The Hangover II (Extended Trailer)

Coming this summer.

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  • T0KS

    I fucks with the trailer cuz of Kanye music on there. but why would they make a sequel? hmmm still gon watch it

  • 89er

    i'm kinda upset stu didnt get back wit the escort chick. doesnt look as good as the first tho

  • Yo

    The fuck? It looks literally like the same movie only with a different setting.

  • kofstar

    I wish they incorporated Justin Bartha into this movie a little more.

  • Shy

    "The fuck? It looks literally like the same movie only with a different setting."

  • Right.

    @TOKS The first one did so well so why not make a second one right?

  • AJ

    Jamie from the Real World? eh hopefully she wont be in a lot of the movie and wtfuck yeah co-sign @Yo

  • wow, same movie...

    but why even make a sequel especially when it makes no sense!?!? no wonder why they makin it the same... whatever, i would still peep it tho even thinkin its gunna be kinda wack... but i mean, for that reason right there is why they made it.. they know people gunna wanna see it anyways cuz they liked the first... fuckin fucks

    anyways, word @ "i’m kinda upset stu didnt get back wit the escort chick"

  • mmkayy

    as long as its funny who cares if its the same...didnt the name hangover 2 give that away ? lol

  • you know a series of movies are usually fairly similar in naming, characters and settings guys...ever heard of bill and ted? rocky? the friday series? like shit man calm down.

  • kofstar

    @Blackstar For the most part the sequels to all the films you named are sub-par.

  • hangmandamn

    is this a pf changs. haha. same plot but i see it being funny

  • Jake

    I'll rent it for 1.50 on bluray red me jewish (and i am), but I'm not trying to spend $30+ at the movies to go see this...

    PS best Sequal ever HANDS DOWN is GODFATHER II


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