• Rio$

    terrible shitty album......he uses a the "rick ross" style in some songs only he yells it louder like plies

  • Christopher Shakur

    Who produced this? The beat's terrible. Call Havoc.

  • http://eatadick Jamal

    omg, Shake - you lameass cracker - who the fuck cares bout your Amsterdam thoughts?! go and make tourism blog, bitch

  • Game

    Amsterdam in this bitch yes.

  • LLO

    Jamal is jealous that his broke-ass doesn't get to go anywhere exciting.

  • VA phil

    Why so mad jamal? Headed there this summer. Can't Wait!

  • benny lava

    beat is bloody awful. P sounds dope though... Bank$ is sleep walking on this one... Jones is rarely any good.

  • anonymous

    lloyd banks killed this shit

  • http://twitter.com/realmikeyfresh mikeyfresh

    beat is nice jus wish it had it had sum knock to it.
    banks killed it.

  • Yeah

    I love hearing P spit again. Him and Banks were on point.

  • HindSight

    Prodigy went in