Young Dro – Polo Down (Video)

Directed by Gabriel Hart.

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  • Yo this shit is hard! Playa shit

  • shaboy

    Definition of a VANITY SLAVE

  • Digitek


  • Murph

    Man I like Dro but this track is wack

  • Greta Garbo........

  • panoble

    hahah is it just me or does Young Dro seem to wear the same thing in every video? Or at least some variation of the same thing. I've got enough Polo wear I know that they don't only sell sweaters with matching pants haha

  • panoble

    I'm judging by the still shot of course. Don't like Dro that much to listen to a song dedicated to Ralph Lauren

  • sbb

    damn this nikka stuck in 2005.........Dro plz go phag

    he is gonna get dropped

  • DonSneaks

    you not a real polo head unless you rocking

  • red

    It's really hard to take a bunch of grown men acting hard when they're wearing designer clothing like that.
    This shit is so weak.


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