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Wiz Khalifa On The Angie Martinez Show (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 31, 2011

Wiz Khalifa talks about Amber Rose, Rolling Papers, weed and more.

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  • stephanpyrell

    Everyone below me can suck my dick

  • pyrellstephan

    Everyone above me has a vagina

  • stephanpyrell

    yes… yes i do.

  • swag_gm_swag

    this nigga has aids!!!!!!

  • ddfea

    I like how Wiz is gettin all the hate now, because it shows whos real and whos fake wiz fans…just last year everybody was all “TAYLOR GANG OR ….” now its “aww fuck wiz, blonde hair weed head ass nigga”…yall praise the nigga when hes underground, but soon as he makes that step towards mainstream all the hate comes outta the blue..fucc that shit man, Im a fan of the niggas music, rolling papers was like Deal or no deal on steroids…but no body noticed that album because “kush & OJ” over shadowed that…but man support the dude or smoke mids hoe!

  • natorious

    couple tight tracks but its crazy how kush and oj blows this rolling papers out of the water. not even totally about subject matter, just beats, sound, and vibe on kush and oj was better.

  • bliggityblaoh

    there’s a couple of tight tracks but its crazy how kush and oj blows rolling papers out of the water. not even totally about subject matter, just beats, sound, and vibe on kush and oj was better. way to go getting amber rose though.

  • stupid bitch with stupid questions.



  • 420vision

    yayyy weed bitch omg hop on taylor gangs dick or die!!!1

  • SonictheHogans

    @ddfea I fucks with what you said..nothing but truth right there…people who are true Wiz fans know that Rolling Papers was not a sell-out for Wiz he has always been like that type of music…he’s diverse…everything you said was true.

  • fux wit wiz for keepin it real.

  • thecollegecurb


    real chill dude. can’t be mad at him for that.

  • ablacktv

    WIZ a cool ass nigga…he true to himself it seems…and does his own thang…found a woman he likes…and it dont hurt that the last nigga she fucked was Kanye West. Their is always a last nigga, betta him than some random nigga in your neighborhood…I got Rolling Papers, gotta listen… check out Wiz on my site at http://www.ablacktv.com

  • Mr Xclusive

    ^ shut up

    this dude wiz got a AMB tatted on his thumb smh

  • GangstahGumbo

    Chill dude, but his album still sucks.

  • smh…amber cradle snatching lol
    how a 28 year old chick gonna b dating a young 23 year old..really…lol.
    no hate..but cmon its either a big ass publicity stunt..or wiz gonna get burned..if they are really serious..y wud u put it all in the media like that???

  • That nigga pussy whipped like a muhfucka. I don’t wanna hear no more “I’m a G / Playa” rap from this guy.

  • marty mcfly

    I was never Taylor gang or a fan like that but I cant front I like Wiz music and I think hes a good look for the game. BUT somebody needs to give him some GAME cause first of all when you get in a relationship , the first six months to a year is always gonna seen like a match made in heaven but as time goes on you start to see that person for who they really are in the context of many different situations. Amber is playing that kid cause he dont know any better. Wiz shouldve kept his relationship with her on the low until she proved that she aint with him for publicity.

  • melosz

    listen to all his interviews hes the same dude

  • i hate watchin interviews like this, wiz is such a good guy and i wanted him to get big and everythig, i just wst dow with rollig papers the oly 2 tracks i think are good are on my level and the race, i hope he comes back with his next project

  • dr phil

    lol now dude on mtv wit amber rose talkin bout their relationship…didnt he just get “played” by natalie nunn aka jay leno not too long ago…i think his G is startin to wear off

  • marty mcfly< co sign

    either this is 1 big publicity stunt or amber using dude..how u go from kanye to wiz..the two most buzzing artists in recent time ? and shes nearly 30 and hes like 23…if im wrong im wrong but…cmon son!

  • freshyboi

    stop comparing this guy to snoop!!!!

    i wonder what kanyes dick tastes like

  • MoeBrad

    yo this nigga freshyboi a queer
    u rlly wonder that yo? homo

  • Sticky

    that bitch deserves to get slapped for that last question saying he’s addicted to weed, thatd piss me off

  • krow132

    Album was ok. Not as good as I expected it to be but still has some hot stuff on it. Dudes sayin its wack is hating though. Of course its not going to live up to Kush and OJ. thats his best work up to date, and how many rappers duplicate there best work. Not much