Ab-Soul – Longterm: Mentality (Album)

blame it on Meka April 5, 2011

The next project from Top Dawg Entertainment is finally here. This time, it’s Ab-Soul with Longterm Mentality.

At 13 tracks, Soulo’s joined by his TDE fam (Kendrick, Punch, Q), Murs, BJ the Chicago Kid, Jhené Aiko, and more. Production provided by Sounwave, Tae Beast, Dave Free, and others.

PURCHASE: Ab-Soul – LongTerm: Mentality (Album)* | Amazon

* What, you thought I was gonna give out the link for free? Do yourselves a favor and support.

  • vdot

    worth every cent support real hiphop!

  • BigWill

    Just got it off of Amazon bout to listen now

  • sadfafdsfads

    your a fag meka. what if i dont want it on itunes cause itunes is gay?

  • > your a fag meka. what if i dont want it on itunes cause itunes is gay?

    that’s a you problem.

  • dsfafdas


  • K.T.F

    Bought it. Solo went in.

  • jasper

    the sampler sounded ill, now someone do us all a favor and upload it to mediafire and call it a day. u act like dropping 5$ is going to get this guy anywhere.. as long as the music is getting out thats all that matters.

  • rjblaze

    damn. is it on amazon or something? i havent used the itunes account ina while and forgot the password.. coppin regardless but im not tryna go the trouble if not neccesary..

  • roll a doob

    stop postin up shit u gotta pay for faggot ass meka! support this shit pay up fool, cept broke ass meka

  • foolio

    you a retard….it aint free

  • Blackmamba24

    Solo!!!!! Snatched it up bout to go drive down the pch. Most anticipated, now let’s finally get that black hippy tape!!!

  • yugang

    Bout to cop this right now!

  • @rjblaze

    i added the amazon link. enjoy!

  • nathanjones

    3 projects to look forward to in the month of april

    1. Longterm Mentality (downloading off itunes it now as i typed this)
    2. Self Scientific’s Trails of the blackhearted ep (which drops on the 11th….and sadly most ppl will sleep on that shit smh)
    3. MAYBE elzhi’s LONG AWAITED elmatic tape might actually drop this month! the release date is to be annouced sometime this week.

  • LupeFaco

    someone cop it
    and mediafire it over here
    for us broke folks …we do exist
    Someone throw up a link hook up the community

  • 32424

    album snippets on amazon all fire…!!

  • hmmop

    Meka : i swear ill cop it if its good. plz post a link!

  • I Can Predict What PPL Will DO

    Expecting LOTS of bitching over this tape (as USUAL) in the c-section cause you either mad that it aint for free or u mad that people want to get this retailed album free OR will attempt to post a free link (especially the dickheads who insist to post the free link in this very c-section when clearly its meka & shake’s responsibility to make sure no free links get posted here). It’s always the same bullshit everytime!

    Point is u got 2 clear choices
    1. Either go buy the shit
    2. dont buy it and get the shit free (without POSTING a free link on here like an asshole would)

    SO please, put the bitching aside for once in ur lives and just make a decision, then go about ur business.

    That’ll be all

  • unclesam

    Why are you asking Meka for a link when it’s obvious he can’t post one? Go fucking google for it.

  • SoDope

    this album is fucking fire…too bad yall broke asses are gonna try to cheat this nigga

  • Lupe

    it wont be on google or rrt forums till tommrow
    like the sha stimuli album and everything they want as much money 1st day u find a link 2nd or 3rd…

  • CJ

    will this be available on CD ?

  • D

    i’ma cope this shit. they re dope. whole black hippy movement.

  • KKUB

    ffs i cant buy it since im in the UK any help?

  • untold truth

    i aint sold on ab soul enough to put out some money for him, at least not yet. but hey at least kendrick’s shit has all been free, although i would definitly pay for his shit.

  • RuanHoll
  • Uknown

    the artwork for this and all of the singles is bananas!

  • “u act like dropping 5$ is going to get this guy anywhere..”

    And that’s the same reason why you’re broke. $5 is better than getting nothing and if $5 is nothing to you then you won’t have a prob paying for the album.

    @KKUB Just search “ab-soul” on your iTunes in the UK store and it’ll come up. I bought my copy last night and it’s £5.50.

  • Meka is a bird you posted H.O.P.E Album all day and A TDE Album is on the second page!!!! Fail My Nigga

  • Perper

    ^Probably because those are free albums, and this isn’t..

  • RoshaneRonan

    Soul! First thing I did this morning was download this album. I need some soul music for this cold, rainy CT day.

  • graffitiwhat

    this is a really ill album, worth every dollar paid for. that Real Thinkers beat is insane.

  • #LTM

    wow i wanna buy it but can’t ! some one send that mediafire link !! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Copped! SOOOOOUL

  • Hell yeah been waiting on this! Ab-Soul is the sickest

  • yoo i for real would cop this shit but my fuckin itunes store does open,everytime i click on music or home or movies or anything it loads up the screen for like half a second and goes white and i can’t do shit about it. so iff someone can tell me how to fix that it’d be cool… if not post a damn link and if absoul ever somes to my city ill find him and give him a 20 and smoke a blunt with him for it hahaha… for real though hit me up wit a link I NEED THIS!

  • nyc

    Bunch of cheap fucks…Prob download 10-20 songs & mixtapes a day…& complain this shit ain’t free??? You know Ab-soul is the shit!!! Come out ya pocket & give up that 6 bucks!! Niggas got spoiled with all this free music shit…The games fucked up..catch 22….& a big FUCK YOU to all the nigga that want that hulkshare/mediafire link…SUPPORT!!

  • nyc

    @illscholar…Why don’t you hit up the amazon link..Downloads in mp3 & then you can convert to ACC format on I tunes…Best of both worlds.

  • Stop being broke asses. Buy the tape. Support good music. Thats why rap is the way it is. Yall complain about how people like Gucci, Lil B and Flocka are runnin shit, but yall dont support the artists you like. How else are they gonna get enough buzz or willingness from the record companies to invest in them to get radio play? The same people who complain are the people who do nuthin. And as wack as Lil B is, i do respect him and his fans alot, cuz at least they asses buy records and sell-out shows. Stop being simple-minded

  • Thank you Meka for posting the link to buy the album. Some us want to support real hip hop. The game is the way it is cuz “hip-hop heads” are cheap, while people who like BOW!-LehGo-Brrr music sellout every show, they buy singles and they buy albums. I cant be a hyrpocrit and say i dont use mediafire, but i can say i support my favorite artists, the people i think deserve or at least could help change the game with my money

  • obviouslygood

    Bought this, this morning and its fuckin incredible, more than happy to spend 5.99 on this, sorry to all you food stamps fans you’ll have to wait for it to drop for free

  • LAstandUP

    some nigga post a DL real quick niggaz is hatin’, I’ll cop the alb if I like it, damn yo, Meka you not the nigga that has to make the choice for me to buy it or not, u just a blogger. Post DL’ Links and chill.

  • SKHipHop


  • @nyc…. duh i don’t know why i didnt think of that already haha thanks for the brainspark i just purchased it and its downloading now… and im loadin a big ass bowl for it haha

  • Definitely worth buying. Matter of fact, we’re getting MORE then our money’s worth..SUPPORT REAL HIP-HOP! SUPPORT WEST HIP-HOP!! HiiiPOWER

  • brokebitches

    They don’t have to post this for free you fuckin herbs, hip hop fans feel so entitled. Wack ass “fans” get out of here with that shit! Go to frost wire with your broke asses if you want it for free. Why the hell would they post a paid project from an artist they like and respect?!?

  • Dorian

    Hmm Why did I pay 8 bucks last night, now it’s only 6?

  • nOF
  • SKHipHop

    ^ Stupid HOMO

  • efa

    ^thanks bro! i just downloaded it and its only one song but ab-soul fucking went IN

  • red

    So if I buy it from Amazon I can play it on my Zune right? I need this album but I don’t know how digital song purchases work.

  • JH

    Anyone find it bogus that Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock didnt do a feature? Jay Rock better not forget his roots.

  • TDE 4 Life

    ScHoolboy Q is on track 5 and Jay Rock & ScHoolboy Q are both on the Black Hippy track

  • Too Famous for a Name


    Schoolboy Q is on Track 5 and they all are on the Black Hippy Bonus Track.

  • TDE 4 Life

    Is there an echo in here?

  • Joey

    Bought it.

    I gotta support someone like Ab-Soul. Forget buying Em, Jay-Z etc. records haha I buy Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul records!

  • red

    ScHoolboy Q is on track 5 and Jay Rock & ScHoolboy Q are both on the Black Hippy track

  • This is one of the best and most consistent albums I’ve heard in a minute. I’d say it’s better than SetBacks and maybe a tad better than O.D. I don’t wanna bang it out but I may end up listening to this for the rest of the day lol.

  • PRG
  • eddie

    Wait so… you give out ther Big K.R.I.T. (album) for free but not this? what cause dude is from Cali and KRIT aint? Lame Duck…

  • InTellecT

    Someone needs to upload it onto mediafire or something..

    I’ve already bought my copy. I just want to download this for free as well. I know 5.50 is going to support this man, and help push his album sales, but I personally believe that if it’s downloaded enough as well then that’ll help him even more.

    Money sales just equals a successful shot amongst far away fans. Free download will DEFINITELY garner old and new.

    Either way, I’ve copped this shit and I can say that it’s the bombizzle shizzle dynamite.

  • mdz

    After seeing Black Hippy @ Paid Dues, I’m down to support. Even though Ab-Soul seemed like he could give a fuck about his fans. But maybe it’s cuz he had a short set shared with the rest of Black Hippy.

  • ethos

    just copped off amazon, support the true artists who need it

  • QBN

    Waitin on that free link!!

  • Dorian

    @eddie KRIT was giving it away free you fucking lame ass tard

  • How The Hell Some Of You C-Section Fools Gonna Complain About Buying An ALBUM When Yall Probably Spend 100+ Dollars On Jordans And Rose When You Go To The Bar.. Shut The Hell Up And Go Buy The Album.. Support AB-Soul And The Whole TDE Movement.. Since They Seem To Be The Only Ones In The Game Right Now That Are Hitting Us With Consistent, Raw, Hip-Hop FIRE.. Shut Up And By The Album..

  • tone

    8 euros at french Amazon.TDE deserve that blessing us with great albums…**** free link

  • you suck

    i was so excited to see this but you the fag had to ruin it by paying for it. FAGGGGGG!

  • Ga
  • ummm

    Damn I want to get this but I won’t pay for it unless it comes in a CD or FLAC. Not paying to download lossy formats like mp3 or aac.

  • Too Famous for a Name

    Ya’ll dudes about to turn me into a fuckin conservative. I’ve been trying to ignore the whole “shutdown all the download sites” BS but the idiots on here are really moving me over.

    You want a cd so bad you can’t wait, but you are pissed because he’s selling a full album for $5.99? SERIOUSLY??? Nigga I spent more than that at Wendy’s last night. Make it even worse is the fact that dude has previous material for free, and other dudes on his label has free shit too – so how the FUCK can you say you need it because you’re broke. Nigga listen to all the FREE shit they’ve released in the past 2 years then!!!

    Niggas always want something for free. It’ll be here waiting for you when you get some money nigga…



  • Julian

    I’m not paying for an album if I don’t have a hard copy! Seriously?

  • marty mcfly

    We talkng about 5 fucking dollars people… You spend more money each month on fast food , weed , drank and that duck mouth bird ass chick you call your girl. Arent yall posed to be fans of this niggas music ?

  • Bryan

    finally got home and able to cop this through iTunes…great west coast music…i know I’m sounding like a broken record but support this shit, I mean we get free music on this site 99% of the time

  • Too Famous for a Name


    What you said is BS. Every artist sells their music digitally as well for at least $8.99. So even by that standard it’s still 33% cheaper than the industry standard. You need to step out of 1998 and get with the times. I buy hard copies just for the spur of the moment listening. As soon as I get home first thing I do is import the cd into iTunes anyway. I had to buy Ridin’ Dirty 3 fuckin times because my cd kept getting scratched LOL!!

  • U Cnt See Me!!!

    Who cares? iBrought it and if niggas want to dl it let it be stop bitchin yo. Cuz iBet u dl albums and otha bullshit

  • oddz


  • Too Famous for a name

    U do realize that when you say someone is bitchin you’re actually the one that’s bitchin right? All jokes aside them niggas keep bitchin on thread after thread about a free dl link. Bad enough they’re a broke ass freeloading bastard you’re too lazy to google and search for it too?

    And for the record I don’t download anything of quality. All original cds from Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West, 2Pac, Anthony Hamilton, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Nas… You get the point. If I like your shit, I buy it. I waited 6 months to hear Trae’s cd because I had to get around to buying it.. fuck a download.

    I Ain’t gonna lie I’ve imported a cd into iTunes before but my homie bought it at least. I buy enough cd’s to support the industry.

  • 11111

    damnn not everyone worldwide can afford this , hip hop is music should be shared cant believe no one gona link it till someone finds a scene release..

  • CK

    Sooo.. why the fuck do I have to pay more for a digital release than US folks? That makes no sense at all..

  • jasper

    lol these fuck niggas sayin google it. no one leaked it, no one will. exactly why were coming here to all you white rich kids who coughed up a pretty penny to buy it. yall can leak returnof4eva and advertise it like a mixtape but not this just cause its on itunes? gtfo he isnt even on a major label, and until he gets there he won’t recieve a 5 dollar advance.

  • hades
  • I’ve provided a group rip below, no hoax here guys. what u thought i was gonna leave u without a link? lmao fuckoutta shake

  • King.

    @ Too Famous for a name, Stfu homie we dnt care!

  • DW

    @Daddyfatsax NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! At least give Soul a day to get payed before you put it up.



    Someone needs to upload it onto mediafire or something..

    I’ve already bought my copy. I just want to download this for free as well. I know 5.50 is going to support this man, and help push his album sales, but I personally believe that if it’s downloaded enough as well then that’ll help him even more.

    Money sales just equals a successful shot amongst far away fans. Free download will DEFINITELY garner old and new.

    Either way, I’ve copped this shit and I can say that it’s the bombizzle shizzle dynamite.

    InTellecT said this on April 5th, 2011 at 2:32 pm


    i guess my post was too long to call you out as a liar….noone will believe you kid u wanna download it but u bought it? so didnt u just download it? and u wanna download it again?…MAKES ALOT OF SENSE KID fishy ass nigga

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    I copped OD. I copped Setbacks and I’m coppin’ this joint. But I’m a rich ass nigga wit a mouth full of gold so I can afford it haha All jokes aside, you suckas claiming you can’t afford to support are lyin out the side of ya mouths rite now. Jets fool.

  • aj
  • tb

    @jasper u fucking prick R4 was for free. u dont have 6 dollars to spare stfu and wait for the free link to come up

  • jimmy

    6 fucking dollars. Must be some lazy fucks on here, or theyre just 13, in which case…ask yo momma!

  • ddddd
    it jus leaked

    [04.06] Ab-Soul – Longterm Mentality [Explicit][Retail][2011][NonGrouprip]

  • “You spend more money each month on fast food , weed , drank and that duck mouth bird ass chick you call your girl.”

    LMAO. Real talk you niggas make me sick. Bitching over $5.99 like if you spend it you won’t be able to eat for a week and not pay rent. I know some people really are broke and that’s cool but judging but half the ignorant shit some of you are saying it doesn’t seem like it. The worst thing is these are the same niggas saying “Hip Hop is fucked up, yo, there’s no real music” crying and shit when they’re the cause of the problem. Let the man get some money is his pockets and when he drops the free link d’load it. KRIT dropped last week and a whole gang of shit has been released so it’s not like you ain’t got shit to listen to.

  • Tyree



  • QBN

    @ddddd Thanks for the link, y’all hurry before Meka takes it down!

  • 44444

    finally a link !!!
    megaupload link is itunes rip
    get it quick!!album of the year

  • Braniak

    whether you pay or you don’t support.

    West Coast!

  • feining liquor often

    Copped it, only support real hip hop music. TDE, Slaughterhouse, Shad, and Big Boi

  • face

    2011 FIRE!!

  • YaBoyRampz

    the album is on piratebay org also …link will always be up there

  • googleit

    the rip is very good quality absoul killed it
    album is pure hip hop
    real stunning hip hop

  • lol

    beats are all crazy
    lyrics so much cleaner and hotter


  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Just finished listening to the album. Worth every penny y’all. Jets fool.

  • 40Cent

    amazing album beats all up there

  • mike

    this shit is insanely dope. don’t be a bitch and not buy it

  • rjblaze

    thanks shake. bumped it twice ALREADY. goes in. hell yea is too dope

  • Shy


  • zane p.

    uhhh yeah i thought you were gunna give the link for free. wtf man

  • lilkandy

    Schoolboy Q KILLED “HELL YEAH”!!!!!!!!!

  • sahlay

    just saw this post. went and copped immediately. support the rappers you actually want to hear.

  • Too Famous For a Name

    LOL @ all the bum ass FUCK NIGGAS making excuses. Big KRIT personally released Return of 4Eva for free on his website. LMAO @ jasper bum ass calling people “rich kids” because they spent 6 FUCKING DOLLARS on a CD. Nigga get your hustle on ole broke ass nigga. Cut some grass, get a paper route, fix computers for old people, pick up a trade like painting or something, clean gutters, go door to door washing cars, go help someone move… nigga do SOMETHING!! If $6 breaks you then fine, but that doesn’t mean you deserve a free handout nigga. Fuck outta here you sound like the type of nigga who thinks it’s OK to steal because he can afford anything. Get your money right, and then go back and buy the shit you wanted.

  • if you people saying you really can’t afford this album you probably have some way bigger problems to worry about what time in the day a cd’s going to leak.

    fuck asses

  • Valence

    Hey what ever happened to the Bread of language artz tape that was supposed to have dropped already???

  • 412343124


  • Jonesy Stark

    Pay day’s tomorrow, will mosdef be supporting Solo

  • RuanHoll


  • yo lil off topic but how much music has kendrick put out i have his kendrick lamar ep c4 mixtape and OD.. does anyone know if theres any more that i can get?

  • sdgdsg

    kendrick has way old stuff then that go to youtube and u can see the shit he made back in the days he also went by k dot back then i tink

  • Testing
    MY 2 Fav Songs on this ALBUM in case u wondering to download or not

    theres something about this beat i cant stop listenin to

  • 42535
    Chiddy Bang ft Mac Miller – Heat Wave

  • mdz

    LONGTERM MENTALITY is currently TOP 5 in Hip Hop Albums on ITUNES. KEEP SUPPORTING! LISTEN TO “TOP DAWG UNDER DAWG”, “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE”, “MORE OF A EUPHORIA”, “MOSCATO”, “NOTHING NEW”….It’s worth the 6 dollars. You think they making music only for yall to listen? Be real! If you aint a fan, don’t buy it. But if you are and wanna keep hearing more, support foo!

  • YaBoy

    @mdz co-fucking-sign this shit is so good man


    @whodat! kendrick has so much more he used to go by k. dot check his shit out and he has a bunch of other random songs like: compton state of mind, beyonce, rare breed etc. etc. just type kendrick lamar in the search on 2dopeboyz and go wayy back you’ll find his old song and go to you’ll find his old mixtapes, the one he did with j rock, schoolboy q’s mixtapes, ab-soul etc. etc. black hippy shit all that man

  • bloodmoney

    shit is fire. and im broke with 3 kids but i still came out the pocket that little old $5.99 for it. support real shit. this is whats wrong with the market now…spoiled ass people only wanting free shit, wont support someone with an album when theres a dollar sign attatched.

  • Cno

    This cd is on fucking point.

  • YaBoy

    @bloodmoney and @cno co-sign

  • Germ

    Best release in years. BLACK HIPPY, STICKY IN THE PIECE PIPE! Hiii POWER!

  • what??

    Attention broke nigggas: If u want the album but dont wanna pay for it then just wait til tde releases it for free. They’re gonna release this shit for free anyways. They released O.D. 8 days after it got released on itunes. PPL had to wait 2 weeks before setbacks was released for free, just wait for them to release longterm mentality for free, its not necessary to go steal the shit while its still a retailed-only project. U want the album that badly, go buy it. Dont wanna pay for it, be patient and just wait goddamn it!

    oh yeah @eddie slap yourself for being to stupid to realize that krit’s new album was a FREE-Released album! that means it was released for free on purpose by krit himself! idiot! (napolean dynamite voice

  • ak
  • slim

    Top 10 albums of 2011. This. is. so. dope.

  • Dorian

    Fuck y’all niggas really posting links and shit? this is the niggas first fuckin paid project. yo y’all lame as fuck scum of the earth type shit. at the end of album he said the label made him make sell a project and y’all gonna pirate it go buy it you cheap fucks it’s worth it.

  • LupeFaco

    stfu wit all the pirateing bs , somepeople like to listen to it and buy a hard copy later…some people dont have credit cards,music is meant to be enjoyed for everyone…relax its a hot album everyone should get a copy .

  • AntLee06

    I bought it and still need a download link.. Songs bought from itunes dont work on my cheap ass mp3 player

  • Too Famous For a Name


    Since you bought it in iTunes you should be able to burn it to a disc, and then import it using your mp3’s native software.

  • red

    Can someone help me out with this question?

    What are everyone’s mixtapes and CDs?

    For Kendrick I have:
    No Sleep till NYC

    For Ab-Soul I have
    Long Term 1
    Long Term 2
    Long Term Mentality

    For Schoolboy Q I Have
    Gangsta Soul
    Schoolboy Turned Hustla

    What am I missing?

  • red

    Also was Punch affiliated? with TDE for awhile?

  • @red Punch is one of the CEOs of TDE.

  • red

    @YaBoyRampz okay, cause I recognize the name Punch for awhile back and I just got all these old TDE tapes this morning and Punch is all over Kendrick’s tapes.

    It’s pretty cool to hear how Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q evolved over the years.

  • lonestar playa

    im supportin! ab soul’s music is the shit! folk wanna make excuses not to pay $5 for good music but rather sit on dere lazy asses and git shit free all the time. sit on fuckin computers all day and bitch about everythang! git off ya cheap ass and support! im headin to amazon right now

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    @red What About All Of Jay Rock’s Shit ? & I Know Kendrick Had One More Called Youngest Head Nigga In Charge, But I Can’t Find The Download Link For That Shit AT ALL ! Anybody Got It, PLEASE Post The Link.

  • YaBoy
  • red


    That’s no helping me can I get a link for Youngest Head Nigga In Charge.
    I got a bunch of other shit off of dubcnn but I can’t seem to find this.

  • lonestar playa

    @red……..u ain’t gon’ find it playa. betta cough up $6 or miss out on it right now cuz uhhhhhhhh it’ll b awhile b4 a free miracle link will pop up on any sites. yall sum cheap mothafuckaz lol

  • red

    Lonestar Playa I was asking for Youngest Head Nigga In Charge not Longterm Mentality.
    I bought Longterm Mentality yesterday and now I’m backtracking and getting everything ever dropped by TDE (except Jay Rock I’ll pass homie).

  • foodforthought

    honestly, its all about exposure here
    however people wana get the word out, even if its downloading for free, people get the chance to bang ab-soul’s songs and let other people know what the biz is

    i mean yea its always better to support the artist financially but, is exposure not another form of support?

  • is this in stores??? i really would love to have a physical copy

  • @red Lmao @ you passing on Jay Rock. Youngest Head Nigga In Charge was never released on the net, he burnt the CDs when he was 16 and handed ’em out around Compton.

  • lonestar playa

    @red oh i gotcha playa.

    @foodforthought yea datz anotha form of support but dat don’t make it right to jus download good hip hop for free when its for sell for a damn UNBEATABLE price like dis. i mean folk quik to spend $6 on unnecessary shit but wonder why they broke. why not spend dat on sum’n more valuable like good music like dis. he actually got two previous mixtapes out for free and its quality shit too! i guess he wanted to git REAL support instead of dat exposure shit u talkin bout lol. he awready got dat exposure support…….he need to git money now. folks need to stop makin excuses for downloadin shit for free and have better hearts to start supportin by purchasin music. yall wouldn’t want nobody takin food off yo plate right???? didn’t think so

  • SOUL

    idk, i like to support artists, but thats why i go to there shows. thats where tha real money is.. THANKS FOR THE LINK!!!

  • for real

    how do you buy an album on lime without a credit card?

  • Freeze

    this would have been an epic free album

  • Dot Em Peg

    We all know its gonna be free next tuesday….so Fuck Up.

  • dizproper

    no bj the chicago kid credit on “Almost There”?

  • Dorian

    @Dotempeg two weeks later, still not free