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THURZ (of U-N-I) – Los Angeles

blame it on Meka April 6, 2011

You saw a brief, rehearsal footage of Thurzday performing this track for his inaugural Paid Dues set, now here’s the full version for everyone to bang in their whip. LA RIOT, coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: THURZ (of U-N-I) – Los Angeles | Mediafire
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  • keyword

    (2)Dope. But where’s Kings Keep Marching EP?

  • obamaisbush

    EL STUPIDOOOO! Love it

  • hgh

    Take some human growth hormones and you can be just like Thurz, a fuckin beast

  • liz

    Cant wait for the L.A. Riot..

  • simplykev

    so did him and YO disband UNI, or is this just a temporary thing?


    I’m not trippin if there is no more U-N-I. What Thurz is doing is incredible

  • yugang

    Thurzday is ill as fuck! @keyword thats a very good question. Even tho Im more excited for the la riot album than the keep marching ep, i still want the ep.

  • piper

    the beginning is hella annoying i kept thinkin this was bout to drop

  • ziplockp

    this is amazing. can’t wait for LA riot. thurz shits on Y-O in all aspects, but as a group they compliment each other very well.

  • ziplockp

    so i can only hope they don’t disband.

  • Sammy Swords

    People said Thurz was better than YO and I never really thought about it honestly. But with these Thurz solo songs, I see that dude is nicer.

  • hgh

    There was good chemistry in the live show, but I couldn’t stomach a lot of Y-O’s verses. Go Thurz

  • pablodali

    i heard they broke up!


    U-N-I is fucking dope, they’re brothers let ’em do their thing. it would be a blow to hip hop if they broke up and y’all sit here wishing it. Thurz is a beast and more people need to be talking about this song. Thurz is nice but Y-O is nice too, last i heard they have a new album coming out and i hope they do cuz they’re always dope

    this song BANGS, been looking for it since the preview clip. grabbing the album for sure


    damn… looked that shit up. they ain’t brothers LOL. was confusing the two brothers in Pac Div (who are also dope). if U-N-I hasn’t been disbanded then they do a shitty job of promoting themselves. it’s hard a hell to find out any new info about them. everything i’ve heard from them i loved so i hope that’s not true but Thurz is a fucking beast

  • hgh


  • Bank Nitty

    when’s the release date?

  • yao

    new THURZ > new Mac Miller all day all day all day

  • JayHova

    They broke up. Was talking to some cats they roll with last night at an event here in LA.

  • shamgod

    Yeah, they broke up. Thurz is killing right now. I always felt like he was holding back