Curren$y – Covert Coup (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka April 6, 2011

National Weed Day is about to get a little bit gullier when this drops.

1. BBS
2. The Type f. Prodigy
3. Blood Sweat and Gears f. Fiend
4. Ventilation
5. Life Instructions f. Smoke DZA
6. Smoke Break
7. Double 0 7
8. Scottie Pippen f. Freddie Gibbs
9. Full Metal
10. Coming Up
All Tracks produced by The Alchemist

DON’T SLEEP: Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Curren$y – Jet Life To the Next Life (Mixtape)

  • based

  • Shy




  • Shaunisdope

    This shit is goin to be bananas word to gwen stefani @ShaunisDope

  • LordMort

    I just hope this is released in proper quality, 320 kbps, and not some sloppy quality and low bitrate, just cuz its a free album.
    Currensy is dope!!!

  • Ace

    It’s.About.To Go.Down

  • Rozko

    Can’t wait. Currensy da best kept secret…..and honestly I hope it stays dat way. I fukkin hate bandwagon fans…

  • Yeah



    2dopeboyz stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • solesoverhoes

    spitta gotta song w/ freddie gibbs oh yea!!1 been wantin them to do a track since they both killed the born to roll beat..JET$

  • hater

    Spread love is the jet way all day



  • Bryan

    this shit is gonna be something…

  • U Cnt See Me!!!!

    Hope it dnt sound like them two weak joints from MCC, Ima big fan but they was ehhh and hope this shit be fuego!

  • Roe

    This shit finna be fire :SCOTTIE PIPPEN” thats all

  • BlindsidedXIX

    MCC and this are going to be dope idk what dude above me is talking about. Regardless, JETS FOOL

  • Rec

    Gangsta Gibbs>>>>>>>>

    Yeah release this in 320kbps don’t fuck around ALC!!!

  • yurp

    can’t fake… im syced

  • Milhouse

    Dope. Where’s T.H.C.?

  • Braniak


  • jojoba

    jets over everything.. could be longer but hes releasing like 5 albums this year so…

  • sahlay

    good to see he got Gibbs on there. hope this turns out to be some serious dopeness


    cover looks like shit!

  • red

    I think the cover art is cool. But I don’t understand why it’s at such a low resolution.
    Give me $10 and I can make that on Illustrator.

  • Ryan Oliver

    I need that Scottie Pippen track like yesterday

  • dorian

    this cover is dope!

  • M.Smalls

    Spitta & Gibbs!!!Nice.Jets nigga

  • DAMN!! gonna be a good 4/20 this year!


    I swear, this is gonna be the best 420 ever lol..

  • PRG
  • jbrown

    Kush and Currensy free new album with all alchemist production. That will be an unforgettable 4/20

  • james_gotti

    twitter @james_gotti…i follow back

  • Diego Inglewood


  • JETS

    Damn nigga got P and Gangsta Gibbs. Shit is gonna be a problem.

    Agree with dude who said hope it don’t sound like that MCC shit.

  • I fux with Spitta

  • Twi

    JETS > Based – – wtf u thinkin? spitta is the man

  • Blackaristocrat

    Hmmmm no Young Roddy & Trademark? Well we know they just put in work with Jet life to the next life tape. Can’t wait for this. We still need that Muscle Car Chronicles and Pilot Talk III to drop.

  • JaySpaceE

    I guess I’m the only Smoke DZA fan in here

  • offthechart

    freddie gibbs, that’s whats good

  • wiz could never get prodigy on a track…jet life.

  • AnT

    jets F00L. fuck your favorite rapper

    JeTs > Taylor gang

  • masterbake

    he has puff daddy and weekend at burnies coming too

  • Eddie Arkadian

    This dude gas put out the most consistently put out the best material I’ve heard over the past three years. Best MC since 2008.

  • Jett life. When’s the first single dropping?

  • T$

    mahnnn thats ah solid as lineup… Alchemist x Spitta! he hasnt failed me w/one album yet… I hope this album is in line w/his JetFiles tape..drop some Gems on that album.. I wanna hear ah single for it

  • Dorian

    It’s meant to be low resolution.

  • kushclock

    aw shit this is going to be dope. this then MCC, fuck yessss

  • jeeezus

    cant wait! i heard rumors bout How Fly 2 comin sometime around august/sept…i fuckin hope.

  • Peaceman

    You can find Ventilation here!!!!!
    Jets Foooooool


    PRODIGY ON A TRACK?! Aint noooooooo rapper fuckin with spitta right now.

  • Dionysus

    17 People are mentally challenged…

    I haven’t listened to hip hop in a few months now due to its COMPLETE lack in quality.

    With that said, this post straight up gave me A BONER
    ALCHEMIST BEATS! im too fuckin high right now

  • RoshaneStephenson

    love it.

  • wheres the shit at???
    its 4/20..
    wheres the shit at???