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C-Plus – Louder f. Chuuwee

blame it on Miss_Peas April 4, 2011

C-Plus goes back and forth with Chuuwee over “Louder”.

DOWNLOAD: C Plus – Louder f. Chuuwee | Mediafire
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  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss/Teddy/D. $cience” Stan fka Answer Me!

    Nicely done. Rhyming is cool, and production while being mostly plain doesn’t feel empty. Hook’s passable too.


  • swing!

    Chuuwee>plus all day

  • quizgenre

    Better then the last track.. shit Was Trash #teamWiZwannabees

  • chuuwee ran that plus over the tracks not exciting cause c-plus is riding taylor gangs dick.

  • NuttyNorth

    niggas should tell c plus too retire you wont be doin no sxsw shows next year my nigga so hang up the mic. chuuwee you cool and all when you aint stealin beats but aint nobody in sac fuckin with you from the north to the south.

  • bosse

    this is just a leak track…..merely a warm up ….the album is finna be dope

  • NorthTop

    A yaw minions on here sounding real “Local.” Leave that jealousy too ya bitch my nigga.
    Hope you not reppin nobodies “North” in Sac since they don’t bread bitch niggas like you @ NuttyNorth.

  • dmt

    dope. is this going to be on the album?

  • Sakura

    “You wont be doin no sxsw shows next year my nigga so hang up the mic”

    WTF does this have to do with anything or how does this make sense? Lol! People are funny. Love the song!

  • Sims

    Shit is dope! Too many fuckin haters in sac.. fuck em’.

  • JP18

    if sacramento don’t like chuuwee send him back to TX. his verses are dope as always

  • BrianP

    Jesus Christ is there any other rappers in Sacramento? Tired of seeing Chuuwee using the same knock off Big L flow every other day & C Plus is average on his best day. He has a bunch of played rhymes (i.e. headache/excedrin line). If your friends are the only people giving you positive feedback than were not hating. Production on this track sucked too! The echoed “louder” threw the hook off & sounded terrible. The muffled effect was wack too. You need to fire whoever your working with & get a new production team. Not hating at all man & I gave you reasons why I think this song is wack. These leaks have been highly disappointing & if this is a reflection of All City then take that shit back to the drawing board.

  • beerponglgnd

    man chuuwee is nice at least over the bannon shit but this c plus clown is unexceptble why is this being posted has to be because of chuuuwee i guess..my falt for clicking in it

  • jefftheproblem

    miss pease should be fired wtf!

  • ThusSuperior

    Crabs in a bucket. #SadStory

  • lmaoo…trolls in sac?… yall niggas are lame as shit lookin for attention … bet its alllll smiles and head nods when we see you tho…. #ALLCITY

  • billy hi-life once again u beezies

    ahhhhhhahahahahah.. these haters do their homework huh? ‘lames are like my ex-hoes/i don’t wanna be with them’.. cplus and charlie sheen got somethin in common #winning

  • SouthSacMac

    LMAO @ jefftheproblem. But really though, theres so much of this “bitch nigga” attitude in sac, its RIDICULOUS. How you gunna hate thru a blog site? As far as im concerned, Live @ The Dojo and TUS the only ones making noise in Sac.

  • any artist able to provoke someone into spending enough energy to click out a paragraph of reasons as to why he/she is wack, in the comments section of a mildly popular hip-hop music blog (which is truly falling sand in terms of last importance), is actually doing just fine.

    Plus/Chuuwee, the sad kid haters are bristling. its only a matter of time before you’re on.

  • AKNC

    Damn. Did these dudes fuck your bitch or something? Yall haters are making me ashamed of my city. The track is dope & yall sound salty as fuck.

  • Brasco

    @NuttyNorth How did Chuuwee steal beats from someone who willingly gave them to him?