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Shawn Chrystopher – I.W.G. 3 (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka March 31, 2011

The first Left Coast (2)Dope premiere project comes from the Inglewood hero, with DJ Green Lantern riding shotgun.

And for DJs, Christians, and Christian DJs there’s a clean version available there too! – Shawn

He’s a man of the people. Tracklist and link down bottom.

For those interested he’s holding the release party for the mixtape at Atlanta’s Standard in the Lennox Mall. Details under everything.

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher – I.W.G. 3 (Mixtape) [viaHonorRoleStudent]

  • Wayne Brady

    Downloading now, I better not hear DJ Green Lantern scream all over this tape

  • So I just googled that IWG stands for I wear Glasses… That gets a download alone even though Im not the biggest SC fan. Him, Dom Kennedy, and Tiron sound so similar its hard to be a fan of either. Still hopefully this Release will broaden my view as has happened alot lately (like K.R.I.T. turnin me into a fan after I so didn’t like Wuz Here)

  • mojangles

    Dom TiRon and Shawn sound nothing alike. ive beeen waiting for him to drop something SHAWN CHRYS BITCHHHH

  • detroit89

    Dom, TiRon, shawn sound very little alike. haha

    i respect shawn because he is a hard worker, puts out a lot of good original music. he and el prez should do a mixtape together, i love when them two on a track together

  • ConcernedShawnChrysFan

    @mojangles waiting for him to drop something? He just dropped You, And Only You. Personally I thought it was one of his best projects to date and I don’t like how he’s dropping this so soon after. Dope music + too much material = the Charles Hamilton effect.

  • ladifuckingda

    shawn chrys reminds me a LITTLE bit of bobby ray. idk, maybe that’s just me. and so far, this album is relatively “GREEN LANTERN” free.

  • ladifuckingda


  • Toby

    Shawn Chrys bitchhhhhhh!!

  • Anonymouse

    Does the teacklist just not say or does this not have any features?

  • seemenow



  • This is some quality shit.

  • Maga D

    Sounds nothing like TiRon or Dom, wtf you talkin about? If anything, he sounds like a west coast B.o.B (b4 B.o.B went full pop). Dude’s nice.

  • Dorian

    Fuck this waiting for H.O.P.E.

  • the G

    This tape showed that he can spit some fire radio type shit too. fat beats. clever rhymes. dope flows.

  • He goes in on The Verdict. Dope tape

  • Much respect on his grind

  • Whatever
  • Don

    Clean version don’t even work lol.

  • Rezo

    Shit is wack nothing but skits and freestyles…

  • Never Heard of him, but Imma check it out
    Oh and International O got an in-store in Dallas, Tx at Bill’s Records April 23rd……

  • GeeZuP

    fuck this wack shit Im waiting on that H.O.P.E mixtape to drop today

  • NightMareOnElms

    Fuck H.O.P.E. this is the mixtape of the day shawn chrys bitch!!


    this shit better not be as gay as it looks..


  • mikepoizonedd

    this tape is dope…headin down to lenox right now!!!

  • Valence

    IWG and IWG2 were good, but he started losing me with audition and a city with no seasons. He started getting too emotional on his tracks and seems like he is heavily influenced by kanye, which is a bad thing. Still DLing though. Last chance shawn…

  • LupeFaco
  • LupeFaco
  • RuanHoll

    “this shit better not be as gay as it looks..

    wow some comments on this site make me laugh so hard…

  • stephenc

    Thanks! I really enjoyed the last mixtape he came out with just a month or so back. cchea..

  • Colin

    what kind of socks is he wearing?

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Smh i been gave up on this fool iwg 1 n 2 both sucked n then after hearing city with no seasons n it was a wrap. It sucks cuz i used to feel like this guy had potential after hearing his No One Knows You EP in like 07 but sadly dats da overall best he had to offer…o well back to listening to Returnof4eva lol

  • diallo

    Gave it a listen while I played some Madden. Not bad but I couldn’t play it in my car. Too many DJ tags and cuts for me.

  • cam

    You And Only You > The Audition > IWG 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>> A City With No Seasons…

    That’s all the projects I heard from him… Shawn. Is an incredibly dope artistis

  • MightyMouse

    Great mixtape. Too much tags and cuts though. Shawn Chrys bitch!!