• Archii

    New unreleased 50 Cent/Game DC love Thing. Enjoy

  • Tony Crack
  • http://www.internationalo.biz MUSIC MANIAC

    Cyhi is a person to watch.. Dude goes hard

  • sorry dj pual..but bring back lord infamous


  • CaliGrown

    A-Trak is a beast on the 1's and 2s. Anyone heard "Enter Ralph Wiggum"? Scratches you cant itch!

    As far as this track, not feeling it.

  • Chifi

    Drop danny brown and this track's fire

  • Vigilante

    Someone should combine Cyhi's verses from the original into this song.

  • hal a. tosis

    Danny killed it

  • http://electrichazerecords@blogspot.com bill’s flea market

    wtf, drop danny? did you listen to his verse? track is alright without him but him? shiiiiiiit *downloads*