• iLLsHIT!

    "I plead the FIF" - Dave Chappelle

  • truthpolice


  • http://www.cyclops.bandcamp.com Cyclops

    This mixtape is dope as hell. Honored to be a part of it!

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/m-select M-Select

    track 17, AA, Grand Rapids, what!?!

  • http://www.yaboyrampz.deviantart.com/ YaBoyRampz

    "Oooh no. That's no good for me! I got some trim coming at 12"

    One of the best Dave skits ever lol.

  • colliard

    don't forget about the bonus beats! here:

  • K.Vincent

    I'm honored to be on this tape and thank you for all the love khal & rockthedub show my way.


  • http://www.essince.com Essince

    This tape is pretty fresh. REALLY diggin' that K. Vincent track, tho!

  • http://rickiejacobs.com Rickie Jacobs

    Shout out 2dopeboyz for showing love #RTD

  • PaullyP

    Track 15 is extra nice. Finally good music is coming back lol I fucks with K. Vincent

  • richie rich rodriguez

    I'm feelin 15. I wanna hear more from this K.Vincent kid. Props

  • http://blakesymphony.bandcamp.com blakesymphony

    YO, im ridin for this dude. alotta time, and heart goes into everything he releases.

  • http://blakesymphony.bandcamp.com blakesymphony


  • JONO

    "Ain't a Thing Change", shit is dope and mad lyrical. Truly feeling this track...big ups to K. Vincent.

  • Man Of Destiny

    K.Vincent's material is so real, introspective, the dude should be on.


    that bonus download is really nice too

  • LJ

    MY Guy K.Vincent !!! More Of That !!

  • http://mybsideblog.com SquareOne

    A lot of dope talent on here..

  • 1RealNigga

    LMAO @ this K Vincent dude sending his people to comment on yet another blog post...clown

  • chinks

    FIF = fagget in french

  • coliohso

    @1RealNigga you must not have listened to the man, K is mad nice, truly makes this tape stand out