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Nas & Damian Marley – Land of Promise f. Dennis Brown (Video)

blame it on Shake April 5, 2011

Speaking of these two, they will be performing in Paris tonight. I might have to check it out, right Green?

  • Pell

    White boyz for africa!

  • ScrapWithMyPen



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  • T

    I demand another joint album. These two are so amazing.

  • musicman

    I demand another joint album. These two are so amazing.



  • Egyle

    Shake, while your there, demand an interview (and why not a bottle of cris while your at it?), and when they refuse get mad and tell everybody that nas and damian marley are suckers! fuckin clown. Oh, and while I’m at it: hate, hate, hate, hate! Hate!

  • Egyle

    and ofc, I have no life so I spend the time I have reading 2dbz (which I really enjoy, it’s a great source for music) and spreading my evil though pointless opinions to anyone else who’s as pathetic as me. my point still stands though (hate, hate), that Shake is a fuckin clown for the lupe fiasco and the hold bidniz with ofwgkta. Hate, hate, hate!

  • Egyle

    oh, and in general, people who comment on blogs/news sites/whatever, are lame of epic proportions. Nobody, and I really mean NOBODY, gives a flying fuck about what you (or me in this case) thinks. If you die tomorrow, nobody on the internet, except maybe a few of your facebook “friends” and ofc your immediate family will care. The funny thing about people commenting on blogs and such is that they regard this fact. They seem to think that their opinions really do matter. But for once and for all – YOUR OPIONION OR EVEN YOUR VERY EXISTENCE DOES NOT MATTER TO OTHER PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET! Hate, hate, hate!

  • Egyle

    i meant to type “disregard this fact”. I’ll be quiet now. Hate, hate!

    (<3 2dbz btw) (no homo) (no homo is a really homo thing to say) (man, I really need to shut up now)

  • m

    Awesome LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Eddy

    Link don´t work for me?

  • ricardo

    It’ll be really dope if they do a video for friends…the hardest track on the whole album

  • Studdy
  • ablacktv

    I loveeeeee this…..

    and yo @egyle I’m sure ppl dont comment for ppl to care…obviously you do tho…its good for dialogue and to see what other people or thinking…
    and commenting on blogs may not help you…and you may indeed be a lame and try to relate all commenters in the world as lames…when your wrong…its not 2001 when only lames and nerds use the internet…everybody is on it…cool ppl, lame ppl, pretty ppl, ugly ppl….you should just speak for yourself, which you clearly are doing…but dont try to speak for everyone else…

    this isnt some of our lives…but our culture, and ppl like to be involved in it someway or the other rather it be commenting or producing whats commented on…some us like myself comment to pass the time at our comment cubilcles…some comment from their phone on the go, whilst living their “lives” and some like yourself just sit behind the computer all day an accomplish nothing but spreading hate and dissent…a futile contradition for someone who already knows we dont care

    I have friends who are excited to get their art posted on blogs like 2DBZ and they def read the comments, and if its not all pure fuckery they take in the general consensus and appreciate the feedback…and all tho, u dont care, I’m sure you will read this….spread love my dude, no matter how lowly you think of yourself http://www.ablacktv.com @ablacktv

  • ablacktv

    *corporate cubilecs….typo

  • Egyle

    I’d click the like button on your comment, ablacktv, but I can’t find it. Good points your making though, thank you for discussing this with me.

    What me general concern is, is that the comment sections everywhere get flooded with so much shit. It’s depressing reading comments, almost always. I guess I got more frustrated than usual when I said that.

    On a side not (not far from my original post though), is that even though I think Shake was a moron in handling Lupe and of, I got to respect him (and meka ofc), for letting commenters say what they feel like. That’s dope. Or as my imaginative friend Dr Zoidberg from Futurama so delicately put it: Freedom, freedom, freedom, oy!

  • renegade

    I demand another joint album. These two are so amazing.




  • Fake Weed

    Is Nas the 2DBZ version of Wooh Da Kid?

  • dope song
    dope video

  • dörk

    I can watch this. Shit I live in germany.

  • RoshaneRonan

    Brap. Brap.


    JAH RAS!!!!!!!

  • ABlackTV

    the greatest!!


    @ABlackTV on twitter