• http://mediocremusicblog.com/ ayi

    Isn't that Kendrick Lamar?


    Love this, so smooth. play this when i'm >>>>>>> with my girl.

  • Infamou$Hill

    A greay way to pay homage to a classic song. Terrace Martin is becoming one of my favorite producers.

  • etbeats

    yeah @ayi i was thinking that too isnt that kendrick lamar

  • Elijah

    Yeah its kendrick featured on it

  • Jb

    I downloaded the EP, but in the song the beat in the beginning isnt featured, you guys know if hes used that material on any of his songs hes produced?

  • suav

    what song is playing in the beginning ?

  • emark

    The first song played is Terrace Martin - I had no idea feat. Kendrick Lamar

  • Twi