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Ab-Soul – Gone Insane (Video)

blame it on Meka April 1, 2011

Directed By FredoTovar/Scott Fleishman

Even though the dopehouse denizens are bicoastal, we’re still West Coast biased. The next up from the TDE camp, Ab-Soul, will drop his LongTerm: Mentality this Tuesday (April 5th).

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  • Jonnie

    Ab-Soul’s music videos > Everybody else in TDE’s music videos

  • Jonesy Stark

    Lookin’ forward to this project. TDE’s quickly becoming one of my favorite camps.

  • Red

    @Jonnie I think K Dots Ignorance is Bliss video is the best

  • DaSilva

    Danm, (2) DOPE

  • Jonnie

    @Red true, if only it was longer

  • Kwaku

    The whole video concept is pretty dope. It’s like the whole video takes place in a state of meditation… (2) DOPE

  • IntEllect

    I’m calling the police on these mofos. After listening to each of them, I’ve done the research and came to the conclusion..

    …that they KILL whatever they hop on. TDE is just… ugh. I listen to them and want to go either A. [beat somebody the fuck up.] B. [rethink religion.] C. [go smoke.] or D. [all of the above.]

  • @Jonnie I’d say Soulo is the most consistent but Michael Jordan was their best vid.

  • Oddz

    ^^^ I agree

  • Sylver21

    ^^^hilarious, yet somewat tru

    but yea, Ab is quickly rising up my list of fav mc’s. this vid made this song 2 times better. him and Q look like they had a ball filming this.

  • Sylver21

    i was referring to @intellect

  • red

    I got overly excited and started jamming to this when it came on.

    TDE is the best!

  • dave

    flllllllllllllllly nigga flyyy nigggaa wooo
    black hippy ftw.
    ab-soul is deff the biggest hippy outta the group for sure.just based on his unusual but still dope mindset.

  • daTROOH.

    i need that sweater! dope video, SALUTE!

  • andosca

    this video is fucking dope