by Tranzformer)
11-Elucid - My Blank Verse (prod. by Small Pro)
12-The Two. Fifteens - Cloudy. Got Em'
13-Scripts & Screwz - Highway
14-Whygee - What Love Is (prod. by Nofrendo)
15-K. Vincent - Ain't A Thang Change (prod. by Nabs, add. prod. by Alex Cruz & Black Lion Beats)
16-Mario Dones - Mars Attacks (prod. by Buscrates 16 bit Ensemble)
17-Assorted Anonymous - Roll By My Lonely (prod. by NVious)
18-Elucid - Heavy Metal (prod. by Screwz)
19-Do Ear - Soul Dealers
20-Shawty Lo ft. Rick Ross & Jim Jones vs. The Two. Fifteens - Foolish (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)
21-Curly Castro - Down With Batista (prod. by Happ G)

DOWNLOAD: RockTheDub Presents FIF (Mixtape) | Mediafire

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  • iLLsHIT!

    "I plead the FIF" - Dave Chappelle

  • truthpolice


  • Cyclops

    This mixtape is dope as hell. Honored to be a part of it!

  • M-Select

    track 17, AA, Grand Rapids, what!?!

  • YaBoyRampz

    "Oooh no. That's no good for me! I got some trim coming at 12"

    One of the best Dave skits ever lol.

  • colliard

    don't forget about the bonus beats! here:

  • K.Vincent

    I'm honored to be on this tape and thank you for all the love khal & rockthedub show my way.

  • Essince

    This tape is pretty fresh. REALLY diggin' that K. Vincent track, tho!

  • Rickie Jacobs

    Shout out 2dopeboyz for showing love #RTD

  • PaullyP

    Track 15 is extra nice. Finally good music is coming back lol I fucks with K. Vincent

  • richie rich rodriguez

    I'm feelin 15. I wanna hear more from this K.Vincent kid. Props

  • blakesymphony

    YO, im ridin for this dude. alotta time, and heart goes into everything he releases.

  • blakesymphony


  • JONO

    "Ain't a Thing Change", shit is dope and mad lyrical. Truly feeling this track...big ups to K. Vincent.

  • Man Of Destiny

    K.Vincent's material is so real, introspective, the dude should be on.


    that bonus download is really nice too

  • LJ

    MY Guy K.Vincent !!! More Of That !!

  • SquareOne

    A lot of dope talent on here..

  • 1RealNigga

    LMAO @ this K Vincent dude sending his people to comment on yet another blog post...clown

  • chinks

    FIF = fagget in french

  • coliohso

    @1RealNigga you must not have listened to the man, K is mad nice, truly makes this tape stand out


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